Swaragini 6th December 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 6th December 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Swaragini 6th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara and Sanskar coming to the wrong place. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is not here. Meanwhile Nikhil thanks Laksh for confirming himself as Abhimanyu infront of the world and tells that now they will get his property. He tells Mansi that Mishka knows so much about them and have to die. Mansi is shocked and tells Nikhil that Mishka is a little girl and will forget with time. She says we have so much money and this will help her move on in life. Nikhil is adamant on his decision to kill Mishka. Mansi agrees and says okay. Laksh is shocked and still lying on the sand.

Mansi tells Laksh that she can give peace to his soul. She tells him that he hadn’t killed her husband. She tells that she couldn’t have a good relationship with her husband Abhimanyu and she got closer
to Nikhil. She says she got pregnant with Nikhil’s child, but he didn’t want a baby. So she convinced Abhimanyu that the baby is his. Abhimanyu agreed and gave her a chance. She says then he came to India and then I came to know that I will not get his property. She says they decided to kill him to get his property. When your car hit him, he was taking his last breath, as we killed him. She asks Nikhil to come and are about to go. Laksh hears everything. Police comes there with Swara and Sanskar and arrests Mansi and Nikhil.

Larer Swara- Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh are seen coming home as a newly weds. Sujata does their aarti happily. Annapurna says she is very happy today. Sujata says they will give happiness to us. Swara and Ragini step inside after grah pravesh. Laksh holds his head. Ragini asks are you fine? Laksh says yes. Annapurna also asks him. Laksh says I am fine. Annapurna apologizes to Sanskar for blaming him for Laksh’s disappearance and says Laksh is here because of you and Sanskar. She says I can’t return your favors. Sanskar says Laksh is my brother. Durga Prasad says it is not easy for forget the past. Sumi says she is feeling bad for the girl.

Lady constable brings Mishka there. Sujata says she is here. Laksh says I called her here. Mishka runs to him calling him papa and hugs him. Laksh turns to Durga Prasad and tells him that he came closer to Mishka over some months, and says what is her mistake. I have two options, one to drop her at orphanage, other is Ragini and I can adopt her. He says we want to ask you, but was not having courage before. Durga Prasad says he is very proud of his thinking and says Mishka is a part of our house and family. Mishka smiles.

Laksh and Ragini thanks Durga Prasad and hugs Mishka. Ragini thanks Laksh for completing their family. Annapurna says we will take God’s blessings. Sujata asks the God to shower his blessings on their family and to keep them happy always. Annapurna says one thing is left still. Ram asks what is left. Annapurna says I will tell. She picks the sindoor from the inhouse temple and asks her sons to fill their respective wife’s maang with sindoor and end their wait. Everyone smile. Kya Kehna song plays……………Laksh and Sanskar fill Ragini and Swara’s maang respectively and take elders’ blessings. Uttara takes their pics with family.

Swara-Sanskar, Ragini- Laksh spend some romantic time while the song yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays…………Swara tells Sanskar and Laksh that watchman is not near the gate and she feels something fishy. They get tensed.

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  1. Al Ameri
    December 06, 13:20 Reply

    I was hoping that Swara will not forgive Sanskar so easy, she needed to torture him a little so next time he does not use their relationship as a threat and a punishment for what he said previous episodes, when he said that his name will never unit with her or that he himself will decorate her wedding with Nakhil

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