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Uttaran 13th September 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Jogi Thakur and family busy in their house when Gunwanti opens their door and yells “Icha”.
Icha turns around from the dining table and says “Mai?”.
Everyone gets up and comes to Gunwanti. Divya asks her to come sit.
Gunwanti says, I’m sorry, I didn’t come to sit…
She goes to Icha… Icha touches her feet but she doesn’t give her blessings.
Gunwanti says, finally you took revenge from us… by sending our grandson to jail. First you took away my son’s memories and now sent my grandson to jail? Why? What is your enmity with my grandson!
Icha says, he’s not just your grandson, but my son as well… my own blood (Mukta’s listening from upstairs and thinks Yuvi is her son?)
Gunwanti says, oh? So you’re a mother… so what motherly duties did you perform so far?
Even in childhood, to save Kanha’s life, you wanted to trade Yuvraj’s life!!! Then went to jail… and left Yuvi with us… Now I’m his mother and his grandmother… and I didn’t bring him up to see this day that you will put a wrong accusation on him and send him to jail! Does a mother do such a thing?
Gunwanti says, Damini, you’re very proud of your murderer daughter… (Nani smirks at this)… why didn’t you teach her what mother’s duties are?
Damini says, Gunwanti ji, what a mother is, and what all she can do for her children, my daughter is an example of all that! My daughter gave you her son Yuvraj so you could bring him up properly… but, unfortunately… if Icha had brought him up, then the crime he had done today, he wouldn’t have done it… I can guarantee that! You came here after so many years to this house… what your grandson did to the daughter of this house, you have no regrets in your heart for that? You don’t have any sympathy for Mukta?
And you’re taunting my daughter and pointing a finger at her motherhood?
The question you’re asking my daughter, why don’t you ask the same quetsion to you.
If Yuvraj is on a wrong path today, why is he there and because of whom?
Gunwanti says, now I have to learn from you what’s right and what’s wrong? And she will teach me (Looking at Icha), how to bring up a child? Who stabbed her own son with a knife… does any mother do that? She always loved Kanha more than her own kid!
Kanha says, dadiji, the Kanha you’re talking about is standing right in front of you… seeing my polite nature, you can probably tell that my bringing up was which mother’s doing??
You may remember that in childhood I stole just one laddoo from pooja’s thali and you scolded me so much… and today, for Yuvraj’s such a big mistake, did you go and scold him? No! You came here, to put filth on my Mayya…
Icha stops Kanha and asks him not to talk to his elders like this.
Gunwanti bursts out, and says stop all this drama of respect for elders!!! You’re already playing a game with Veer by becoming Teacherji… what else do you want?
Gunwanti says to everyone, you all probably don’t know, that she meets with Veer sneakily!!
Jogi says, Gunwanti ji, you’re our guest that’s why I’m telling you really politely, what Icha does, is always right! (Again, Nani smirks!)
I saw when Veer came to meet Mukta, how Icha controlled herself and talked to Veer. A father and a mother, were both extremely ashamed of their son’s wrongdoing… but even in that moment, Icha didn’t let herself become weak!
She didn’t tell him what is she to Veer and to Yuvraj !
You cannot respect and value Icha’s goodness, that’s alright… but at least don’t disrespect and insult her by coming here.
Gunwanti says, you’re all taking the side of a wrong person, and making a mistake by proving her to be ‘mahaan’ (great). (Nani’s totally agreeable to this!)
Divya interrupts and says Gunwanti ji, Icha not only did protect Mukta, but witnessed against her own son… what more proof do you want for her goodness and motherhood?? You never thought of Icha as your daughter, otherwise today you would have hugged her and understood her pain!
You’re a mother, you can understand another mother’s pain!
The hands that went up to hit her own son, must have shuddered once, but they didn’t hesitate! I am proud that I got a daughter like Icha…
You say with a lot of arrogance that you brought Yuvraj up, then the result of that bringing up is your responsibility too.
When I saw you, I thought you had come to share our grief, put a hand on Mukta’s head and share her pain… but unfortunately, neither are you ashamed of what Yuvraj did, nor are you sad.
You’re very proud to say that you taught Yuvraj how to walk… then go and see on which path those steps have taken him!
Gunwanti says, you’re all blindfolded with Icha’s love, that’s why you can’t see!! If she’s this ‘mahaan’, then why did she only save Mukta? Why not Yuvraj? What was the need to witness against him? Do you remember Thakur sahab went to jail to save Icha… she could have done at least this much that she didn’t witness against her son to save him.
To Icha she says, what kind of a mother are you, that you’re feeling ‘mahaan’ by sending your own son to jail?
Jogi says, Gunwanti ji, the one who doesn’t want to see anything, the sun can shine as much as it wants in front of him, he won’t see anything.
You will never understand Icha’s sacrifice. Icha didn’t just save Mukta… but she also tried to save her son. She witnessed against Yuvraj by putting a stone on her motherhood. Took the side of justice. Just so her son could come on the right path… you won’t understand that sacrifice.
Every child should get a mother like Icha so he cannot go astray, but always follow the right path.
Gunwanti says, now I understand, you’re all in this together! This is a planned thing against my whole family. That’s why your granddaughter came to our house as Yuvi’s friend, then created a drama of friendship and got him into trouble.
Icha says, Enough Mai. If you put any accusation on my daughter, I won’t tolerate. Mukta thought of Yuvraj as her friend, but unfortunately Yuvraj never learnt what friendship is, and how to keep it!
I saw Yuvraj’s molesting her with my own eyes. I want to die of shame that my son tried to rape a girl…
Do you remember what I told you? I asked for a promise from you that his steps should go to the right path.
(Gunwanti remembers the time when Icha came to her house and asked her to correct Yuvraj).
Icha says, what did you do in spite of that?? NOTHING!
Nothing at all. And that’s why me and Veer had to see this day!!
Mai, a child is like mud… what shape has it been molded into, you only find out when he grows up.
Today, because of you, ONLY because of you my son is ruined. You ruined my son and I won’t forgive you for that EVER.
Gunwanti gets angry and upset…
Jogi folds his hands in front of Gunwanti and says, I’m requesting you now… and Gunwanti leaves.
Divya says to Icha… I am proud of you… and what you did for us, we are indebted to you. Icha hugs Divya.

Icha looking at her album… and remembering Gunwanti’s words and then attacking Yuvraj.
Mukta comes and says Maa? Yuvi’s your son… but still to save me you attacked him… what if he had died?? How can anyone do such a thing… for me, you attacked your own son??
Icha says, my son was making a mistake, wasn’t stopping no matter what I tried… I don’t have a single regret in my heart for that incident.
Mukta says, can I ask you something! Yuvi’s Dadi came today… why does she hate you so much and why don’t you live with her, Yuvi and their family.
Icha says, some questions don’t have any answers and sometimes not giving an answer is good for everyone.
Icha says, I remembered an important work, I need to go… you look after yourself.
Mukta says, Maa, if I was your daughter I would have wanted to be just like you… Icha remembers baby Mukta… and says, you’re my daughter only… my sweet Mukku rani! Icha kisses her forehead and says I will come back soon… and leaves.
Mukta says, there must be the same questions in Meethi’s heart… there must be a reason why they didn’t give her any answers. I didn’t do right with Meethi… not right at all!

Episode ends.

Precap: Gunwanti, Icha, Yuvi in jail. Gunwanti says to Icha, you were sad that I didn’t tell Yuvi the truth… then see me telling the truth now! She says to Yuvi, the woman because of who you’re behind bars today, that woman gave birth to you and is your mother. Yuvi’s shocked!

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