Madhubala – 18th April 2013 – Promo – Madhu Escapes!

RK goes to his room and doesn’t see Madhu there. He comes down and searches for her.

He then calls her, and her phone is in his room only.

He says to himself, no matter where you are.. I will find you.

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  1. dastaan_e_ishq
    April 17, 08:29 Reply

    Actually rk ki harkatey dekh ke aisa lagta hai ke ek hi cheez ki kami hai baaki….woh kya bhalla? That is in the background they shud start playin the track tere ishq pe tere waqt pe bas haq hai ek mera…thats wat rk is thinking anyway so why not, its mre appropriate nw and necessary too instd of hum hai deewane..madhu is not deewani of this mental rk! No offence cos i still love his acting!

  2. dastaan_e_ishq
    April 17, 08:25 Reply

    Yeah dnt no abt that promo, it may be sum misunderstndng, they may not hav created one as of yet or maybe rk is thinking abt hw the first time he was going to apologise to madhu, that was the first time rmmbr? I hope he does say sorry to madhu atlst, enwi apne sath zabardasti jorra hua hai madhu ko, bhaand k rakha hua hai (not hus literally but practically too) i wud hate that to happen with me, i sympathise with madhu dear, rk has gone crazy and he is acting the way he did when he and madhu got marryd, everythng by force, like whn madhu had the cold and he force fed her sum bitter home made remedy, that exactly hw he is behaving nw, and he even uses the same lines agn, like …’i like it!’ whn faced by a challenge frm madhu, freakazoid! Madhu fell in love with normal rk so he will hav to start acting normal agn, btw whr has shamsher malik madhu ke puj jinya kaha chal diye? I wish he cud cum back and support his daughter….and roma tooo!

  3. dastaan_e_ishq
    April 16, 16:28 Reply

    Oh my ppl…friends! Please take a time out this promo is old!!!! I cant believe nobody recognised it..mayb am a bigger fan lol 😛 but anyways that promo is the one from that episode when he insults her when they danced to aa zara..then whn his mum said to him to go and apologise and he went off lookin for her and she was at the studio all crying and her fone was in her room her white nokia, nw she uses a black one, evn a blackberry to be more accurate lol, thats old and look at rks clothes aswl its the same outfit from the studio nite and this episode was before that night, sorry for any high hopes, jus didt want any misunderstandings, desitvbox crew please update, i dnt think there are any promos released yet, its usually on wed or thursdy night

    • anshika
      April 17, 06:27

      yes exactly rk ka outfit ditto hai jo usne uss aa zara wale epi mein pehena tha par yaar yeh promo colours bhi aa raha hai

  4. razia sultana
    April 16, 15:42 Reply

    i just hate sultan. why is he interferring in their life?
    rk looks so funny while dancing my sweetheart u need practice! lol

  5. Sri
    April 16, 14:01 Reply

    If she escapes, that might be Sultan interferring. This is going to turn RK into real mad man.

  6. Anjali
    April 16, 12:17 Reply

    But i don’t think madhu wl go, she decided to stay 4 dh sake of rk by herself, then y wil she go

  7. aksa
    April 16, 10:49 Reply

    Madhub Escapes. Madhu should know this very well that RK will find her no matter where she is and he will bring her back. There is no point of her escaping when RK will find her. But I love Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and I also love RK he is the best.

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