Uttaran 20th July 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 20th July 2012 Written Update by princessofkesar

episode starts wid

thakur house
jogi making worker to clean and paint i think old iccha room.
Bundela house
amla happy to c bangles and cursing chanda.
And praying to god
that she has to win heart of veer to rule bundela house.
Thakur house
surbhi smartly says no to help rohini by saying she is not allowed to wk in kitchen.
Bundela house
amla comes and touches veer and veer says by mistake respond her as iccha.
Then she starts saying dat she has seen lot of snaps of mukta in yuvi mobile so he is in luv wid mukta.
But veer is only luking at those bangles.
He catches her hand says that iccha’s bangles but amla says it is hers and skirr away.
Veer says2 himsel3 that y he feel it is iccha’s bangles.
Thakur house
jogi comes Wid bowl containing gold fish and they think of past and remember their past , tapu.
Jogi says we should meet
veer but iccha says no i m happy in my life and dont want to disturb his life.
Mukta’s room
meethi comes in room and says i m sorry if i have u hurt unintentionally and mukta hides the chunar and thinks wat nani said and abt to do lyk wat she says
but then meethi continues u and aman r my best frn i dont want to lose u
coz of relation our mother shared.
And mukta again rem.
Aman wid meethi,
and throws chunar on her goes to bed.

Iccha comes near meethi mukta room,
both sleeping at one end.
First she goes to meethi covers her remember her childhood.
Then goes to mukta,
remember all the memories covers her wid bedsheet want to touch her but then does not.
She goes, mukta opens her eye she was awake.

Coming up divya telling iccha dat not tell mukta dat in which conditin u took her care.

Divya calls iccha while closing the door,
says dat controll her emotion so mukta does not hate her mom wen truth is revealed. And iccha gives her promise.

Precap veer reading newspaper and gets chakkar while reading news about renovation of damini pathshala.
Tells Umed who was near him.

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