Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2012 Written Update .Tanya.

Everyone starts leaving the house.Mataji thanks everyone for attending the programme and blessing the mother and child.Simar’s mother and brother also goes from there.Simar tells Gautam to take care of everyone.Khushi gets worried thinking what Veeru said.She thinks that she couldn’t explain him what is her condition and that Simar is not afraid of her anymore.She tells that she is waiting the baby and only then she can open her mouth.Mataji tells that according to the tradition of this house the new born is to be gifted a land and the tradition will be maintained this time also.Khushi gets happy hearing that.Mataji tells that the land will be under Simar’s name and when the baby will grow up it will be transferred to his name.Khushi gets shocked hearing that.Simar asks whats the need for that.Mataji tells that its the tradition of this house and is necessary for the baby’s future.

Simar is doing puja preparations.Khushi thinks what Veeru said about the property.Khushi thinks that she is in a fix.She thinks that she needs to do something otherwise Veeru will not leave her.Khushi walks upt o her and asks if she doesn’t feel that she need to do something for her.Simar asks what she needs?Khushi tells her to give her the land.She tells that she is bringing the child to this world and so she should get the land.Simar tries to explain her but Khushi tells her that she needs the land.Simar tells that Mataji gave the land to her child.Khushi tells that she knows that but what about her?Simar tells her that she has everything and she will stay in this house even after the child is born.Khushi tells her to do what she is saying.Simar tells Khushi that she thought she changed but she was wrong.Khushi tells that she needs only the land and won’t ask anything from her again.Simar tells that it can’t happen.Khushi tells that now she will do what she can and she will be responsible for it.Simar tells her not to threaten her and she knows that it won’t affect her.

Khushi tells Simar that this won’t happen.At that time Prem comes there and she tells Simar that she wants to take rest in her room.She goes from there.Prem asks Simar what happened?Simar replies that nothing happened.Prem tells that after someday their child will come and he can’t wait.Simar tells that she also can’t wait.Simar speaks in her mind that she believes that Matarani will soon bring their child in this world.Khushi gets worried thinking what Veeru and Simar said.She tells that she needs to do something and she knows what she needs to do.
*****Episode Ends*****

Precap : Khushi tells Simar that she feels she is joking and now she will show her what is fun and what is threat.

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