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Uttaran 25th September 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Kanha bringing Meethi back home. Everyone at home is happy to see her safe and sound. Icha wants to go to her, but doesn’t.
Damini hugs her and says thank God you’re safe. Jogi asks Mukta to take Meethi to her room. Mukta comes to Meethi, but Meethi doesn’t let her touch. She gives weird looks to Icha and starts leaving. Icha says, why do you do these things when you’re angry? If something happened to you today…
Meethi says, don’t worry about me. I’ve told you thousands of times that there’s no relation between you and me. Remember this.
Jogi gets upset at her. Divya tries to stop him from saying something but he doesn’t stop. He says, you cannot talk to Icha like this. We were all worried about you. You went to a club without telling anyone, what kind of carelessness is this? He asks Mukta to take Meethi to the room again.
Meethi bursts out, everyone worries about ‘this woman’. No one worries about me anymore. If this woman is so good, so great, why doesn’t her husband live with her? Everyone’s shocked to hear that.
She yells, if anyone has the answer to that?
Meethi yells at Icha that just because of you everyone scolds me… she’s about to say more but Jogi yells Meethi and she goes away.

Tej asking for new paint in the haveli. Umed asks the people to stop and asks them who gave them permission to paint? Don’t you know we’re still grieving in this house… Tej says, talk quietly… the walls of this haveli are weak and they will fall down.
Umed asks who gave you the right to change the colour? Tej says, the old man? Thakur Baldev Singh Bundela gave me that right.
Then he asks the people to paint the house ‘pink’.
Chanda thinks, pink is my favourite… is he doing all this for me? She gets happy.. she thinks I can’t wait any longer… when will I tell people I’m the daughter-in-law of this house.
Gunwanti asks Tej not to touch the walls of the haveli… Tej says, I just told big brother to keep his voice down, I’m telling you the same… keep your voice down.
Veer yells from the doorway, the voice will go up, Tej Singh. Tej pretends as if he’s scared and shivering.
Veer shows him a file and asks what it is? Tej says “English”.
Veer says, you tried to sell the land of Bundela Trust, that too using fake papers??
Daddaji’s land and his memories are not for sale… do you understand?
Tej asks Veer to read Daddaji’s will.. it’s in Hindi. Half is your father’s, half is mine.
Veer says, don’t threaten me with Daddaji’s will.
Tej says, you roam around in big cars and I should go in rickshwas? I’m a Bundela too… 50% partner.
Veer gives him car keys and some money… says this is all for your ‘ayyashi’. But remember, if you try to sell the land again… then I won’t worry about your age and relation. Veer goes away and the others leave too… Amla turns around and Tej flirts with her.

Meethi putting bandaid on her wounds when Icha comes to her room and asks to help her. Meethi says I’ll put it myself. Icha says, why are you doing this? You’re angry with me, but why are you punishing yourself?? Your anger has become your enemy.
Icha says, you tell me what you want to know… I will tell you everything now, about me, my husband everything.
Meethi says, now who will trust you??? If you had to tell me the truth, you wouldn’t have taken so long… now I don’t want to know anything.
Icha says, don’t waste your life away on your anger like this, life is very precious. Meethi says, I have already realised how precious life is. I also know that I’m a parent-less girl, I’m an orphan.
She asks Icha to go away… Nani comes with a glass of water and Meethi takes it.
Nani keeps saying, why do you people keep harassing her… they want to take her life away.
Icha says Nani! Meethi tells Icha not to yell at Nani… only she loves me truly in this house!
Icha asks her not to listen to Nani… but Meethi says I know very well, who should I listen and who should I trust.
Nani smirks at Icha and Icha leaves.
Nani asks Meethi why do you pay attention to her? My heart bleeds when I look at you. People may say bad things about me, but the way I am inside, I’m outside… you’ve gone through a big trauma… Someone saved you somehow… Meethi says, I don’t know who saved me, who he was.

A guy is shown practicing with a sword and some fighting moves (I don’t know what fight art it is lol)
Mukta opens the door to a couple of friends from college… they say you haven’t come to college for so many days… you forgot it was annual fashion show competition… Mukta says I won’t be able to come. But they say you have to come and so does Meethi. Meeth comes at that point and they say hello to her. They asks her if she’s coming to college and she says yes and goes away. Mukta says, I don’t feel like going after what happened to me… Icha comes and asks Mukta to forget what happened yesterday… you will definitely go and take part in all of your college programs. You will become an example for every girl that stays quiet after being dealt with injustice. You will do it, right? Mukta smiles and says I will go only because you say so… she tells her friends I will come.

Nani comes to Meethi’s room and says how can you go to college in these clothes?? She poisons Meethi against Icha again saying I saw your mother getting Mukta ready for the competition… no one thinks about you… Meethi says I don’t want it.
Icha comes in with a few dresses in her hands and says Anni has made these dresses for you… wear whatever you like from this.
Meethi says, I don’t want it… but you can go and give it to your ‘laadli’ daughter… then she takes what Nani brought for her and says I will wear what you made for me… you made it with so much love. Jogi is listening to all this from the doorway… Meethi is admiring the dress in the mirror.
Rohini comes and says I bought a new sari and I can’t find it… Nani says I gave it to the dry-cleaners. Rohini recognizes Meethi’s dress as her sari…
Meethi goes to get ready and Rohini gets angry at her for giving her sari to Meethi. Nani asks her to stay quiet. She says try to understand what I’m doing is for something better… don’t dare tell anyone I gave your sari’s ‘uttaran’ to her. Rohini says, you never gave me anything and gave my sari to her… now what will I wear??

Jogi says I cannot tolerate Meethi talks to you like that, Icha. It’s wrong. I have told Mukta all the truth, I can do the same to Meethi. Icha says, she will neither trust you, nor me… Jogi says, she’s getting under Mausiji’s control… Icha says, I know… but whatever we ask her not to do, she will do exactly the same.
Jogi says, I hope someone comes in her life who can tell her the difference between truth and lies, and bring her back on the right path. Icha says, now only an angel can make my daughter understand.

The same guy (for God’s sake they should show his name so I can write it in lol)… worshipping Shiv in a temple. The pandit tells him that you did really well. You’ve got inner strength in you. The guy says, no pandit ji, I feel fortunate to be in Shivji’s shelter. Being here was an achievement of my life.

Episode ends.

Precap: Icha praying in a temple and asking God not to punish Meethi for her mistakes and to show her the right path… someone calls her “Teacherji” she turns around and sees the same guy.

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  1. Mounika
    September 26, 09:10 Reply

    Whats that new guy’s name? Who is he?
    I’m curious to know…..

    • subha
      September 26, 09:43

      he is ACP Avinash’s Son

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