Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2012 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2012 Written Update by Rasmi24

Part 1
Naitik comes down chikki asks akshara when u used to go school u to cover books. Akshara asks chikki did u made ready ur school dress chikki says don’t call me chikki I’m prerna. Akshara ask naitik something naitik says yes. Naitik is sad. Akshara asks naitik what happened? Naitik says education has become donation? They are asking 5 lakhs for admission if now its like this what will happen during duggu time? Akshara tells naitik to don’t worry. Akshara is covering books naitik tells akshara you are packing wrong. Duggu is reading books naitik clicks his picture. Naitik tells that day is not far when duggu will school. Naitik says akshara you will stop him from playing & tell him to do h.w first then he will come to me complaining about you then I will tell akshara let him play then u will scold me. Naksh laugh gayatri comes takes duggu she says this janmashtami we will celebrate big. Akshara is thinking something naitik comes & says I can see bulb is glowing on your head. Akshara tells naitik this time I’m thinking that both men & women join together. Varsha calls akshara and tells her she is not a proper DIL today in kitchen she couldn’t find things properly. Naitik gets a call from manager. Akshara asks what happened? Naitik says since 1 week there is no electricity in godown . how much generator will work? Akshara tells naitik to calm down don’t panic in small things. Power goes off.

Akshara lighting candles in room naitik adoring her, he comes from back & touches akshara’s hands naksh together light up candle. Naitik comes closer akshara he is about to kiss when akshara runs away. Naitik sees akshara shadow at door he comes there & tries to hug akshara but she runs away again he comes & tries to hug her but she again runs away. Naitik shows fake anger & stops. Akshara turns towards naitik & catches her ears and folds hands. Akshara pokes naitik on shoulder. She gives her hand & naitik also. Naitik hold her by shoulders and naksh turn.Naitik is about to kiss akshara on lips the screen gets blur Morning naksh are sleeping duggu in one side & naksh other( its smp I guess) akshara get up but naitik pulls her down and tell her to stay with him he holds her hands, akshara also agrees she holds his hand but suddenly she remembers dhobi will come & she has not ready and chikki has to go school, she gets up. Naitik gives a smile & I’m remembering my school days he sleeps.

Naitik come to hall gayatri asks what happened? You are up so early? Naitik says b’coz of power cut he couldn’t sleep properly.rajbanna tells nowadays power goes after hour he tells about his days. Naitik cuts in between but now we pay bills and taxes still rb says people should face some difficulties. Naitik is searching some file from wardrobe he gets akshara passport. He is laughing seeing her photo . Akshara asks naitik why are you laughing? Naitik tells akshara after seeing this photo.. akshara tries to get that photo from naitik’s hand but naitik shows it to duggu. Akshara tells him to stop laughing naitik replies you are right its not a laughing thing instead it’s a scary thing. If I would have seen this I wouldn’t have married you.akshara takes duggu & leaves naitik is laughing. Everyone is having breakfast when naitik starts laughing. Rajbanna asks what happened? Naitik replies I’m laughing seeing a photo of akshara. Akshara makes a excuse and leaves gayatri blackmails naitik stop laughing else I will show akshara photos which you told me to keep in secret place. Episode ends on naitik’s face

Precap: varsha says akshara can be radha but akshara denies.

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    Thanks 4 sharing a cute epi. Cute naksh secens. Now a days star plus is off in pakistan so i read written updates. Thanks once again dear.

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