Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st September 2012 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st September 2012 Written Update by b2011

Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH) 21st September 2012 Written Episode

Sandhya is removing Chotu’s coat. RK is nervous and thinking how to stop it. Just then Ankur comes. Je excuses for being late and Bhabho tells he is not late and asks him to have breakfast. RK requests Sandhya to serve breakfast to Ankur and he could wash Chotu’s coat. Sandhya agrees and goes. RK buttons Chotu’s coat saying he will wash it without removing.

All of them pray to god and move out as the procession had already entered Hanuman Gali. Sandhya is anxious and having flashback of DSP explaining her about the terrorist action and all. All have left and Bhabho sees her standing and scolds her what is she waiting for or has she has any work left. Sandhya tells she needs to close some window and Bhabho goes out.

Sandhya is praying to God saying even after knowing about terrorist activity in temple, she did not stop her family as there are so many policemen who also know about it but still they are on duty to save the people. She prays God to somehow stop this and save all the people. Outside procession is going on, all are praying, offering flowers and Chotu and others are dancing. RK is smiling thinking about his plan becoming successful. Sandhya too joins them. Meanwhile DSP and his wife join them. DSP says all the policemen’s family are also there to attend the pooja and security arrangements have been done. Sandhya thanks him and says God will help them in their mission to be victorious.

Police are present in both uniforms and non-uniforms and are watching the crowd carefully and passing messages often. Sandhya too is watching the crowd. RK is coming just behind her. She observes the time in Suraj’s watch and remembers about the timing told by DSP when Chathuri will left near the temple is the pen drive information is correct. Suraj observes her and asks what is the problems and she says nothing. Suraj tells Bhabho that he is going to the stall to check the arrangements.

RK goes to the side and speaks to his person via phone to leave Chathuri near the temple as per plan A and by the time police would find out Chathuri, his plan B would have been successful. A tempo arrives near the temple and people get out of it. Chathuri gets down. Her hands are tied back, mouth has been plastered, her stomach is bulging and pallu is covering the whole face. She could see through the pallu and just nodding her head trying to speak. She gets into the crowd slowly. Some women bump into her and ask her to walk on the sides.

Chathuri sees Bhabho and Daisa drinking juice. Bhabho remembering Chathuri and Chathuri moves near to them but they don’t identify her and seeing her stomach.

Suraj goes to the stall and asks Pappuda whether they have brought all the vessels. RK comes then and tells Suraj not to worry as he has done everything properly. Suraj praises them and is checking the vessels again.

People entering the temple via the detector door and police are checking everyone with metal detector. Bhabho, Sandhya, Chathuri all standing in the queue at some distance. Chathuri comes near the door. Police women check her with metal detector and listen beep sound near her stomach. They take her to the side and remove her pallu and see her mouth is closed with insulation tape.

Precap: Chathuri, bomb detection squad, Sandhya at a lonely place. The bomb squad locate the bomb tied to Chathuri’s stomach. Chathuri is nervous.

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