Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naira calling Kartik and saying sorry. He asks are you sad or worried. She says no. He asks are you Naira, how are you so calm, why did you not call. She argues over golgappas. He says sorry I will always have chilli golgappas, is it fine now. She says yes. He asks can’t you say I love you to me, when we go to new house after marriage, I will show love around, I remember what you said seeing that house. She says get ready soon, everyone left from here, don’t forget to send pic. He says fine and gives her a kiss. She smiles.

Manish asks Lav and Kush about Kartik. They say he is in room. Manish says call them, don’t say I said. They say we won’t say, he will get angry. Suwarna asks shall I call him. He says he should be here. She asks him to go and
call him. He says he can get annoyed. She says then ignore it. He says I can’t. She asks him to have courage or patience, its big day for him, you can try. He asks will you come. She says he will have problem with it. He says what will it matter, he finds both of us wrong. She asks him to go. He goes.

Varsha tells Naira that she has to finish some work and then leave. Wind blows. Naira says what shall I do of storm within me, I m scared. She sees the list of Goenka family members. She says I promised Suwarna, but how will I explain Kartik. She recalls Kartik and Suwarna’s words and says whom shall I support, Kartik or his family, and how to explain the one I don’t support. She prays.

Singhanis and Maheshwaris come to Goenka house. Naitik hugs Manish. Dadi asks where is your son, he has to be here. Naitik says he is in other car. Naksh comes with ladies. Dadi gets shocked. She says sorry, but you can’t come inside the house, women have nothing to do in tilak, its not good. Rajshri says we did not know this, you do things as you want, we will go back. Manish says no need, its misunderstanding, but we can’t do mistake to send guests back, you all come, we will decide it by talks next time. They all get glad. Suwarna welcomes them. Dadi says you did not do wrong, but you know I do things by rules. Manish says leave it, you look for some solution later. Suwarna calls Manish good.

Goenkas welcome them well. Dadi says there is some time for puja to begin, you all have something. They all have juice. Dadi says its health drink. Bhabhimaa asks which fruit, its tasty. Dadi says organic mixed fruits. Mishti asks for Kartik. Suwarna says he is coming. Mishti says Naira is lucky to get handsome guy. Varsha asks Naira to apply lep, you will look beautiful. Naira does not like it. Varsha asks her to glow skin. She applies lep to Naira’s face. She misses Akshara and cries. Naira says I also miss mumma and hugs her. Naira asks her to go. Varsha teases her and asks did anyone not send you Kartik’s pic.

Kartik gets ready and comes. Dadi wards off bad sight. He hugs Naitik. Suwarna says Kartik is looking handsome, he went on you. Kartik hugs Mishti. Lav says he did not hug us like this. Kartik hugs Gayu. Gayu jokes Naira has come. He worries. She says I was joking. He greets everyone. He hugs Naksh. Naksh says I m glad, you are perfect for Naira. Kartik assures that he will not let any problem come on Naira. Dadi says we will start puja now, Mansi take kids. She signs Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks them to keep mobiles away so that it does not disturb in puja. They all keep mobiles. Kids talk to Mansi. Mishti says your family is modern and did not invite Naira. Mansi says we can show rasam to Naira by hiding. They make a plan. Varsha gets ready and asks Naira to remove lep after 10mins. She goes. Naira gets videocall and sees Kartik’s tilak rasam. She laughs and says I can say anything, you have to be quiet.

Naira asks him to say he will have chilli golgappas. Mishti says we are playing cupid. Naira shouts I love you too, I m alone here. Kartik asks shall I come. Gayu signs him to see everyone. Naira says come, its challenge. He says fine. She says leave it, be there. They give flying kisses to each other. He jumps. Akhilesh asks what happened. Kartik says something has hurt me. He gives phone to Gayu and says Naira will get me beaten up. Misti takes phone and keeps away. Pandit starts rasam. Dadi gets angry seeing servant and scolds him for wearing black clothes. Servant says sorry and goes. Bau ji and Naitik worry that they got black suit. Naksh asks him not to worry. Rajshri asks Naksh to do something. Bau ji asks him to go to nearby mall. Naksh goes. Dadi sees him and stops. She asks him to start tilak rasam. They worry.

Dadi says girl’s father has to wash groom’s feet. Kartik says no need. Manish asks Kartik not to argue. Naitik says I don’t have problem. Kartik says this won’t happen.

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