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Uttaran 28th August Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts in the hospital with Rathore asking about Mukta.
Icha stammers… but cannot answer.
A doctor interrupts their conversation… Icha asks how Meethi is?
Doctor says she’s very weak, looks like she hasn’t eaten anything for a couple of days. Was she emotionally disturbed? She says we will observe her until tomorrow morning.
Icha says, I’m her mother, can I meet her once. The doctor said you can see her, but it would be better if you go inside alone.
Icha goes in and sees Meethi with an oxygen mask on.
Icha calls her name a couple of times but Meethi is asleep (or unconscious). Icha says, I’m your culprit… whatever’s happening with you today, I’m the one responsible for that.
Rathore looking at both of them from the mirror outside.
Icha says, I couldn’t tell you that Veer’s your father. Please forgive your mother if you can, please. Please forgive me.
She stands up and says please get well quickly, I can’t see you in this condition. She kisses her forehead.
Jogi/Divya talking outside… Rathore doesn’t know anything… what should we tell him and how do we tell him?
Jogi says I was also thinking, where do I start? How would he feel hearing about Mukta… would he be able to listen to all of it?
Icha comes out and everyone asks her how Meethi is.
Icha cries hugging Damini. Jogi asks her not to worry, he will talk to the doctor.
Rathore tells Icha, I never saw you this weak and broken before.
However many problems you faced, you always showed immense patience and courage and tolerance. What happened in these years that has broken you so badly? Icha just cries holding on to Damini.
Kanha comes in and says I just talked to the doctor and she says only one relative can stay in ICU. Icha offers to stay with her. But Damini says, no I will stay. Icha says, no let me stay… all of you go home.
Jogi also asks Damini to let Icha stay.
Damini tells her to call them if there’s a problem.
Jogi asks Rathore to come home with them.
Rathore says, home? What’s a home? I have learnt to stay alone.
When I have the courage to ask questions and listen to the answers, then I will come.
He tells Icha to look after Meethi and asks her to call him if she needs any help. Icha says thanks to him and he leaves.
Jogi says, yes we have a lot to tell you Raghuvendra!

Rohini sees Nani packing her stuff and she asks if Surabhi has given her room back to you? Nani says it will be great if we get a corner to live in this house now. Rohini says, what’s wrong now? What bad deed did you do now that came out in the open? lol
Nani asks her, I do wrong deeds? Keep your mouth shut. If you want ot come with me, pack your stuff.
Rohini says, why should I go with you? You go ahead. If you do wrong deeds, you should go, not me! In any case, those who give me food to eat, samosas to eat and a place to sleep, they’re my relatives, not anyone else. Rohini leaves.
Nani says, first Mukta changed colours like a chameleon, now this Rohini.

Tej goes to Daddaji and says pranaam. Daddaji turns his face away from him. Tej says, why are you turning away? Look I got you a present. Daddaji doesn’t turn his face to him and Tej says, he still doesn’t believe me. Then he calls “lalla” come on in… Yuvi comes in and Daddaji is shocked to see him. Tej asks Yuvi to touch his feet.
Yuvi says, I came here because you said… but I won’t stay here. Can I leave now?
Tej says, look at him… this is the boy who doesn’t want to see your face, but came here because I said so… this is called love and trust.
Tej goes to Daddaji and whispers, I found a new Vansh in this house… from now on, he’s my student and I’m his guru.
Tej says, you don’t believe me right? I will show you now.
Yuvi asks to leave once more… Tej takes a bottle out of his pocket and offers to Yuvi… Yuvi says no, not now… later.
Yuvi looks at Daddaji and Tej says, even if he’s looking he can’t say anything… his mouth is locked now.
Yuvi again refuses and says I won’t.
Tej forces it on Yuvi and Veer pushes the bottle away – the bottle crashes and breaks. Yuvi tries to explain to Veer that he wasn’t going to drink, but Veer slaps him.
Tej says, what are you doing? You should not hit a young boy.
Veer asks him to move away from between his son and him. Tej doesn’t. Veer again asks him to move away… Tej says, otherwise what will you do? Hang me?
Veer pushes him away with two hands.
Tej says, you’ve become stronger.
Veer says, I’m telling you the first and the last time, don’t even go near Yuvi from now on. Yuvi leaves the room.
Gunwanti and Umed and Chanda come in at that point… Tej says, what are you saying? He’s not just your son… he’s my grandson too.
Veer holds him by the shirt and pushes him away again.
Tej tells Umed that Bundela family’s blood is boiling in your son.. should I cool him down.
Veer says, you can try your best!
He says, one more thing, you should not be seen in or around Daddaji’s room as well!
I have just kicked some dirt off your shoulders this time, but next time I will kick you out of the house.
You’re older… in age and in relation, that’s why I kept control until now.. but not anymore.
What kind of a person are you? Feeding alcohol to your grandson in front of your father?
Tej says, so what’s the big deal… I’m an ‘ayyash’ son of an ‘ayyash’ father. I drink alcohol and make others drink as well.
Veer shuts him up and says, from now on your ayyashi won’t work here from now on… out you go.
Tej leaves saying ‘out’? Am I playing cricket? lol
Daddaji tries to say “lalla” and everyone’s shocked that he’s talking… Veer says what are you trying to say… Daddaji say something that sounds like ‘vakeel’. Veer/Umed ask if that’s what he wants? Chanda thinks, they’re calling a lawyer? They’ll ruin the whole game.

Meethi wakes up and calls Anni. She sees Icha holding her hands and snatches them away.
Icha asks how she’s feeling… asks her not to worry, she will call a doctor.
Meethi asks her why are you here? Go away from here.
Icha says, I will go out and sit outside… don’t take stress. Just get better quickly.
Meethi says, I don’t want to get better, neither do I want to live.
The mother who cannot tell me my father’s name, but meets with him sneakily… instead of living with a mother like this, I should die.
Icha’s shocked and crying.
Episode ends.

Precap: Rathore looking at a photo of grown-up Mukta with Jogi and says, is she Mukta? I still remember her as a curly haired baby. She used to jump into my arms from Ichaji’s. When I played with her, it felt like I found my lost daughter. Jogi says, she’s your daughter only.

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