[V] The Buddy Project 16th August 2012 Written Update

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[V] The Buddy Project 16th August 2012 Written Update by Roshini1494

Recap: Kiya comes to party with Kunal.Ranveer wants to dance with other girls.Mohit goes to panchi with juice while she pretends to be in love with tina.KD dances for bet and kiya too dances with him in drunken state.Kunal tries to misbehave with Kiya when Jaitley comes and saves her.The next day piddi dances in the class crazily as he missed the party.Jaitley sees this and humiliates him in front of everyone.KD tries to support him and starts arguing with Jaitley.

Bobby asks KD whether he is trying point her for the incident coz she did nt went to party with piddi.She also asks KD to make piddi understand not to do like this.Kiya is watching this.KD asks if it is hurting then to tell something.Kiya comes forward and tells that she cant tell as soft heart is needed to stop someone from doing bad which is thr in girls only.Kiya goes on to tell that tension and emotions are nt thr in bobby and she will tel what and all not there in bobby.KD calls kiya tameez and tells her that her big family has not taught her not to come in between when two people are talking.Kiya goes away angrily.Bobby too leave.

Ranveer tells samar about possession of some girl.Samar keeps on asking about that but ranveer does not tell.Ranveer tells about bobby and asks samar what he thought.Then ranveer asks about panchi.He tells samar that one side panchi is not talking properly and on other side piddi is dancing.Ranveer further tells that jaitley hurt piddi and don’t know where he is crying.When he finished it they both see piddi laughing on phone.Samar and Ranveer goes to him and asks to whom he was talking and what happened but piddi keeps on laughing.

Piddi keeps the phone and keeps on laughing.Samar and Ranveer sees him confused.Samar tells that he must get angry but why he is doing crazy things and ranveer asks why he is doing all these.Piddi stops laughing.Piddi tells that what he is doing is not important and asks ranveer to ask what he gonna do.He punches his chest and tells that he is hurt here.He tells how jaitley insulted him and tells them that jaitley thought that he will go to home but he will make fire.Ranveer talks to camera whether piddi became psycho.Piddi is still laughing.Ranveer asks him not to do anything as they were already in detention and samar asks him to think what will happen if they call his mom to school.Piddi stops laughing and talks to camera abt moms and then leaves laughing.Ranveer and Samar looks on confused.

Naina ma comes with a cover to Jaitley.He opens it and finds passport in it.She asks him to smile at least now.Jaitley tells that he got the passport and now he will go back leaving royal,banga and all.Naina ma is upset.Princi comes and tells Jaitley that he made a mistake by calling him to royal and he regret for it.Princi tells that he thought jaitley can understand student’s mind but he overestimated him. Jaitley gets angry and tells that they don’t deserve that and students do this to be a hero and satisfy their ego.Princi asks him whether he does not satisfied his ego and he replies that he done all this to teach a lesson to students.Princi tells that its not gonna stop and leaves.

Piddi is roaming in streets at night.He knocks some one’s door and shows jaitley pic to the one residing there.He also gives money.

Panchi is talking with girls and she leaves when she sees ranveer.Ranveer goes and asks her what she told to moti(mohit).Panchi asks how he sent mohit even without knowing his name.Ranveer asks whether she is mad to tell like that about her.Ranveer corners her and makes her understand what he is trying to point out.He asks why she told like that.Panchi tells that is the truth.Ranveer asks she is trying a prank on him as he sent someone else to her.Panchi tells that she is disappointed as he is making fun of her preferences.She tells that he must not have done this as he is her friend.While leaving she asks even he is single these days.

Jaitley comes to school and all the students laugh at him in the corridor.He gets confused and even staffs laugh at him when he enters the staff room.A staff goes to him and tells him that he is too much for which he asks what happened but none replies him.He goes and sees his funny dance video in youtube.He loosens his tie and folds his shirt angrily while seeing the video.
Ranveer and samar are seeing the video in mobile in classroom and praising piddi for it.Jaitley leaves the staff room angrily.Even KD praises him but bobby makes fun of him.Piddi tells that his name will be thr in history from today.Bobby asks him whether he have studied before and tells him that only dead people’s name will be thr in history.She asks whether he gonna die.Piddi tells that his name will be written in royal as he is a legend now.

Jailtey enters the class and all sits in their place silently.Suddenly he starts laughing and all looks at him confused.Jaitley ges to piddi and praises him about video.All are so confused.Jaitley keeps on telling abt video and asks others whether they do not know about it.He tells them as losers and piddi as a Man.Jaitley asks whether he has a girl friends and piddi tells him that he does not want any girl friend.Jaitley tells him that he can never get a girl friend as girls only laugh at him.Jaitley tells him that it is nice video and asks what it will be like if his dad’s face was there instead of his face.KD gets up and asks jaitley to not interfere dad in this.KD asks for proof that piddi done this for which jaitley starts talking bad about KD and piddi.Jailtey talks about KD-Piddi as a pair and thats y piddi does not need girl friend.Piddi asks him not to assassinate his character.KD gets angry and closes his fists.Jaitley tells KD that he is getting angry and aks whether he got cash for it or connects him again with piddi.KD asks him to stop.He points finger at jaitley and he catches KD’s hand.He bends KD’s hand and tells him that there will be only one lion in the jungle and pushes him.He tells that he is that lion.

Precap: KD tells Piddi that he will do something after which he can never go to america.Someone takes away Jaitley’s bag and runs away.Jaitley chases him.

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  1. Mr.Nervous
    August 17, 01:52 Reply

    I think theres a old connection between kd and kiya, and after some time they broke up and starting to hate eachother for some misunderstanding issues.

  2. PD
    August 16, 22:53 Reply

    I think KD and KIYA are sweetly are you think so please reply me

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