Uttaran 16th August 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 16th August 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Icha in a mandir. She prays, I didn’t come for myself today… I just want the storm of questions in my daughter’s heart to calm down. Please bless me.
Pandit says, Mata was about to go to rest and you came… looks like she’s happy with you. Icha says, I feel like she’s angry with me… Pandit says, Mata is never angry with her children.
Icha asks permission from Pandit to sit in the mandir for a little while and he says yes. She sits in the mandir.
Veer also comes to the same mandir. Pandit tells him you got a little late, it’s closed for rest.
Veer is about to leave when he turns around and sees Icha.
Veer says, I came for darshan but couldn’t do it… Icha gives him prasad. He asks if she’s waiting for someone… she says no I’m just sitting here and Veer asks to sit with her if she doesn’t mind.
Icha asks you’re looking worried… Veer says, my Daddaji is very sick.
Icha gets really worried and says what happened to Daddaji, I mean your Daddaji… Veer says he went through a shock and couldn’t take it. Icha prays for his long life and says he will get better soon. May happiness surround him.
Icha gives all the prasad in her thali to Veer for Daddaji and Veer says, you should take some for yourself. She said this small amount is enough for me, you take the rest.
Veer says, my Daddaji loves my son a lot… he’s his life… but he has not come even once to see Daddaji. I thought Yuvi had changed, but again the same issues. My son is a puzzle, I don’t know whether I will be able to solve it.
Icha thinks, why have both my kids gone astray?
Veer asks about her daughter and she again thinks, how do I tell you that our daughter is looking for you only!
Veer asks what happened?
Icha says, actually, my daughter has changed a lot too. There’s only distances between the two of us. Veer says, having a mother like you how can that happen?
Icha thinks, maybe because of the lack of a father like you!
Icha asks to go home. They both stand up.
They come out of the mandir and stop on the steps to talk. Mukta going in an auto outside the mandir and sees them both. She takes a photo from her mobile phone. (Don’t know it’s a photo or a video?)
She says, poor Meethi, she’s searching for her dad and shedding tears for that… and her mother… is living in luxury (aish kar rahi hai. lol).

Tej upstairs in Bundela house and finds a skateboard. Doesn’t know what to do with it. Keeps turning the wheels.
Doctor telling Umed/Kasha to take care of Daddaji. Doctor/Umed/Kasha go downstairs and out of the house.
Tej sees a nurse going down too and he thinks it’s time for him to meet Daddaji.

Mukta comes home and asks Nani if Meethi has disappeared again? Where would the poor girl be… and she laughs.
Nani asks her to keep quiet… even walls have ears. Nani says, you’ve done awesome! You’ve taken that fly (makkhi) out of the milk and thrown her away. Now only that chuhiya is left.
Mukta says, I’ve arranged for that also!
Nani asks what are you going to do with Icha.
Mukta says, I’ve got something and shows Nani the photo/video and Nani doesn’t look too happy lol
Mukta asks who’s with Icha?
Nani remembers Icha begging her that whatever she has to say, she can say it to Icha, not her daughter.
Nani says, that chuhiya begged me not to tell anyone this secret… but you’ve come this close to the truth, I have to tell you, that this is chuhiya’s husband Veer.
Mukta says, it means Meethi’s father?
Nani asks her not to tell anyone that Nani told her this secret. She says you know your barey papa will get very angry at me.
Mukta promises she won’t say anything to anyone.
She says, Mother meets husband sneakily, and hides it from her daughter… I can do a lot with that secret and Nani gets happy.

Veer going in car and remembers Icha’s words about Daddaji health and long life. He’s holding the prasad in her hand.
Kuch khas hai music playing in the background (love that song!!)
He remembers all the times… of meething Icha for the first time in Satara and then images of Icha again and again… Icha looking after him when he fainted (when he took Meethi to meet her).

Daddaji sleeping and Tej comes in his room riding on the skateboard. He calls Daddaji… and wants him to wake up. He says, hey old man, have you gone to sleep? He looks at the machinery attached to him and gets worried. He listens to the heartbeat.
Daddaji opens his eyes.
Tej says, you’ve forgotten me? Or did you recognize me? Do you need an introduction?
The ayyashi you did when you were enjoying life, I’m the result of that… your true heir, Tej Singh Bundela.
Daddaji gets furious.. takes heavy breaths…
Tej says, I will call someone for help.
He says, there’s a mask on your face, how will you breathe?
He takes the mask off and Daddaji has trouble breathing.
Daddaji puts it back, but Tej takes it off again.
Tej says, your soul is going to get free… he holds Daddaji’s hands so he cannot put the mask back on. He says you’ve hit me a lot in my childhood with these hands… he twists his hands and Daddaji is in pain.
He takes the pillow from under his head and smothers Daddaji with the pillow.

Episode ends.

Precap: Jogi says to Kanha, whenever something happens with Meethi… why does Mukta’s name come up? The same thing happened in the party too! Tell me the truth, Kanha… the other night when you brought Mukta home, where did you find her? Divya says, what kind of a question is this? You’re again doubting Mukta only. We lost our daughter because of all these questions and you’re doing the same thing again!

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