[V] Suvreen Guggal 24th July 2012 Written Update

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[V] Suvreen Guggal 24th July 2012 Written Update by pinkgal

Epi starts with YuvReen hug . Yuvi tries to comfort a scared Suvreen. There is more lightining n lights of the blub fluctuate . Yuvi asks suvreen why isn’t she scared now. suvreen just smiles n leaves. They go out an dance in the rain. On the song Ae kya bolti tu. During the dance Yuvi is lost in suvi

Here Mumma N Pappa Guggal take shelter in stall. Mumma G. Complains that they lost an umbrella worth Rs. 150. N she heard that the world will end in 2012, Pappa g is irritated by her blabering n says that they need to reach Suvreen as soon as possible

Yuvi And Suvi go to the ampitheatre wherein all the gang, as in Mannu, naro., annie , rathi were waiting for them. Annie is shocked to see them all drenched. She tells Mannu and Naro to get some clothes for YuvReen. She then narrates all the stuffs they were doing while YuvReen left. mannu and Naro return with clothes. annie suggest them to change quickly or else they might fall sick. YuvReen leave to change

Suvreen is at the corridor wondering where to change . yuvi comes n says y didnt she change. She replies that all classrooms are locked . And she doesn’t want to another chance of getting locked in a deserted room. Yuvi suggest her to change in the corridor as there is nobody in the college. Suvreen ask Yuvi to wait for her as she is afraid of dark. Yuvi doesnt agree at the first instance but later agrees as Suvi sneeze. Like a true gentle man he waits, while suvreen changes. When suvreen is ready they both leave n join the gang.

Rathi gets a radioset n tune in to some station. Wherein Rj describes The rainy season . YuvReen feel a little uncomfortable as they relate to stuffs Rj speaks. naro gets tea for them. Again our gentle man offers the lady a teacup first. They have a *look look * scene

Guggal parent finally get a rickshaw n Mumma G. is cribbing that rickshaw wala is taking advantage of their situation. As it is Rs. 20 for rickshaw fare but he is charging Rs. 100. Pappa g says Suvi safety matters more currently

Rathi change the station in the radioset. Do dil mil rahi hai magar chupke chupke song is played . Again YuvReen are uncomfortable.
They all decide to play some Annie Naro suggest some games. But rathi doesn’t approve saying its all girlish. They suggest some weird games. On Which Yuvi shouts them that they are playing with girls. suvreen is all impressed . Yvi suggest them to play truth and dare. First it rathi chance he select truth. He is given some weird question which I missed. then its naro she takes dare. Suvi asks her to dance

Parent Guggal reach college . Pappa g says that he is really concered about suvreen as its not kathgodam. Its delhi a bigger city. Even Suvreen is a big girl now

Precap: suvreen saying to Annie n Naro that she doesn’t mind Doing a sexy dance . Parent Guggal reach there. Mumma shouting Suvreen for staying with boys

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