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Uttaran 21st August 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Yuvi telling Rathore you don’t know who you’re talking to (tu jaanta nahi tu kissey baat kar raha hai!). Rathore says, kids shouldn’t talk to their elders like this!
Yuvi says, do you even know who I am?
Rathore says, you’re a rich man’s spoilt brat… I don’t have to wear glasses to see that.
Yuvi says, apparently you do need glasses, otherwise you’d know how to see where you’re going.
Rathore looks at the glass/drink on the floor and says, for all this, I’m sorry.
Yuvi says, to hell with your sorry. Rathore looks at a person behind him and he hands him some money… Rathore gives the money to Yuvi and asks him to take it.
Yuvi says, who do you think you are? First you spilt my drink, ruined my jacket and now you’re paying me off? Do you even know how much my jacket cost?
Rathore says, you don’t know the cost of a word like “Sorry”, you will understand. The importance of Sorry will teach you a lot of life’s lessons! Rathore picks up his hand and gives him the money. He says, go buy yourself a new jacket… and next time before you try to hit anyone, or yell at anyone… think hard… think who you’re trying to mess with because not all people are peace-loving like me!
If you had met this Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore a few years ago, I wouldn’t have left you capable of repeating this mistake ever again! You’re lucky that you found me now.
Rathore tells his staff to serre whatever drink this kid wants and leaves.
Yuvi says, he called me a kid! A kid!!!!! Who is he?
The staff member says he’s the owner of this casino – Mr. Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.
Yuvi says, you’ve called me a kid right? Now wait and see what this kid can do?

Doctor looking at Daddaji and says he’s getting better… doctor takes off the mask and says are you having trouble breathing? Daddaji says no and Doctor says if he has trouble breathing again please put the oxygen mask back. And you can give him some liquid diet too. Doctor leaves. Chanda listening to all this.
Mai tells Kasha that Veer and Yuvi haven’t met Tej yet. Kasha says, Lalla probably wouldn’t even remember his face!
Gunwanti says, but Tej will recognize Veer. I don’t know what he’ll do to him.
Kasha tries to feed him some milk but Tej comes and stops him and says a son should do this good deed and takes the milk from Kasha.
Gunwanti is disgusted.
Tej says, you never fed me milk with your hands in my childhood… but in your last days, I will feed it to you.
He says, I remember one thing you always said.. that one can tell the difference between a good son and a bad son… one is diamond the other is stone. All your life, you kept the diamond named Umed hung around your neck, but in your last days the stone that’s Tej will give you some pain for sure. He feeds the milk to him.
Daddaji spits it back on his face. Gunwanti/Chanda watching this and are shocked.
Tej gets furious and Chanda’s angry too.
Gunwanti asks him why are you bothering Daddaji… he doesn’t want to eat anything from your hands.
Tej says, why? Because my mother wasn’t his wife? But he did give birth to me!! Even if I’m a bad one, I’m still his son!
He asks for Gunwanti’s ‘pallu’ to wipe his face. Gunwanti throws a cloth at him. He says that’s not your pallu? But wipes his face.
Gunwanti says go away from here, Daddaji’s not feeling well… Tej says, don’t step on me, I’m half snake, half scorpion!
Veer comes and asks who are you?
Tej says, wow, Thakur Veer Singh Bundela!
Lalla, won’t you hug your uncle? Veer says, I’m sorry I don’t recognize you… Tej says, you forgot your uncle?
Veer asks Mai which uncle is he? Gunwanti wants him to go to his room… Tej says let me talk to him. He says he isn’t recovered from his illness yet, he didn’t recognize me?
Tej hugs him and says, I want to talk to you today, come with me.
Gunwanti doesn’t let him talk and takes him away from there. Veer says, let me talk to him, but Mai doesn’t let him. She leaves with Veer.
Tej says, how long will you save him? Then comes to Daddaji and repeats, how long will you save him?

Police asking Jogi if there was a problem or quarrel at home.
Jogi says no. Police says, usually young girls/boys leave their houses when they’re angry. Icha comes in front and says I’m her mother and she left because she was angry with me.
Nani watching this from the background and is scared that Icha might push her in front of the police.
Icha says, please find her and assure her that whatever she wants she’ll get. If she doesn’t want me to stay here with her, I will leave… just find her.
Policeman asks constable to call up the mobile, he says it’s switched off. The police says, it’s difficult if the phone is switched off.
Icha gets angry and says, how can you say it’s difficult?
A young girl is missing, anything can happen with her and you say it’s difficult! Do something! Find my daughter please.
Police wants to say something… but Icha says I don’t want to listen to anything. If you can’t find my daughter, then the person responsible for my death would be you… Jogi/Divya/Damini shocked. Kanha trying to console her, but Icha cries. She says I will go far away, let Meethi come. Damini says, police will do their job, you come upstairs with me.
Mukta and Divya are giving weird expressions!
Jogi says to the police, please find her ASAP. Police says, I will circulate the photo, someone will find her. Mukta is getting scared (I think!). Police leaves.

Meethi in a room (looks like a hotel) and trying to eat something… she gets a message on her phone. It says, Meethi everyone’s worried at home… they didn’t show who the message was from.
She says, I won’t go back home until I find who my father is.
She gets another message from someone saying, you want to know about your father right?
Meethi doesn’t recognize the number and says I will call this number… but cannot get the call through. She says I’ll SMS back. But message doesn’t go either.
She puts her phone down… wants to eat the burger but can’t.
She remembers Nani’s words… what’s the point of living when a mother puts ‘illegitimate’ on your face. She remembers all the words of Nani/Mukta!

Yuvi playing in Rathore’s casino again. Rathore sitting and drinking in the same place. Yuvi wins the first round. Asks the opponent if he’d like to go another round, but he leaves.
Yuvi and his friends laugh. Yuvi says, all the “kids” have left the game… is there any ‘dad’ left around here?
Is there anyone here who wants to put all he owns on a roll of dice… what kind of a casino is this? There are no real players. His friend asks him to stop it and says let’s go.
Yuvi says, you’re right, what’s the point of staying here anyway? The one who calls me a ‘kid’, I think it’s time for him to go home and read a story to his ‘kid’.
Rathore keeps ignoring him and drinking his drink.
He calls the manager and says give this tip to your owner from me (throws a coin/chip at Rathore’s table)… and tell him, the money he gave me for the jacket, I am leaving three times that amount over here for him.
Give everyone free drinks from my side too
Rathore picks up the coin/chip he threw.
Yuvi starts leaving…
Rathore comes and says, this game is not won with arrogance… and is never played to win. Sit down, I will tell you how this game is played.
Rathore sits opposite him. Yuvi sits down and says, are you ready to lose Mr. Rathore?
They start the game. Yuvi sees his cards and his friends start laughing. Yuvi thinks he has won and starts to rake in the chips… Rathore shows him one Ace, then another Ace…
Episode ends right there lol.

Precap: Rathore’s staff member is looking at Yuvi’s driver’s licence and tells Rathore the name. Sir, it’s Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela. Rathore is shocked. He comes and snatches the licence and looks at it.

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  1. sanmathi
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    i don’t like this episode. i like to happen that mukta and meethi knows about tapasya and her character and to reunite veer and icccha

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