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Uttaran 4th August 2012 Written Update Maha Episode by Udhay

Sorry, missed some small part. Damini and Kanha at room. Damini enquires why Kanha is tensed, he closed the room’s door and explains all that happened between him, Mukku and a boy friend of her. Damini shocked. He also reveals that the boy was Yuvi. Damini stunned and sits in her bed. Kanha feels guilty and says he shouldn’t have done it to Ichcha mom’s son, Damini pacified him saying that he has done only the duty of a brother. Kanha requests Damini to not tell this to Ichcha, Damini agrees. Surabhi and Rohini scene.! Rohini unnecessarily poking Surabhi, when she takes food for Kanha. Meethi goes to Mukku and enquires where she was and y she was late. Mukku having food, and replies and Manages Meethi’s questions somehow, and then changes topic, asking Meethi how her date with aman was. Meethi blushes and says it is nothing like that and asks her to have food and leaves. Naani calls Mukku and brainwashed her (again!) against Meethi, calling her as Makki!! Mukku says she’ll handle Meethi and gives a vampish look. Yuvi calls Mukku, Mukku says sorry for what happened, because of Meethi’s bro. Yuvi says if she was not there, he would have handled Kanha well. Yuvi invites Mukku for a party at Sunshine hotel/resort. Mukku refuses and later agrees, staring at Meethi who was asleep. She asks him for 2 more passes, as she can come if Meethi is with her. Yuvi agrees for that. Mukku takes Meethi’s mobile and messages Aman about Party and venue, Aman, reads it and Smiles, then replies as ‘DONE’! Next morning Ichcha doing puja, ties Rakhi to Lord Krishna’s idol and prays. Damini is also there. Jogi comes there, Ichcha offers him Prashad. Jogi says today is rakshabandhan and then calls Divya. Meethi comes looking for Kanha. Surabhi informs that Kanha has left already, Meethi disappointed that he is not here for Rakhi, But Kanha comes there and Meethi makes him sit and does arthi for him, and ties Rakhi. Naani, Jogi, divya, rohini, surabhi look on. Kanha and Meethi feed each other sweets, Meethi gets blessings from him and then asks for gift. She then makes up and asks him to bless him in such a way that she gets double gifts next time. Both talk lovingly to each other. Naani looks displeased thinks to herself, Taunting them in her usual style. Later kanha gifts Meethi a Samsung smart phone, Meethi is delighted, Damini is surprised. Surabhi is displeased, rohini tries to taunt her, but Surabhi gives her a fitting reply. Meethi and Kanha take a photo of each other in the new mobile. Kanha happily explains the features of this mobile and Meethi is delighted. Kanha says it is a smart gift for a smart Meethi and they smile. Mukku comes there, says Bye to Jogi and is about to leave, but Kanha stops her and asks for Rakhi, and tells her to forget what happened and brings her back. He sits and shows his hand for Rakhi. Mukku stares, Jogi comes there and asks her to do it for her Bhai. Mukku looks at Naani, Naani signals her to go ahead.

Meethi teaches Mukund how to do this ritual, and Mukku does it. She ties rakhi for him. Meethi asks Mukku to give sweet. Mukku asks for her gift, Kanha has FB of him and Mukku as kids playing with toy phones. Kanha gives that toy phones as gift to Mukku, Mukku says what she was going to do with it and says thank u, and turns, but Kanha stops her and gives her a similar smart phone as gift to Mukku. Meethi happy and says Mukku is lucky. Jogi and divya are happy. Jogi expresses his joy to Divya and she smiles and listens. Kanha says he is hungry and asks ammu for breakfast. All disperse. Mukku shows the phone to Naani, naani says they always act like this. Mukku says they are getting late for college and informs meethi of the party. Meethi asks what party! Jogi and divya are worried about it. Mukku convinces Jogi and gets permission to attend the party. Jogi has an FB of Ichcha and tapasya, then he hugs Mukku and meethi. Meethi enquires about the party as they leave for college. Yuvi in his car with a bottle of sleeping pills, and talks about ruining Mukku, in villain style. Mukku comes to Yuvi, Yuvi talks of the party and says it is gonna be a great night. Mukku thinks to herself that it is gonna be a great one for Meethi. At the party, Mukku looks for aman, he is nowhere to be seen. She spots meethi and says to her that she looks beautiful like her Mom. Meethi is displeased on talking of her mom. Mukku says some1 is waiting for her, her Aman, at the dancing floor. Meethi leaves, Mukku gives vampish looks. Yuvi comes to Mukku, and calls her for dance. Mukku refuses, Yuvi says he’ll not do anything like last time. Music begins, Yuvi holds the mike, and begins to sing, ‘ Jab se mere dil ko..’ song and starts dancing. Mukku joins him. They both rock the dance floor. They both seem happy. They finish dancing. Yuvi touches mukku and says she looks very hot today. Mukku uncomfortable and yuvi asks who she was looking for, and asks if it was aman. Mukku agrees and asks if he saw him somewhere and leaves. Mukku mixes alcohol with Cool drinks and sends it to Meethi. Meethi finds it odd, calls Yuvi and asks if something was wrong with this drink. Yuvi says it has sharab, and asks her to have some other drink., and asks her to dance and leaves. Mukku disappointed. Mukku attempts again, three different cool drinks, all mixed with alcohol, and sends it to meethi. Meethi says as orange one had alcohol, and takes the lime drink. Meethi feels dizzy. Yuvi gets 2 glasses of wine, adds sleeping pills in one of the glasses. Yuvi offers it to Mukku. Mukku refuses, but later takes it, she recalls Naani’s words and refuses again saying she is fasting for Rakshabandhan. Yuvi asks for that kind of a bhai? And laughs.. Meethi all drunk and dancing dizzily. Mukku leaves out, calls Police from a PCO and informs that drugs and alcohol party is going on here, ends the call, and smiles victoriously!! Episode ends!!

Precap update : Meethi standing in a table, dancing in full form, she falls on Aman and aman carries her and moves from there!!

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  1. Neelaalikhan
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    Mukku, you are like your Naany, bad, badn bad. Shame on you.

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