Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st December 2016 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st December 2016 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhani asking shall I not say Saiyyam the truth. Bhavna says he will not understand why you killed Sambhav. Suhani says but he should know it. Sharad says he will not believe. Bhavna says he will hate you more. Suhani says shall we wait for Saiyyam to know truth on his own. Dadi hears them. Rags says till when will we wait Dadi, Sambhav will not expose himself. Yuvraaj is hurt there. Dadi says we will save Yuvraaj, nothing will happen to him. Rags asks what will we do. Dadi says I know.

Its morning, Krishna recalls Sharad’s words. She prays to Lord to send Yuvraaj back and free from devil’s clutches. Saiyyam hears this and asks her not to tell anything against her dad. She asks will you kill me, as your Papa killed my mum. He gets a message from Rags, asking
him to meet near temple to know something imp about his dad.

Saiyyam goes and meets Rags. He asks why did you call me here. Rags says I m glad that you came here to meet me. He says I can meet even death to know about my Papa. She says excellent, you have to meet death now. He asks what do you mean. She gives him the gun. She asks him to keep it, as he will need it a lot.

Saiyyam gets drunk and comes home. He shouts to Suhani to come out. Suhani and everyone come out and see Saiyyam with a gun and wine bottle in hands. He drinks more. Suhani asks what’s this. He shouts shut up, don’t you dare call me your son, you lost that right when you killed my dad and threw me in orphanage.

He drinks more. He goes to Krishna and says it hurts a lot right, when parents die, you know how I feel, I m bearing this pain alone since many years, this mark on my face, illegitimate blame, people called me result of mistake. Sharad shouts Saiyyam… Saiyyam says don’t shout, did you think what I went through, I had hope to get love for which I was longing, Suhani wants to snatch it also, she called my Papa as murderer and devil. He cries and says if you had hatred with me, why did you give me birth. He throws wine bottle and shouts. Suhani cries seeing him.

Saiyyam keeps the gun at his forehead. Sambhav and Suhani get shocked. Everyone look on. Suhani asks Saiyyam to stop. He says no, its enough, I m tired, I can’t bear more, I can’t deal with this situation, I m hurt, I can’t bear anything bad now.

Everyone get worried. Saiyyam closes eyes and cries. He is about to shoot himself. Sambhav panics. Sambhav throws off his dupatta and runs to save Saiyyam. Saiyyam gets shocked seeing Sambhav. Everyone get shocked.

Sambhav hugs Saiyyam and asks what are you doing, are you fine. He hugs Saiyyam and gets relieved that Saiyyam is fine. Dadi and Rags smile. Rags recalls. FB shows Saiyyam asking why did she give gun. Rags says this is only way to bring Sambhav out, if he knows your life is in risk, he will come out to save you, what’s there to think, once Sambhav comes out, you can be with him, you can prove him innocent in front of the family. FB ends. Dadi says great, you did great to bring this devil’s face in front of us, see this is your father, will you listen to us now.

Suhani asks Saiyyam what’s all this. Dadi says Rags said right, Sambhav was staying between us and we did not know. She says your game is over Sambhav, tell the truth, where is Yuvraaj. Sambhav says you said right Dadi, I was playing a game and now its over. Dadi says see Saiyyam, I don’t care what you both do, tell me where is Yuvraaj else…. Sambhav asks what else, will you call police, will you torture me. He falls in Dadi’s feet and asks her to do anything, but not in front of my son.

Everyone get shocked. Rags says Saiyyam, don’t get in his eyes, he accepted he is playing games. Sambhav asks what would I do, if not playing games, you tell me, I did not get anything on which I had right, because of Suhani, I loved her, I love her and will always love her all my life, whatever Suhani does, my love will not change. Suhani asks him to stop acting. Sambhav asks what acting. Suhani gets back. Sambhav says you have stepped back from my love, do you want me to stop loving you, no this can’t happen, you married me and loved someone else…. you killed me and left my son to die, I have come back after many years, what did you give me, just hatred, even then I have love in my heart for you, beat me…. kill me…. end my life, there is no meaning of my life to stay without you. Saiyyam cries seeing all this.

Sambhav requests Suhani not to do all this in front of Saiyyam. Dadi pushes Sambhav and says stop this acting, its enough now. Saiyyam gets in between and asks them to stop acting, you all just care for Yuvraaj, why does no one think for both of us, why……. Sambhav gets glad.

Sambhav says I m glad my son is with me, you go from here, I will meet you later. Suhani says don’t believe him Saiyyam, you don’t know what he did.

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