Teri Meri Love Stories 12th August 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 12th August 2012 Written Update by Arshi.Lover1

Meera says, In the last 10 years mumbai fullfilled all my dreams bt still searching for
small small happiness,she makes a arrangement in the house..she sees if everything is proper,it rains nd she gets shocked…,nd a guy in car says (shresh,her husband) *I hate rains*
.. nd she calls him phone nd says Shresh cum fast,,
nd he cant hear wht she is saying cause chammak challo song was going on!. (from her neighbour). she goes to stop it!sum1 whispears *i was waiting or u* nd den she stops the song..they all start wishing her Happy b’day!,den they cum to knw this is wrong person nd she leaves,Shresh doesnt have tym for her,he is a busy guy!,they show his interview in Tv, bt he
dint credit her for even a single thing,he talks abt hardworks etc,
she kisses her son nd puts him blanket,she asks her husband,hw was the party!,he said its alwayz nyc,!he doesnt want to to talk much so he calls sum1 phone,she shows him one dress nd asks him do u remember dis dress,she packs to go to Alabad with him, bt he says he cant go,as his friend is coming from London! he says lets go next year,nd he promise to go next year, she says okaynd he is going delhi for trip nd she seems sad,
she thinks their past *she’s dancing* *music* Sab mera tu,Sab mera tu! —
they go in car nd drops their son in school , nd den he leaves,suddenly sumthing hurts
her leg, nd he says to remove the leg ring,she feels bad *cause he gave her tht long back*
suddenly he says the driver to stop the car nd he leaves!
she sees a guy dancing nd reminds her of her past!,nd she goes to that place nd
saw sum youngsters cause tht reminded her of her past!
they were learinging dance, she goes der nd looks wht they r doing
the dancer says,u dont have to dance with ur leg,u have to dance with heart.
tht guy whom she met in the building was the dancer (Keshav),nd says
her to cum der at 1,0 clock
bt she goes, den she sees him fliting with sum girl! she hides nd gets into tht
dancing room nd starts dancing, he cums nd claps,he says her tht she is late for
class,she makes excuse tht she came here cause she left umberella!
he comes to knw she is from Allahbad,he says,u may leave Allah bad,bt it wont leave u
later her husband cums back from Delhi!, nd she gives him Kachori!, bt he says
he doesnt want oily food,he refuses nd goes to sleep! she thinks about the guy
whom she met now,nd she nd her friend (Keshav) enjoys
nd Meera goes crazy about dances,
meera was getting ready to go out with her husband (Shresh)
. he cancel going out with her cause he got sum work,!
she said Keshav tht she wont cum for dance,as her husband refused to GO OUT,
she went to dance with keshav! bt she thinks about her husband nd feels bad
as he was ignoring her,
her husband gives her missed call saying *Jaan* she sees his missed call saying *Jaan*
he asks where wer u, den she says she went for yoga, she feels bad cause she said
lie to him for the first tym!.. she finds the flower which Keshav gave her!

next day!

Keshav asks her wats wrong with her,why arnt u even attending the phone!,..
nd he says,atleast say why arnt u coming for dance class…
she says *i m no ,more going to cum for dance class, i wanted, so i came, now i
dont want, so i m leaving*,he says he got sellected for dance ..
nd its the same place where she was
going to go with her husband.. nd she says Keshav tht act as if, u dont knw me
dis night!
Meera sees Keshav nd says him best of luck,Gareema (the girl who was going to
perform with keshav*) got hurt on her leg, Gareema says Meera to dance in place of
her,!bt Meera was scared cause her husband was der,
her husband wasnt even taking the phone..
she had no way..so she went and danced.. her hubby was on shock nd anger :O
*she was in fear for the whole perfomence nd *
after going to home,he shouts at her,he asks her why did u do all this.
he says,i was working hard day nd night nd u wer with sumone else,
He thinks tht she was betrying him!
he catches her hand tightly nd hurts her.. nd says i brought everything for u,car,
house,money etc!..
Meera falls on bed nd starts crying!
next day her husband arranges party in her house nd he starts become romantic as how
she wanted him to be before!… she becomes happy
then he says, he is doing all this so tht all the rumors about u nd Keshav goes..
tht hurts her more, Shreesh catches nd dances in front of every1 nd later when he saw her
talking with Keshav.. her slaps him !! Meera runs away from der nd says Keshav to leave the
place right now..!!later she says to her husband tht we have money,car,house bt u took away
my smile!!…Shreesh realizes his mistake nd den he strts spending tym with her

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  1. Anjali
    August 14, 19:28 Reply

    wonderful love story just like real life same things happen

    • sweety
      September 15, 11:01

      wonderful love story

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