Uttaran 6th July 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 6th July 2012 Written Update by s.pip23

Damini’s House:

Damini brings Ichcha to her house. Kanha and Meethi are shocked. Damini tells Ichcha that she will stay in this house from now on. Kanha comes to her and touches her feet. Meethi tells Kanha to ask her why she came to stay here.
Damini: This is my daughter and since it is my house, she will stay here.
Meethi: Why today? So that I can keep feeling ashamed of whose kid I am? A criminal’s daughter?
Kanha: You might be ashamed, but I don’t feel ashamed. In fact, I’m proud of my mayya.
Damini: Youre not young Meethi. And its time you realize this is your mother. You might not understand the extent of her sacrifice, its okay. But she isnt going anywhere. She’ll be right here. Kanha, take her stuff to her room. Surbhi, make her some tea.

Meethi cries and says “so this is her house and she’ll be here? And me?” and she walks off. Ichcha asks Kanha to bring her back.

Damini stops him and says: She has to understand and that she’s not a kid. If she spends a day alone, the world will not fall on her. But you will stay here from now on.
Kanha agrees and says Meethi needs to realize her mistake. Damini asks Kanha to tell Jogi that they’re here. Ichcha asks Kanha to not tell Jogi that she’s here because she doesnt want to talk to anyone and Jogi can’t see her sad.

Outside the Bundela House:

Yuvi asks Mukta if she liked his grandmother. Mukta says she is very loving. Yuvi then asks her why she came here in the first place. Mukta gives him his gifts back saying she can’t keep them as she thought they were from Aman. Yuvi asks her if she wouldve returned if they were from Aman. Mukta is about to say “but Aman is..” and stops.
Yuvi gets mad and says: You are mistaking me Mukta! I did this so your mood can be better, you’d be happier. Did I do anything wrong? Ofcourse why would you keep gifts from a spoilt brat like me. I shouldnt have even gifted them to you! *and is about to throw the gifts away*

Mukta is shocked and asks why he’s throwing away such expensive gifts.
Yuvi says: It would’ve been priceless had she kept it. I hurt you a lot right? You hated me when I was a stupid loafer, and annoyed you. And now when I’m changing you’re still mad at me? I can never be right.
She takes the gifts back, wears the watch and says: I didn’t know a spoilt brat like you could be this sensitive. Both smiling.

Damini’s House:

Ichcha asks Damini what Meethi likes and what can she make? And then says, “She won’t eat if she makes it, so Surbhi you make it”. Surbhi says “Just give her a few more days and she’ll be alright, you will even be able to feed her”.

Thakur House:

Mukta comes in to her house and Nani is waiting for her. She asks if she’s coming from college. Mukta says she went to meet Yuvi. Nani enquires if its the same Yuvi that dropped her in a big car. Mukta says yes and that she went to meet him to give these gifts back as she thought they were from someone else. Nani then asks why she didn’t return it.
Mukta says : I was about to, but he was really nice and got hurt and almost threw the gifts away. He was a brat before but he seems nice. I even went to meet his family. His grandmom is so nice and even the house was so big. She even gave me this coin.
Nani says that its very expensive and Mukta is shocked and says “their family is really nice, they’re warm people”.

Nani thinks to herself about this guy’s family and says this rishta will be nice for Mukta.

The lender comes home and yells Jogi’s name. Mukta asks him to sit down but he orders people to take the stuff away. Everybody is shocked and calls Jogi. He comes and asks Divya to take Mukta away from there. Mukta refuses to go. The man says that tomorrow, that house will be on auction and goes away.

Damini’s House:

Kanha comes to Ichcha and Damini and tells about the auction and says that Nano is in trouble. Ichcha and Damini shocked.

Thakur House:

Auction guy is talking about the history of the house and says that the owner is Mr. Jogi Thakur. Jogi gets dressed and walks out of his room, says to the entire family that this house is no longer theirs (and something else I can’t understand). He goes to the auction place and the man asks if he wants to say something about the house.

He goes to the mic and the family is sad. He says: My mother always said that we need to take difficulties with strength and not fall down. I saw my child grow up in this house, and my granddaughter’s life as well. Whoever lives in this place, I’m sure will make it very colourful.

The auction starts at 12 cr. And slowly moves up to 16 cr. Mukta says she can’t see it anymore, and goes away. Jogi is extremely sad.
Just as the guy announces the price for the third time, Damini says 17 crores. Jogi and Divya seem shocked. Nani is angry. Episode ends on Damini’s face.

Precap: Nani: There, her true colors are finally showing. I always knew she had an eye on this house.

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