Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2012 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2012 Written Update by Madhavi_Di

episode start with g3 come and told natik not to talk to akshi like this and told him that if same happen to akshi and rashmi what he will do ? did he will take akshi side or rashmi and didnt he will try that the problem will solve. and natik left. and akhsi and g3 looked at each othere. g3 told akshi that dont feel bad while natik said this in angar. and akshi said she knows. and they hug. here at M’s shurya came and in the mean time varsha told that tomorrow is her first day at school. and everyone said good luck. and shurya came and said that he and natik is going seprate in business. and vish got angry and shurya said that he cant stay togathere while natik dont respect him. and kaka about to say something but vish told him not to say anything while he didnt ask us he is just telling us his desision. and shury didnt say anything and vish left angryly. and dadi told to shruya that he didnt even think of is family or mom and dad. and everyone left. and varsh got call from akshi and akshi ask how is eveything and she said that vish is not happy with this and she said she is going to call letere.

at night natik is talking to someone on phone. and akshi came and then she go to sleep and natik said sorry . in the morning varsha getting a nanya rady and shurya came and said good luck and then said bye to her and ananya and then left. and akshi call varsha and ask how is eveyone? and varsha said vish is upset and then said she will call her after she have to go to work. and then akshi play with duggu. g3 come and give daliya (oatmeal ) to akshi to feed duggu and akshi looked at her and she said she did not put to much butter in it. and akshi took it. and then she told that lets go to park with duggu and bma said the same and akshi said yes.

in the park akshi and g3 met the friend of akshi and she have baby too. and told akshi that she is trying to loose whight but not working . and told that she is going to join the gym but the manager told that they are closing . and g3 and akshi is shock and she left. and akshi said that she know that natik and shurya is doing there business apart but she didnt know that the gym is closing. and she said that there is somethng that they didnt know. here varsha came and everyone ask how is her day? and she said fine. she call shurya and he ask how is her day a nd in the mean time manager came to the room and told shurya that there are more member want to join the gym. and shurya said to varsha he will call after.

here in kichen akshi is worried and g3 told her to find out what is going on and akshi call the gym and ask manager that she want to goin the gym and manager said the gym is closing and akshi said why while it just open and he said that he cant give the answer to that but there are closing the gym and hung up. and akshi ask g3 that he didnt say anything and g3 told her to ask natik.

in the garden akshi girja are playing with duggu and natik came and akshi send girja to bring water. duggu and natik is playing and akshi ask him to tell the truth that if the gym is closing ? and natik said no and told how she know and she told about her friend and natik said manager is his good employee and he cant do this and left. and akshi said he didnt hear her full story. and varsha call her and akshi is trying to tell her the story about gym but she said she will call after while she is getting call from ananys school. and akshi is thinking why manager is lying?

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