Swaragini 14th December 2016 Written Update *Last Episode*

Swaragini 14th December 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Swaragini 14th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laksh telling that he had mixed sleeping pills in the food and asks them not to make Durga Prasad eat it as he is having heart problem. Mansi says I knew this and that’s why I asked your family to have breakfast first. She asks her goons to beat Laksh. They beat Laksh. Ragini cries badly. Mansi asks goons to lock Laksh in room. Swara tells Sanskar that it is good that they got password from CCTV camera footage and says now they can open the locker. Goon throws Laksh on bed thinking him to be unconscious. Laksh hits goon and makes him unconscious. He wears his clothes and covers his face with mask. He comes out and asks other goon to come and see from where did the sound come from. Nikhil and Mansi see Swara and Sanskar reaching the locker room, and says now we will get jewellery
and enjoy. Laksh takes goon to room and beats him. He faints. Laksh takes another goon and hits him. Swara and Sanskar rob the locker, but makes a sound mistakenly. Guards get alert and says thieves might be inside. They alert others. Sanskar and Swara run from there and sit in car. They leave from there. Guard shoots at car, but in vain. Other guard calls Police and tells the car number. Swara tells Sanskar that their work is done.

Nikhil and Mansi see their recording. Ragini thinks there are only 6 goons and thinks where are other goons. Mansi tells that they will go abroad once they get jewellery. Laksh comes. Mansi asks Laksh thinking him to be goon, what happened? Laksh says he has handled everything. He takes another goon, but he catches Laksh with help of other goon. Laksh threatens to kill goon. Nikhil shoots him and threatens to kill Mishka. Laksh asks him not to do anything to Mishka. Swara and Sanskar come there and give jewellery. Swara says we have fulfilled our promise and asks them to leave. Mansi says your sister and brother in law troubled us. We know that you will call Police once we leave from here, and that’s why we shouldn’t leave any witness here.

Mansi says we will leave this country tonight, but sadly you people have to die now itself. She asks her goons to kill them and shoot on their head. All the Maheshwari family hold each other hands. Mansi says sometimes even evil wins and asks Nikhil to kill Swara first. She counts 123…..Sanskar closes his eyes. Nikhil shoots. Everyone is shocked to see Police coming there and shooting Nikhil. Sujata says it is good that you came else we would have died. Swara recalls showing Maheshwari house in CCTV cam. Inspector asks goons to keep gun down. Guards identify Swara and Sanskar and says they both are involved in robbery. Sanskar explains to Inspector about everything. Nikhil writhes in pain because of bullet injury. Mansi cries. Swara tells them that only truth wins even though the path of truth is difficult.

Later all the Maheswari family thank God for making everything fine. Sanskar and Laksh comes there. Annapurna asks where is Swara and Ragini. Sujata praises them and says they will be making a new sur. Laksh says this story is because of Swara and Ragini…Swara and Ragini play guitar and sitar respectively. Old introductory fb is shown. Sanskar hugs Ram. Laksh hugs Annapurna and others. Swara looks at Sanskar smiling and they recall all the good and sweet moments between them. Swaragini music plays……Laksh and Ragini hug each other and recall all their happy moments. Swara and Sanskar hug each other. Swaragini song plays…………….Laksh and Sanskar hug each other. Swara and Ragini hug each other. Swaragini song plays…………The show ended on a happy note with their family photo clicked.

The show ended. . .

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  1. Kuku25
    December 19, 03:18 Reply

    naw it sure was a good show sad its finished

  2. sunny
    December 17, 08:53 Reply

    Nice ending but I wish it wouldn’t have ended … I miss swaragini very much…

    • Zara
      December 16, 11:14

      Mishka is adpoted child of RagLak, her parents are Nikhil (not Abhimanyu) & Mansi.

  3. nisha
    December 14, 13:16 Reply

    it would have been nice to see if swara and ragini had kids with laksh and sanskaar

  4. Sara
    December 14, 12:30 Reply

    So sweet ending, but I wish it wouldn’t have ended. …

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