[V] Suvreen Guggal 26th July 2012 Written Update

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[V] Suvreen Guggal 26th July 2012 Written Update by Jyo_Ksg


Suvreen’s mother hears her telling that she would do sexy dance & head massage for boys. She gets angry & tells Suvi that she was told to stay with Naro & not the boys. Suvi’s dad takes promise from her to stay away from boys. Yuvraj plans for a road trip & tells Suvreen that he will do something that her mom allows her for the trip. She tells him if he succeeds then she will do anything that he tells her to do.


Anie & Naro tell Suvreen to get ready as they are on their way to take her along. Suvi tells a no as she knows her mom wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere after all that happened in the past.
Anie tells her that these days of fun & enjoyment won’t come back & Yuvi has told them what to do. They insist to tell a lie but Suvreen is confused whether to say it or not as she is scared of getting cought.

Suvreen goes in the living room & starts buttering her mom making her happy. Here comes Anie & Naro in an Indian attire saying that they have come to take Suvreen for Anie’s cousin, Sweetu’s marriage in Chattarhpur as she is also Suvi ‘s good friend & so Suvi is expected to be there too.
They emotional blackmail Suvi’s mom saying that this is gonna be a last hangout of Sweetu with her friends as after marriage a girl doesn’t get time to spend with her friends. They further tell it would be a night stayout as the marrige is the next day & today is the Sangeet.
Suvi behaves as if she is not interested to come but her mom surprisingly insists her to go with them (time for party ). Suvreen asks for permission from her dad too & he allows her. Suvi’s mom packs her bag with all Indian dresses seeing which Annie tells Suvi not to argue as she can wear her dresses.
Excited Suvi calls up Tultuli to let her know about her plans & she is shocked to know that Suvreen has lied to her parents.

The boys are waiting for the girls in the car outside, but since Suvreen’s mumma is watching the girls from the balcony, they avoid the boys & keep walking forward to not let her mom come to know about the truth.
They follow the girls & are confused to see their reaction. They soon enter the car as Suvreen’s mom doesn’t watch them, but Yuvi tells that they will get punishment for avoiding them & drives the car at full speed making Suvi’s mom think how rashly the spoilt people drive the car. But she is happy thinking that Suvi is with good people, unaware that Suvi was in the same car.

All girls go to change & Suvi wears a short midi dress & seeing her Yuvi’s mouth is left open & he keeps starring at her. They get into the car enjoying & singing on their way. All go to sleep & Yuvi is watching his sleeping beauty Suvreen from the front mirror of the car. Now he’s almost asleep & Suvi gets up to smack him for driving & not sleeping
Boys get down for their pee-break where Yuvi scares the twosome Rathi & Mannu.. They find the car moving forward on its own as the girls scream for them to comeback & take control. Yuvi keeps starring Suvi & she does the same. Both are so engrossed into each other that they lose the road track but soon recover it.
Suvi stands up from the car’s upper window to enjoy the weather & Yuvi enjoyes watching her like that. But soon a gang of spoilt brats in another car notice her & start to misbehave with her by whistling & watching her making Yuvi angry & Suvi scared.
He tells her to come down & then races back that car to teach them a lesson & they succeed (Ishaqzyaade in background).
Suvi gets a call from her dad & she is scared to pick it up.

Precap: Rathi forces Suvi to have a drink watching which Yuvi slaps him & all are shocked.

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