Uttaran 15th August 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 15th August 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Aman asking Mukta why did she come to his house? What was the purpose, what does she want?
Mukta says, Aman I only wanted to tell you what was in my heart…
Aman cuts her off and says, what heart? Do you even have a heart?
Whenever you want, you hug me, whenever you want you kick me out of your life.
Do you think I’m a toy? First I love you, then I hate you and today again I love you…
Meethi was here, and she saw what was happening here… what would she be feeling, do you have an idea?
Mukta says, why are you so worried for her, she’s only your best friend… then why are you so concerned.
Aman says, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Mukta says, I don’t care about Meethi’s feelings. Let her think what she wants to, and you also don’t worry about it.
What did she do to me? She snatched my love from me and I did the same to her… ‘hisaab barabar’. Aman is shocked to hear this.
Mukta leaves.
Aman thinks, today Meethi came to tell me something. Mukta didn’t do right… I don’t know where Meethi would be now?

Meethi walking alone on a street. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song playing in the background – Rabba mere, ishq kisi ko.
She’s getting a flashback of Mukta hugging Aman and saying I love you.

Damini comes and asks Jogi/Divya where Meethi is?
Divya says, she must be in her room and Damini says she’s not.
Nani says, what would the poor girl do? She must be getting upset in her room. I feel pity for her. She lost her trust on her family. Don’t know what will happen to the girl now!
Jogi says Mausiji, Damini has asked a simple question. Do you know where Meethi is? Why do you have to be sarcastic all the time?
Nani says, no I don’t know where she is.
Jogi asks Damini to look around the house… in the yard or on the roof. Damini goes out looking for her.
Jogi is worried… Divya asks what happened?
Jogi says, did you see the change in Mausiji’s behaviour.
He remembers Nani’s words of sympathy for Meethi, then Mukta saying she won’t live in the same room as Meethi, then Mukta crying for leaving Meethi alone in the party and not looking after her.
Jogi says I don’t understand… Meethi/Mukta friendship, Mausiji’s love towards Meethi. What’s happening?
Then he again remembers, first Mukta telling him that she asked Meethi to come home with her from the party but Meethi refused and said some friend of hers will drop her and then Meethi’s words when she said, I wanted to come home but I remembered Mukta was with me so I went back inside looking for her.
Jogi explains this to Divya… he said both of them were looking for each other in the party, how can that be?? Then Mukta came back home alone?
Divya says, you’re doubting Mukta??
Jogi says, why don’t you think about it?
Divya says, you think about it! Your grand-daughter is doing exactly what you wanted her to do. You wanted her to make friends with Meethi and she did… she accepted everyone. She’s looking after Meethi now. I understand there’s a difference between what Mukta told us and what Meethi told us about the party… but you do know that Meethi was arrested by the police and in what condition?
Now what do you want to say? Meethi got punished because of Mukta? Mukta called the police to arrest Meethi?
Jogi says, I am sorry… I didn’t think properly… this situaton is making me tense. Divya is not too happy, but says I will warm up your tea, it has gone cold. Divya leaves.
Jogi is worried what kind of thoughts he’s getting now!

Doctor looking after Daddaji. Asks Umed to look after him and don’t make him tense. Tej Singh dancing on Munni Badnam hui outside.
Umed comes and scolds them. Tej turns around and Umed is shocked to see him.
Tej falls on his feet for ashirwaad. Umed gets upset at him, asks him to kick his friends out.
Tej says, I was not here for so long and you’re getting louder…
I am celebrating my freedom… dancing for that.
What am I hearing? Daddaji’s fallen sick?
He enjoyed his life and fell sick now… Umed gets upset and says I won’t accept any bad words for Daddaji in this house.
Tej acts as if he’s scared! Chanda’s watching all this.
Tej says, what would you do? Kill me?
Umed asks his friends to go out… and Tej asks them to go ad they leave.
Tej goes to Chanda and asks her to get him something to drink, with love… and Chanda acts as if she’s worried and moves away from him. Umed says, there’s a limit to your misbehaviour.
We called you home so you could meet Daddaji. You’re his son. Meet him once.
Tej says, you didn’t ask me for food/drink… I came home after so many years… what’s with Daddaji? He’s taking his last breaths, we can feed him ganga-jal.
Umed gets extremely angry.
Tej yells at Umed too but then starts laughing at his shocked expression.
Gunwanti comes to check who’s there and is shocked to see Tej and drops the tray she’s carrying.
Kasha also comes.

Aman tries to call Meethi but she doesn’t pick up. He gets worried for her. He says, I really wanted to say something important to you…
He sends an SMS to her saying, what you saw was not the truth. I don’t have any space for Mukta in my heart anymore. I will never hurt you. I had to say something to you… but because you’ve left, I’m also going out of town for some days going away from all this. Maybe I can come closer to you by being away from you, take care, Love Aman.
He packs his stuff and locks his house and leaves.

Tej comes and touches Gunwanti’s feet as well. She moves away. He says, is everything okay? I wanted ashirwaad. Gunwanti asks Umed to come with her. They all leave. He flirts with Chanda.
He says once the old man passes away, I will have money and money. He wants to hug Chanda, but Chanda says, wait for a little while. Let the funeral happen first. Tej laughs at this.
Episode ends.

Precap: Veer Icha talking in a Mandir (??) and Mukta stops the auto she’s in and takes their photo with her mobile.

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    i hate kukta i hope aman love metti and i know meeti love aman

    • lol
      August 16, 01:46

      by the way her name in mukta not kukta

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