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Uttaran 15th June 2012 Written Update by s.pip23

Cave (sorta place):

Aman is scared (aagaya mera sher.. ladkiyaan bina darr ke khade hain and iss sher ko uneasy feel ho hara hai!) and says “there seems to be an age old-secret to this place. It’s beautiful but eerie” Mukta: there’s something more beautiful than this place that you aren’t noticing.
Aman praises the earrings but Mukta says she’s talking about the watch.
Yuvraj is smiling and saying (to himself): She loves the first ever gift you sent her.
Meethi starts leaving but Aman tells her to stay and asks Mukta to tell her as well. Mukta looks away angrily.
Meethi requests Aman and says you both roam around, I’ll be back. And leaves.

(Wow, they are college students and they go to parks for excursions. I used to go to parks for picnics when I was in Gr. 4, and to cooler places after that! )

Picnic / Park:

Mukta and Aman can be seen laughing and having fun and hugging..

Damini’s house:

Jogi is talking to Kanha, says: The past doesn’t just go away. Today Meethi, based on someone’s version, probably thinks everything wrong about her mother. Its better we tell Meethi the truth ourselves.
Kanha: Meethi can’t take it, it’ll be a huge shock to her. And if something happens to her ‘ Mayya’s years of hardwork and patience will go to waste (so they’re never going to tell her about Ichcha? What’s Ichcha trying to prove? )


*BG Music: Kyun Main Jaagoon from Patiala House*

Ichcha is looking at the babies’ photo album and thinking about the past with Yuvraj, Mukta, Kanha and about Meethi as a baby and Damini telling her how she looks exactly like her.. (areh vaah, 10-15 din ke bache ko dekhte hi Damini Devi ko pata chal gaya ki yeh uski Ichki ka humshakal banne wali hai).

Meethi is alone at the cave and is thinking about Nani’s words and her allegations. Starts crying. Same BG.

Damini’s House:

Jogi to Kanha: We cant let Ichcha’s sacrifice go to waste. We have to keep Meethi away from the past. She shouldn’t know anything. (Aye haye, Jogi – tu ek bhi kaam theek se kyun nahi kar paata hai?)

Park / Picnic:

Aman and Mukta walking and Mukta holds Aman’s hands.
And lo, Aman starts missing Meethi (actually yeh pyaar kisse karta hai? Bada doubt hai mujhe!): If Meethi was here, how lovely would it be.
Mukta is angry, lets go of Aman’s hand and says: If you want her so much then why dont you go to her?
Aman says: She’s a friend and she’s alone somewhere. I know something happened to her and I want to know what, thats all.
Mukta: I know you care about her a lot, thats why you kept calling her yesterday, right?
Aman asks how she knew and she says because she was with Meethi that time.

Aman says: Yea, yesterday I had some wonderful moments and memories and I just wanted to share them with her because she is my best friend.
Mukta: Well those were some of the best moments of my life as well, and they should be shared with me, not Meethi.
Aman: why are you getting so angry? She’s just a friend.
Mukta: No means no. I don’t want any nazar on my love. Esp not a girl like Meethi’s.

She walks away and there’s Yuvi – asks whats wrong and gets yelled at. He makes fun of her constant yelling He thinks back about the time when he was studying with Mukta.

(Flashback Scene) Mukta: Because of you I have to stay back after college and teach you. We have to finish this chapter today.
Yuvi: How sad that the time you get to spend with me, these books are also here. You must be so mad right now. Economy depends on demand and supply.. so what the rich like me demand, you middle-class folks like you need to supply.

Yuvi (now thinking): I need to do something. Somehow I need to change the image she has of me in her head. I need to find a way into Mukku Nukku’s heart.(Yuvi, pyaar karte hue kitna cute lagta hai )

Mukta is walking somewhere – very angry at Meethi and she trips and almost falls, but Yuvi catches her. She yells: How dare you touch me! I’m not like the girls in your group.
Yuvi: Sorry for touching you but if i didnt you’d have fallen down.
She sees blood on his hands and asks him to show it. He says leave it. But she forces him to show it, ties it with a cloth and says: I cant seem to understand you. Sometimes you are insensitive, sometimes you are nice and caring. But I know for sure that you are an idiot.
(Aye Mukku Nukku, you are equally confusing. One minute you thought she was your best friend and the next minute she became your worst enemy? Sigh)

Aman shows up searching for her and she tells him that Yuvi has changed into a nice guy and then jokingly says to Aman “Oh I forgot I was still mad at you” and walks away. Aman tells Yuvi that she’s mad at him and he has to go manaaofy her. And leaves.

Yuvi looks at the tied up hand and smiles.

I must say this whole picnic sequence is so badly shot. No continuity. Its like they had to show a bunch of scenes and they did. OMG HEIGHTS OF INSANITY!

Nadi Josiyam Centre:

The tour party is SOMEHOW then taken to an old Nadi Josiyam place, a very run-down, rustic, eerie environment.

A girl from the tour asks: What’s Nadi shastra?
Professor: Nadi is a tamil word that basically means search
Girl: Search for?
Prof: Search for Past, present, future.

Meethi is walking down the stairs into the Nadi josiyam centre. Snooping around is more like it. Sees someone meditating between lots of diyas.

Shes about to leave when he opens his eyes and says: Your past has brought you here.
She doesnt understand and says she came hearing the sounds of the conch.

Priest: God willed you to come here. Dont be scared to face the past. Sometimes the darkness of the past sometimes takes you towards a bright future.
Meethi: How do you know what I want to know?
Priest: The God that created the past, present and future knows everything. He brought you here. He’s written down everybody’s past, present and future in these pages (the leafs with writings) and yours is among these.

Meethi: What’s in these pages? What will I find? My past?
Priest: Yes, just put your thumb impression onto a page.
Meethi: when my family itself doesnt want me to know..
Priest: ..but God wants you to know your past and understand it. Because when you know the past, your present will be clearer. Even if you want, you cant back out now.

Damini’s House:

Jogi: Call her home now.
Kanha (tries): She isn’t picking up.
Jogi: Call Aman. Before Meethi goes investigating we need to stop her.

Park / Picnic:

Mukta and Aman sitting.
Mukta: the gift you sent is very nice.
Aman: Can’t be nicer than you.

Phone rings. Aman says: Meethi’s brother?
Mukta: Why is he calling you?

He picks up and Mukta is mad.

Nadi Josiyam Centre:

Meethi puts her thumb impression on a page. Epi ends.

Precap: Meethi: Someone said my mom is alive. Is my mom alive?… Priest: The answer to your question is..

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