[V] The Buddy Project 24th July 2012 Written Update

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[V] The Buddy Project 24th July 2012 Written Update by _Aanchal_

Episode starts Samar torturing Piddhi for his cracker bursting idea, Ranveer scolds him for ruining the plan. Piddhi dreams of being the next junglee, but Ranveer reminds him of Junglee’s habit of keeping a solid plan B unlike him. He adds that Junglee wasnt a failure like piddhi. Piddhi continue to argue that he is equally good and someday will succeed at becoming a Junglee.

The Vice-Principal showing the assembly video to Principal and the trustee members in the cabin. The trustee members warn the Principal to bring discipline among the student within 6 months and they praise Banger’s (Vicey) method of punishing the students.

Samar shares his tragedy *comic tragedy* that he belongs to a royal family and his father may throw him out if he comes to know about the morning mischief. Piddhi says he has no idea about his mother’s reaction towards his junglee act.

Principal is totally jumbled about what to do next, meanwhile the peon sends the trio inside the cabin. The vicey advises the principal to call the police and punish the students. Principal asks if he has any evidence against them or not, Vicey taunts him saying he has faced the egg-tomato beatings not the prinicipal. The peon peeks in and informs them that 3 students are saying that Piddhi/Ranveer/Samar are innocent and they have proof too.

Vicey is surprised to see Panchi, KD and Bobby entering in and defending the boys. Panchi says Ranveer was standing opposite to her, Dolly says she had locked Piddhi in the boys room for irritating her, she adds they can confirm it from the peon while KD says he and samar were late in the morning and the watchman can confirm it. The peon informs that even the other peon and watchman are agreeing to whatever KD/Bobby/ Panchi are saying. Principal stops Vicey’s blabbering and tells the students to focus on their career and not to indulge in such activities.

The car driver says that he knows a shortcut to his destination and he can take him there in 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. Junglee says no to his shortcut and asks him to drive smoothly on the road. Flashback starts, young junglee driving through a shortcut and reaching his destination in 25 minutes.

The gang is celebrating on their victory. Piddhi thanks Bobby for her help, but she justifies that she did it for the entertainment they brought in the assembly. Ranveer teases Panchi saying she too threw eggs at Vicey. Juhi arrives and begs to the gang to include her in their next plan.

Kiya is cleaning her hair and scolding everyone. Juhi comes there and advises her to use egg for her skin too, Kiya leaves the washroom in anger. Juhi mimics Kiya’s gestures.

Kiya goes to the Principal and files a complaint against the boys and tells her mom will go to the court. KD’s hot coffee spills over Kiya’s hand and he in turn pour cold water on it. She flashes off her hand and walks off.

Kiya’s mom calls her and reminds her of Aaliya’s (Kiya’s Sis) music launch. Kiya explains that she was no way associated with whatever happened in the assembly but her mother hangs up on her. Kiya is in tears and KD offers her a handkerchief, she wipes off her tears with it but throws it on the ground as soon as she sees his face.

Junglee is addressing an conference. He asks one of his colleague to pay attention to the project. They take a break from everything and Junglee gets to know about Royal Academy’s fun videos. He cancels all his plans and leaves the office.

KD asks Samar to give his money back, Ranveer and and Piddhi provoke KD to loose his cool. Panchi comes in between and puts an end to the fight.

Principal is back at home all frustrated about the trustee/Vicey’s pressure. He gets delighted to see Junglee standing behind his wife.

Precap : Kiya offers bribe to KD and tells him to spill out the names *assembly scene creators*, KD refuses to answer to her question. ‘Bin Tere’ song sequence is shown of Ranveer – Panchi – Ranveer’s phangirls The boys stick banana peel on Anirudh’s picture and decides to raise their voice against his entry in the academy.

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