Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th December 2012 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th December 2012 Written Update by Munni

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th December 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts, with the last scene, where Viren tells Jeevika, that Maanvi is not being unreasonable, to which Jeevika asks, if even he is believing her and says Karan is right, Maanvi would convince everyone of her lies .(Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna ???) Sunder says, SB is calling Jeevika, Jeevika leaves, Viren is pacing in deep thoughts, Maanvi in her room, is cursing Karan for his visciousness..and his smartness,..she feels it’s no use in telling the family and she needs to have solid proof against Karan.

Virat walks in, Maanvi, was about to say something, Virat stops her mid way and says , that he understands what she is trying to say and he complete agrees with her, and it is natural for her to doubt Karan as anyone would have reacted the same when they see Karan and Jaiswal and tells her to relax and concentrate on the album where they will six 6 songs in total and talks about the type of songs ,,,Maanvi thinks how can she tell him that karan is not what he appears to be…

SB and Jeevika walk in with lots of shopping bags.. Vanshika, Kadambari chachi (KC ) and Karan join them. SB gives saree to Vanshika and KC.. KC did not like it and tells that she would do her shopping.. SB says that they are going for shaadi and not for filmy party and rest is up to her to decide.. Jeevika, SB leave from there, KC walks away from there, leaving vanshika mom confused and Karan has an evil smirk on his face

KC is arranging flowers in the vase, Karan comes apologies on behalf of SB and says that mom shouldn’t have commented like that .. Maanvi is hiding behind a pillar and is trying to hear them.. Karan basically instigates KC of being silen, self-respect., answering back and basically provocates her to the fullest..Maanvi listens to the whole conversation and hides behind the pillar..KC and Maanvi both are thinking ..

Maanvi calls Daboo and discuss how smart and evil karan is ..how he is making the family members against each other and she is not able to do anything.. as he is foiling all her plans and not even her di and her husband is believing her.. Dabboo is hearing.. Maanvi tells him not to share this with anyone in Hrishikesh and she would try to get some solid proof against Karan..Daboo turns back, to find beeji, beeji asks who is it, daboo tells it’s Maanvi di and beeji asks why he didn’t give her the phone.. Daboo cooks up some story in his fumbling words and excuses himself .. Beeji is left wondering

Karan is at his work.. instigating Inder chachu very smartly and very visciously. Karan makes a statement against dadaji and says that dadaji told someone that it takes long time for Inder chachu to reach to Viren’s heights ..

ok now, i tighten my seatbelt, the vadhera dinning table freaks me lol (Lok Sabha winter session starts) , they all are having lunch, Inder chachu joins them, Vanshika mom asks about some case, viren explainsand tells chachu knows the client very well.. Vanshika mom asks if Inder is fighting this case. Dadaji says NO, Viren is handling this and Inder will assist Viren in this… all have mixed reactions, mostly disappointing expressions, Maanvi is confused and worried and pissed off .. Karan has this evil smirk on his face..

Inder chachu says he would like to take up the case if Viren is busy, dadaji denies saying Viren is most experienced in construction cases and he doesn’t want to take any risk by giving it to Inder,..he questions dadaji, as who is responsible for all this.. and he was made to sit idle for 15 years after law.. dadaji says that time he used to stammer and fumble for words.. Inder chachu says now time has changed..Karan raises his single eye brow at Maanvi (hayneee VOLDY ) IC says that he would decide what he has to do.. all are shocked. Inder chachu (first MP) walks out ,,Maanvi and Karan exchange heated glares ..Kadambari chachi also walks out of the session .. Dadaji wonders what is happening in this house, and he walks out, followed by SB, followed by Vanshika mom. followed by Viren who goes to talk to chachu., Jeevika curses the fate of this house, as everything is going out of hands and she too walks out .. leaving the two Karan and Maanvi (Voldy vs Phoolan Devi)

Karan walks confidently towards Maanvi (doesn’t he look awesome in his grey Jacket.. Voldy ka Jacket) He threatens Maanvi telling her to watch the direct relay of Mega Mahabharat created by Shakuni.. Maanvi glares at him.. Karan (Shakuni, Voldy ) tells her just to watch it with her beautiful eyes and not to say a word.. and if she says a word against him.. he would mute her forever.and tells her not to speak a word and says “Samjhi baalikay .. Jai Ho (LOL Voldy is just awesome ,,.he rocks in evilness)

Karan walks away, Virat comes there and sees Karan’s retreating figure and Maanvi staring at him in full fierce ..Virat tells her don’t shoot poor Karan with your eyes.. Maanvi tells she would really shoot him .. Virat difuses it saying he has to show something .. he gives her a newspaper article which says “Bemisaal jodi ne kiya dhamaal” Virat says that the whole public were so proud of us when we sacrificed it.. Maanvi tells the credit for it goes to her.. as she suggested giving the price to the second runner up.. Virat says yeah the whole credit goes to you as I was just standing in a corner and he acts miffed .. Maanvi tries to pacify him.. Virat says lets go for a movie.. Maanvi tells him to bring evening show tickets, as she has some work before that..Maanvi goes ..Virat wonders what doosra kaam does she have ..

Maanvi tells Jeevika that all this is done by Karan.. Jeevika says Karan ko rehne de.. we wont’ let the family to fall apart.. Maanvi is happy that her di is in the mission with her..Jeevika says if the mission is for family peace how can she stay back.. Maanvi asks how will they do it.. Jeevika says she has a blue print for the mission in her mind and tells her to wait and watch

Precap: Jaiswal orders Karan to wrap up the work and come out of there..Jaiswal tells Karan to get rid of Viren,,he says that he would attack Viren first .. Jeevika is listening to the conversation .. shocked ..

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  1. Mkm
    December 12, 02:38 Reply

    Loooooove this show sooooooooooooooooooo much it is awd can’t wait for karans end and can u ppl plz upload sm nice photos of the show with the update as well and thanks for the exact update :-P:-):-D

  2. usd
    December 11, 12:53 Reply

    manvi aur karan ka takkar ……great episode!!

  3. Kvm
    December 11, 10:53 Reply

    So boring these days:)

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