Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 2nd September 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 2nd September 2012 Written Update by _Aanchal_

Episode starts with Raghav giving his helmet to Sia (He understood that the brakes were failed). They meet an accident and Raghav is shown in the ICU in next scene. The doctor informs Sia that he’s perfectly alright but tells her make sure that he wears a helmet while driving. Sia scolds Raghav for his irresponsible behavior but Raghav indirectly expresses his love for her. He adds that he wont allow love to come between their friendship, but this time Sia confesses *indirect* her feelings to him.

Family arrives in the hospital, Mrs.Singh wonders how can this wedding take place in this situation. Raghav jumps off his bed and shows that he’s perfectly alright and tells them not to worry about his health and focus on the wedding arrangements.

Viraj is threatens Jahnvi’s mother that he would kill choti if she dont speak the truth about Jahnvi to Mrs.Singh and the family.

Ladies bring Sia in the hall for haldi *i suppose* function, Viraj brings Jahnvi’s mumma there which makes Sia even more disturbed. Intially her mom hugs her and calls her Jahnvi but later twists her words and makes Mrs.Singh believe that Jahnvi is dead and Viraj still cant get over this trauma, Mrs.Singh allows the lady to bless Sia and leave.

Viraj caught her outsde the home and throws few sarcastic comments at her, he then calls up Unniyal and tells him to kill off Choti, They hear gunshot and Jahnvi’s mom fells down on ground thinking her kid is no more. Viraj pulls her hair and says he will match her DNA with Sia and prove to everyone that she is Jahnvi.

Raghav saves Choti and shows phone convo video to Unniyal and asks if he would like to go to the jail himself *attempt to murder charge* or help him in sending Viraj to where he belong.

Raghav and Sia get ready for their wedding ** and they meet Viraj in the passage, Raghav provokes him saying he has lost the battle and Raghav – Sia will get married officially today itself. Viraj says their turn is over and now its his turn to claim Jahnvi back.

Viraj asks Unniyal about the DNA report, Unniyal says its gonna take minimum 2 days for him to bring the report, he also tells Viraj to forget about Jahnvi. Viraj gets mad at him and tells him to meet him in 15 minutes.

Raghav instructs Unniyal to keep his phone on and make Viraj spill out the exact location where he has kept those videos. Unniyal did the same but Viraj understood what Unniyal was doing, he misguides Raghav and kicks Unniyal out the car.

Viraj locks Raghav inside a half-dark room and edits the CCTV-clips.

Mrs.Singh asks Tashu-Komal to bring the couple for the main rituals. In the next scene they show 2 people in Raghav -Sia’s wedding attire, Komal tells them to keep silent till Raghav – Sia dont come back.

Mrs Singh is happy to see her son and Sia ready but Viraj stops the function and shows them the edited clips (All happy lovey dovey scenes). Mrs.Singh demands answer from Sia (fake) about the clips and everything else, but suddenly something happens to the CD and Viraj’s torture scenes are displayed one after one on the screen. All are shocked to see this dual side of Viraj. Jhanvi – Raghav enter in the hall and Jahnvi openly accuses Viraj for torturing her so long.

Precap : Police arrests Viraj

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  1. Lucy
    September 03, 03:25 Reply

    Wooow…finally-viraj tortue will be over
    wish for raghav-sia marry actually!!

  2. shivani
    September 02, 22:24 Reply

    OMG we have to c the face of viraj and scene twists…. ha ha ha

  3. shivani
    September 02, 22:15 Reply

    wow viraj ko aisa hi hona hai and sia and raghav makes a good pair.

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