Honge Juda Na Hum 20th March 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Honge Juda Na Hum 20th March 2013 Written Episode ***Last episode***

Rohan calls Muskan’s brother and tells him that kidnappers called him and asked for 5 crore. Muskan’s brother says that he has only 3 crore. Rohan says, he arranged other 2 crore and he will see Muskan’s bro at the location where kidnapper called them. He leaves.

Rama’s husband is tensed and asks Rama to pack their bags and get ready to go back to the village. Rama says she can’t let money go that easily once they come in her hand. She tells him that she hide money before police could find them. Rama’s husband’s all tension disappears now.

He now gets call from Lallan.. Rama tells him to pick up and just say, I don’t want to talk. She says she just used him to make this house on her name. Rama’s husband picks up the phone and says, police is here. Lallan asks what about money? Rama’s husband says that someone stole the money. Lallan says, don’t try to play game with me otherwise I will also forget that Rama is my sister. Rama then takes the phone from her husband and disconnects.

Lallan speaks to himself, if you two betrayed me, then you will regret. He decides to call Rohan now.

Rohan’s brother and his wife come to his dad and gives him medicine. Rohan’s dad says, once Muskan and Rohan come back, I will be fine automatically. They say everything will be fine, but for now take medicine. He takes.

Rohan drops the money suitcase while Lallan watches him from a distance. Rohan is leaving, but then he sees Muskan’s dupatta. He takes dupatta in his hand and looks around. He now finds Muskan’s bangles. He says, where is Muskan? He starts searching for her. He sees a girl in yellow dress in a cabin. He runs there and goes inside. Using remote, Lallan bomb-blasts the cabin. He laughs and says, your game is over now, Rohan.

Police come to Rohan’s house and inform them about Rohan-Muskan’s death in a bomb blast. Everyone’s shocked including Rama and her husband. Rohan’s father cannot believe it. He says, they can’t leave him like this. Rohan’s brother also says, no one can kill Rohan.. he has no enemy. Police say, they followed Rohan when he went to give money to the kidnappers, but they lost track of him in middle. Police say, we kept our investigation going and now have found who did this bomb blast. They say it’s Lallan who did, but some family members are involved in this as well.

Rama and her husband get scared and run to their room. Police and Rohan’s brother come there. Police ask them, why did you run away from there like that? Rohan’s brother gets mad at Rama and her husband. Rama’s husband says, I didn’t kill.. it’s Lallan who did. Rohan’s brother says, then why Lallan is taking your name.? He asks, how can you do this? Rohan loved you so much. I am ashamed of you. Rama’s husband says, you should be ashamed of me. Because of my wife’s fake love, I couldn’t see my family’s true love. I should be punished. I don’t have rights to stay alive. He asks police to take him away. Police arrest both him and Rama.

Before they leave, Rohan’s father now takes out his frustration and anger on Rama’s husband. He says, you’re our own.. what did you want? You could tell us. Now I am ashamed of saying you our own. Rama’s husband feels guilty. Police take them away.

Lastly, Rohan’s father, brother and his wife together wish Rohan-Muskan a happy anniversary. They look at their photo and say, Happy marriage anniversary. Some stories never end, and your story is one of them. You two may not be here, life may have separate you two from us, but your memories are always with us. Zindagi (life) separated you two, but Maut (death) brought you two together. Rohan-Muskan you were right about “Honge Juda Na Hum”. We love you. We miss you. Wherever you two stay, stay happy.

End of Honge Juda Na Hum.


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  1. myzii
    November 04, 11:17 Reply

    This was the saddest ending!!! 🙁

  2. dolly
    April 08, 14:56 Reply

    such an idiotic ending in this show,i have ever seen really muskaan aka aamna shariff has disapointed me bcoz she left the show for shuch a silly reason and din’t shoot for last episode aslo….. i really hate u…… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. zain
    April 05, 19:26 Reply

    Worst show and ending I’ve ever seen

  4. Sai
    April 02, 16:12 Reply

    This is sooo damn stupid…atleast they could hv shown taking them 2 d hospital nd both were saved..!!! So dt it would hv a happy ending..!! This is d worst ending of any show..get inspired by DMG dude!!
    These ppl ruined d show..m very upset wid the writers, directors nd every1 related 2 dis stupid show.,!
    If u wanted 2 end it…make it a good one na!!! Disappointing!! we all expected a lot, didn’t we???!!
    :-/ 🙁

  5. Sabbir Hasan Sumon
    March 30, 00:24 Reply

    This is not fiar,what the hell is going off.
    Really sad,Really sad,Really sad,Really sad.
    This show should be batter ending.
    Really Disappointment.

  6. anshika
    March 26, 04:30 Reply

    The main thing was that before tara’s death and anu falling in love with rohan this show was far much better but the directors, producers and writtes ruined it the story got sidetracked overall the story till there was extremely good but then it became useless. This story was extremely different from other serials that is why i really liked but then they changed story completely making it a useless show. The writters had a great story but they could not express it good enough the ending could have been better but they really disappointed the viewers. Very sad

  7. DDfan
    March 25, 08:17 Reply

    tht all hpnd becoz someone filled with lots n lots of tantrums cudnt stand tht her show is ending n refused to shoot any more…she completely ruined…at least the ending cud hve been a hppy one…mow I really hate her

  8. Shauzab
    March 22, 14:10 Reply

    omg! Aaj tk isse bakwaas ending maine nai dekhi! It was my faviorate show! I was unable to see this show on tv because my parents dont allowed! But i have seen it by downloading every episode from youtube by youtube downloader! So you can imagine that how much i love this serial! I didn’t expect this type of ending from this lovely show… I am feeling very sad! :'( , please continue this show like sesion 2… Plz..plz…plz…

  9. xcptional
    March 21, 02:02 Reply

    There was no muskaan in that cabin… There was muskan’s footage only… Cz muskaan alrdy left thiz shw

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