‘I would never kiss on TV’- Mahima Makwana

We in conversation with the sweet and simple Mahima Makwana who plays Rachna on Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke on Zee TV

Do you know how to play hockey in real life? Have you been taking training to play hockey?
Yes, I know the basics of hockey and I am picking up more of the game from the girls in the hockey team on the show.

Has this hockey track been inspired from Chak De India?
Yes, absolutely.

Rachna has a one-sided love with her hockey coach. Do you think she should be realizing with time that a relationship can’t grow out of love which is one-sided?
As Rachna has just started loving her coach, she hasn’t thought that far as yet.

Rachna has helped Gunjan to heal from the scars of her mom’s death…Please comment…
Both sisters have helped one another. Rachna being a loving cousin just had to help out Gunjan.

Rachna’s family is very traditional. What about your real family?
Our family is a blend of traditional and liberal views. We are traditional in the sense that we celebrate festivals and are sort of conservative in our dressing style.

Roopal Tyagi (Gunjan) kissed on the show. Would you be comfortable to kiss?
Oh no, I would never kiss on TV.

Do you think Rachna is immature?
She is gradually turning into a mature person.

Gunjan is helping Rachna to get liberal… Please comment
Of course, as Gunjan is after all a Mumbai bred girl.

Would you like Rachna to visit Mumbai?
I don’t know if Rachna will visit Mumbai. Please keep watching the show.

What do small town girls say of Rachna?
Small town girls like Rachna whereas city girls like Gunjan.

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