Veera 31st October 2012 Written Update

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Veera 31st October 2012 Written Update by RD

Veera 31st October 2012 Written Episode

-epi starts with the mysterious lady asking the almighty as to why he did so with her and why did he show her those dreams that wud never b fulfilled and then suddenly she realizes as to why is she praying to the very almighty who did so much to her and she takes the child back from the priest and says no more tears nd that my child will not b an orphan and that she will get a family

-RV’s friend asking him abt him stealing sumone else’s kid and RV is like what did i no …i just did so cause dont have a sister and so his friend asks when will u get one and he is like when god wants will send that red winged cheel and friend is like how will god know and he is stumped so friend says we will wite to god just like how my mum writes to her bro asking him to send stuff and so both get together at the garage and the friend brings his mum’s letter to copy from and RV starts to read while the friend starts to write

-Finally the letter is done and they dont know where to send it and it strikes RV that god lives at the Gurudwara so they write down the address and run off and place the letter and RV says to god please see the contents carefully and send me one fair one and then is like send me a nice one any type will do

-Sampurn Singh showing off his dream to RV and tells how he wants to set up and agriculture based institute where ppl can come and learn new techniques and stuff and says i am in no rush and that if i cant fulfill this dream then u shall and asks him to make a promise and RV asks whats a promise and Sampurn Singh explains and RV makes a promise to Sampurn Singh and soo daddy takes RV to skool

Sweet Sampurn n Ratna moment where she agrees to do anything he says if he makes her a gajra within the time frame and he does surprising her and tells her he use to make maala for the temple when his mum cudnt do so and they are abt have a close moment when Sampurn’s fone rings and its his friend n bro and he gets talking to him and leaves to pick him as he is arriving

-RV with Moti Chaiji having lunch and he aks her abt the red winged bird dropping off babies at the hospital and not at ppl’s home and even asks her how she dusnt have a kid and Chaiji explains how she is the mother to all in the village and Ratan arrives and Chaiji is like why is she here and she explains how the call came and RV leaves

-RV asking the postman if there is a letter for him and Postman is liek why wud there b one for you and RV’s chacha arrives and he is giving out stuff to everyone and gives RV a gift as well and he is like where is my barf aka ice i asked u to get and gets angry and leaves

-RV see’s Baldev and his sis fighting and reprimands baldev who says a few words to RV and when he tries to pacify the sister she too walks away and RV is like kamaal ki kudiyan unki team mein ho phir bhi nakhre

-Postman gets hold of RV’s letter and takes it to the Gurudwara and hands it over and the priests there read it and laugh at the innocence and asks the almighty to fulfill RV’s wish there Ratan isnt feeling too well and she thinks she is pregnant …and both Sampurn and Ratan r happy

-RV is sitting outside thinking

-the mysterious Woman comes bk to her house and her father says she is dead for them

-Precap- RV asking Sampurn to take his mum’s kasam that he has never hid nething frm her and Sampurn hesitates thinking abt his one night stand

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  1. Faiza
    November 01, 03:50 Reply

    Ranvi is so cute nd veera is also cute.umahhh to both of u.

  2. POOJA
    November 01, 03:03 Reply

    Nice episode…..Ranvijay like u…..nd how sweet jis way pe tumne letter likha……

    Sarpanch veera real main apki beti hai… woman is ur wife……????????

  3. KSG!!
    October 31, 21:29 Reply

    So that mysterious woman is the Sarpanch’s one night stand person thing??

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