Balika Vadhu 14th September 2012 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th September 2012 Written Update by payalibm

Balika Vadhu 14th September 2012 Written Episode

bhairo is angry on DS for meeting pighead and trying to make her relaise this is not good and one day can turn into trouble… and basant takes him aside and tells him not to be so harsh on DS as this is about her ladesur whome she loves a lot and has been her life…think about the pain she enduring at the moment and how much she has to go through…B is now little cool..and says ohk…there DS is thinking about her pighead and thinkins hwo pitty eh was looking and he was genuinly sorry for all this and pighead words to forgive him only once if she can come to meet him then why not forgiv..and then suddenly seh coems to ehr sences and says what the hell is she thinking…and realise her mistake and says what the heck was she thinking and she was doing injustice to anandi how can she even think about pighead and his forgivness…she has to stop allt his nd then rmbr anandi waiting in temple and calls B and basant and asks them to take her to temple and says she said to anandi when she was in school and might be waiting for her and as this moment is too tough for her so she wants to go to tempel for soem peace of mind and they all agrres and leaves for temple immediately

there anandi coming out of school and pighead walking and raching towrds school … and anandi coming out and pighead sees her coming and all alone and fasten his steps towrds her and suddenly a car comes out and stops in front of anandi and as soon as anandi sees CM in car she is little confuse and not comfy but then smiles… and CM comes out and anandi touches her ffet and takes her blessing and asks her how coem she here and CM asks where she going and anandi says to temple and CM says lets go i will drop her on the way..anandi denies but CM forces and anandi goes…there pighead hiding behind bushes and when sees anandi goin in car run after the car… and shouting anandi but anandi now not listning to him

car going in the sppeed of 20 km…and lolzz pighead runing and claling anandi and just then when he is about to stop he saw riskshaw and tells him to go after car… there anandi gets out of car and about to go when CM stops her and says…she loves shiv too much and is scared of seeing shiv geting hurt by anandi and anandi is realy cluless as what CM is asking and says she will never hurt shiv and she has no clue as what she is saying and CM says evry one in village knows evry body how its possible she dosent know about pighead coming abck in village and listning this anandi is quit shoked and says..she dint knew about it and well pighead is her past and shiv is her present and future and she will never do anythign to hurt him…CM as usual cant take it and says anandi its not posible for her to belive ke anandi has frogetn her past and has no memories of her life with 1st huby…she will always rmember soem thignrelated to that man as she has been wiht him since she was child

at some time she will remember wht he likes to eat,drink,or people he use to leave with,his life style its posible to forget all this things..its imposible… so she cant see shiv hurt because of ehr decision so she needs to think twice about ehr decision as she belives a person can not leaves without memeory and your memory hold pigheads…and you cant deny it ke he always rules your mind and thinking…so think again and then take a step towrds shiv..and CM leves…
anandi is quit shaken and walks in temple when hear the bell and cries in front of mata and says the pain she has stored in her self is again poened and wounded…they all knew about him in town why they didnt said her anything..why and jsut then hears pighead voice anandi…she turns and sees him standing there and then he opens his shoes and walks to anandi and they are face to face and camera gol gol gol gol round around anandi and pighead and anandi is all shoked and shaken and has tighten grip on her dress…

voice over – when a person is sorry and realy wants forgivness then he wants to do all and evrything to have it only for once for his own peace of mind (this voice over is for the one who realises there mistake and lolzz when one realises mistakes he\she will never ask will work out for it so this is garbage voice over cv ahs shown)


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  1. kashish
    September 16, 06:37 Reply

    reallly shiv is correct and will always keep u happy!!!!

  2. ambika
    September 15, 11:54 Reply

    thank u so much for the updates

  3. lulu W.
    September 14, 22:24 Reply

    thank you for the recap. I hope Anandi dont accept him but will forgive him. Please Anandi do move on, dont go back to your old life. you deserve some happiness and Jagat is not the guy that will give you that life. Shiv adores and understand you more than Jagat. Jagat is always selfish and childish!

    • amrapali
      September 15, 11:56

      yes u r absolutely correct

  4. ash
    September 14, 13:56 Reply

    such bad language!! are we supposed to correct the grammatical errors or get the story?? :O

    • Rana
      September 14, 15:04

      You should shut up and thank her for sitting and taking the trouble to write it down. If you don’t like it go watch it on streaming instead of complaining like that ass Jagat.

      Thank you for doing this every day. I am not in India right now and this is the only way I can catch up with the show. Appreciate you taking the trouble!

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