Veera 3rd December 2012 Written Update

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Veera 3rd December 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Episode starts with the kids discussing about Veera being missing from home. Balbir asks Ranvi to file a complaint with police as they find the lost person soon just like they did when his mama’s son got lost. Innocent Ranvi asks whether Police knows the place where Pari’s reside. He also says that his beeji had promised him to get back Veera from Pari maa and take care of her.Baldev is watching this with displeasure.Ranvi’s friends ask him to introduce them to Pari Maa if he sees her once again. But Ranvi says he is angry on Pari maa as she was the one to give the baby to him but now she herself took her back. He is so worried and wonders if Pari maa will take care of Veera properly as its now susu time for Veera.

Teacher comes and all sit down for the class. She notices Ranvi and asks him to concentrate on studies. Ranvi opens his bag and notices Veera’s milk bottle inside it. He worriedly asks Balbir what will his Beeji use to feed Veera if she finds her. Teacher notices Ranvi talking with his friend. She asks him about it. Ranvi says the reason. But she says that its not his age to look after kids. He doesnt listen to her and runs away from class. Baldev smiles seeing this.

Ratan is driving the tractor and she notices Ranvi coming towards her. She asks him why is he here when he has to be in school. He eagers asks Ratan whether she found Veera. Ratan is not able to reply and tries to divert the topic. Ranvi asks her where did she find Veera. Ratan gets flashback of the ashram where she left Veera. She tells Ranvi that she couldnt find Veera. Ranvi is upset and asks her is work more important to her than his Veera. He sternly refuses to attend the school and study. Ranvi goes on saying that Ratan will never take any step to find Veera and doesnt love him. He feels bad as she has broken her promise and so he himself will go in search of Veera. Ratan is very upset to hear those harsh words from Ranvi.

Ranvi is in search of Veera. He asks people whom he meets. On his way, he sees a Police station and remembers his friend’s words. He goes inside to lodge a missing complaint. Inspector asks him about his presence at the station. He tells him that he has come to get his help in finding his sister Veera as she was taken by Pari maa. Ranvi says that he must be knowing where Pari’s home is and requests him to take action immediately.

Inspector tries explaining Ranvi that its not any game. The constable chides Ranvi but the Inspector asks him not to do so. Ranvi explains that Veera is his sister and not any doll. He also says that he named his sister Veera three days back at Gurudwara. Ranvi wipes his tears and tells that Veera used to seep with him everyday and Pari maa took her last night. The Inspector softly explains Ranvi that he eneds a proof to confirm that Veera was taken by Pari maa. Ranvi shows the feather that he took from his room. He also wants the Inspector to just bring back Veera and not scold Pari maa as she must have taken Veera to play with. Ranvi leaves as Inspector assures to find Veera.

At the ashram, Veera is still crying. Bebe decides to take her to hospital if she is doesnt stop crying.She is going to Gurudwara at Pritampura to get the usual things that they used to get from there. Bebe says she also gets a chance for praying and ask for a wish to God so that Veera gets adapted to the new life. She tells that there is something that Veera is searching for and wishes to find it soon.

Ranvi is at Gurudwara asking God where Veera is as Chaiji told him that God knows everything. He requests God to return back his Veera. Ranvi talking to God that he knows that Pari maa and God are up and so their homes must not be far away. He pleads God to go in search of Pari’s home. Ranvi takes the milk bottle in his hand and says that Veera is used to drink milk in the same bottle. He requests God to tell Pari maa to check whether the milk is hot before giving it to Veera. Ranvi asks God to promise that he will not forget to take milk bottle to Pari maa’s home. Title song starts to play in the background. He places the bottle near the slab.

Part 2

Ratan comes home searching for Veera. She informs Chaiji that Ranvi escaped from school and how she met Ranvi on the way. Chaiji asks whether Ratan told Ranvi where she left Veera. Ratan says Ranvi got angry on her even before she could say anything. She is not feeling good as Ranvi has gone in search of Veera without having anything. Ratan is upset wondering what will happen to Ranvi if Veera is always with him. She is not happy as Ranvi is going mad behind Veera and doing anything and everything for the small girl. Chaiji asks Ratan to understand that the bond between Veera and Ranvi will never break how much ever he tries. Ratan accepts that she separated Veera and Ranvi as she couldnt see Ranvi going away from her.

Part 3

Ratan says she did everything with Ranvi’s future in mind. She is confident that she will make Ranvi forget Veera. Ratan decides to make Choley to pacify Ranvi. Chaiji is in a confused state as whom to support.

Ranvi is with an old man who is explaining him that Paris’ exist only in tales and not in real. He is not ready to accept it. Just then Ranvi notices a child crying in her nani’s lap. He is upset and misses Veera.

Police at Ranvi’s home.

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