Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2012 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2012 Written Update by Madhavi_Di

episode start with mohit and nandu and all are in natik room. mohit tell natik how he chetaed in vidio game while he was not up and then hug him and cry and said he miss him a lot. nandu tell him that they didnt like to do any thing while he was in coma. and now they are very happy that he is up. akhsi bring ananya and yesh and natik look at them . and mohit tell kids to say hi to natik . ananya said namaste phupha and natik know she is anaya. and yesh akshi told natik that he is the son of mohti and nadu. then natik look at door to find duggu. akshi is sed and then dj came and said that no one tell him that ; he is up . and call natik munna. duggu hear this and said that dj tell him munnna and why he is calling natik munna. he is more upset now. and left. dj said that the life is so good while he is back and he will go to walk with him and tell him that he is is lathi. and then natik is sleepy and akshi told him to take rest. and everyone left him. and akshi tell g3 to tell duggu to come see natik and g3 said she will.
akhsi and natik is sleeping holding hand . natik and askhi talking to each other khamoshi main. naitk and akshi talking how she did all this for 4 years? aksi said he was with her all the time then they said how they love each other. and then akshi gave natik v’card and rose and pillow. and bg singing song jadu … and then akshi see that natik is looking at duggus photo. and sed.
here g3 is trying to talk to duggu to go see natik. she said that no one will take place of duggu . and duggu is still upset. and then here at m’s vish said to rj he will follow everything while he is want to be fit and fine , he dont want her daughter to be sed again. and he said he will do anything for akshis smile.

here duggu is seeing g3 is talking to rashmi and bma is with baisa. and seeing everyone is keep talking happily about natik and he feeling that everyone is taking naitik and no one thinking about him and sed and he is about to go to his room and akshi come and talk to him and said he should take the photo with his dad and then show to his friends that his dad is well now. and said that if he want can go see his dad. duggu and akhsi go to natiks room. and then duggu said papa. natik is happy and put his hand on duggus cheek and happy. smile at duggu and said naksh.akshi t ell duggu while paap said dggu he can call him papa. duggu is not happy and left the room. akshi hug natik and they both cry.

Precap: duggu is playing the foodball and it come to natiks room. natik is siting on the bad and see the ball. duggu is looking at him. and then natik try to put his foot down to get duggus ball. akshi come and see this.

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