Swaragini 13th December 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 13th December 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Swaragini 13th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumi asking where they are going? Durga Prasad says they are going on a family picnic. Sumi says if they agree then she will call Shekhar and asks him to bring Ayush there. Ragini says no, and asks her to go. Sumi is shocked and asks what did you say? She hears the sound and asks what is it? Even Laksh asks her to go. Sumi is shocked.

Swara pretends to gain consciousness and thanks guards. She says she fainted and lost control on the car. She parks the car and gets inside the door. Ragini says I mean you shall go home, and get ready…then we will go altogether. Sumi says okay, and says I was thinking why my daughter is speaking like this. Laksh asks her to go else they will get late. Sumi asks her to give water. Ragini goes to bring water from kitchen and thinks she
shall take her help. She writes a letter asking Sumi to bring Police there to protect them. She brings water and gives to Sumi. Sumi drinks it. Ragini looks at Nikhil. Nikhil nods her no. Sumi sees gun which Nikhil is holding and gets shocked.

Ragini stops Sumi from shouting and tells her that something is there on her face. She silently puts letter in her hand. Sumi says she will go and bring Shekhar and Ayush. She goes. Ragini is hopeful. Mansi and Nikhil come out. Mansi goes to bring water from kitchen and drinks it. Just then paper folder falls down, and Mansi sees the note impression on the paper. She asks her goons to stop that woman, and says Ragini alerted her mum. Nikhil asks his goons to catch her. Ragini asks Nikhil not to do anything to her mum. Sumi goes out and reads the letter written by Ragini.

Swara and Sanskar come to the locker room. Swara says we have to search that locker soon, we have just 1 hour time. Sanskar says lets search it. Sumi is about to take taxi, but just then goons catch her and bring her back to Maheshwari house. Ragini hugs Sumi and cries. Mansi tells Ragini that they have caught her lie. Nikhil asks Mansi to relax and asks her not to worry. He says she will be punished and points gun at Sumi. Laksh asks him to keep gun down and says Swara and Sanskar are doing your work naa. Nikhil says you have just 45 mins time. Mansi asks them to serve breakfast. Nikhil says he can’t think without food. Laksh asks him to relax and assures that they will not do any mistake.

Swara and Sanskar are in the locker room, something falls which alerts the guards and they come inside to check. Swara and Sanskar hides. Guards leave. Swara and Sanskar take a sigh of relief. Sanskar says we have some time left now, and have to do everything fast. Laksh asks Ragini what they will do if they don’t eat food. Ragini says she will tell them that Maa’s food is different. Mansi asks her to bring food. Ragini brings food. Nikhil is about to eat it. Mansi stops him. Mansi says we shall not eat first else they will think that we don’t care about them. She says they will eat first and then we will eat. Laksh says okay…and asks Ragini to serve everyone. Mansi asks Ragini why she served food to Annapurna in different plate. Ragini says she made her food with honey and gud. Mansi says okay, and exchanged her food plate with that of Durga Prasad’s plate and asks him to eat it. Laksh gets tensed and thinks if he eats food then his condition will deteriorate.

Laksh tells that he has added sleeping pills in the food. Mansi and Nikhil are angry. Mansi asks Nikhil to kill everyone and start shooting Swara first. Everyone is shocked.

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