The Serial 11th December 2012 Written Update

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The Serial 11th December 2012 Written Update by karan_NS

Pooja is planning a small party in her house and giving instructions to her maid on the same. Her maid who calls her didi is excited to have Navya and Sadhna at home. She intends to tell her friends and make them jealous. Pooja asks if working at her isnt enogh to make her friends jealous? The maid tells ‘aap toh meri apni ho na’
hmm so true.. apno ki itni kadar nahi hoti. So kadar karne ke liye Kundra pahuncha Billu ke paas.
He says sorry and Billu says bahut zor se lagi. Kundra slaps him again.
Sorry is not for hitting you (ye toh haq hai mera). Sorry is for not undderstanding you.
Kundra says that he never gave a thought how much impact it would make on Billu
Kundra confesses that he is perhaps entirely responsible for the break-up. That he has taken Kittu for granted which led to misunderstandings that further led to rifts between them. Now these rifts are so apart that it has become impossible to be together.
Kundra tells Billu that he is a kid and he’ll understand when he grows up that there are lots more things than love that takes for a relationship to work.
He atlast promises that he’ll not let the group break inspite of having break-up with Kittu.
Raj joins them at this phase and informs that there’s a girls’ nightout happening so they’ll go and have a boy’s nightout and enjoy like khulle saand lol.
Sara and Pihu meet. They decide to hangout together.
Sara is super excited about the nightout where there are cocktails, pizzas (low fat wale) and loadzz of fun.

Later she picks a nightie and gives it to her male designer to get a matching bustier for it. Pihu is embarrased and her reaction he’s a guy. Sara says so what, he is more girly and knows better of these things. And it proves correct. They laugh.
Sara goes to trial room while Pihu grabs the chance to call Pooja.
Director gets irritated when a mobile rings. There seems to be a fine levied on set whomsoever concern’s mobile rings. It happens to be Pooja’s. Being directors favorite she is exempted from paying. Hmm..
So it was Pihu who called Pooja and asks if inviting Sara was needed as she and Abby are always at loggerheads.
Just one day of shooting is left for Gumrah. So Nani wants to meet Rakshanda Khan as she is a big fan of her sinceKyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi days. She is in awe of her vamp avatar and loves the way she gives those cunning looks
Meeting Rakshanda would be Nani’s bday gift (which she freely demands from Rohan.. what a cool Nani)
Aysha comes to Rohan’s house and they both plan Nani’s bday. Har taraf planning hi planning. Rohan tells her about his darwaze ke peeche wala speech to his Karan Bhaiyya.
Princess Karan and Chota Karan.. errr i mean Kundra and Billu enter Raj’s house.
“Jinhe mera dil lutya” playing in the background as they get ready for the boy’s nightout. (oh yes, Raj ki towel baar baar gir rahi thi which was more funny than steamy)
Billu insists on drinving aur Kundra ne bachche ko chance di while Raj was all scared.
Kundra asks Billu chutku Rohan’s number. Billu felt so uneasy ki road divider ko lagane wala tha. First he lies that he doesnt have then seeing Kundra adamant he gives him.
Kundra calls Rohan and invites him to the boy’s nightout and that he’ll pick him up in half an hour. Rohan’s stars were shining and he happily agrees until Aysha reminds him of Nani’s bday.
Raj asks Kundra what is he upto, pehle bachare ki potty karwadi aur ab party karwa raha hai?? Billu is further insecureseeing Kundra so interested in Rohan.

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