Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th March 2013 Written Updateby Armu4eva

Madhubala 11th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK says to the actress that ur scared that if i touch .u will fall apart n cant say no! He asks the actress to look int his eyes and says.. I LOVE U! Madhu looks away..! RK says.. ‘Chahata hun tumhe chahat se zyada.. apni zindagi se zyada.. ‘ He says every bit of her tears are saying this that she too loves him..just as much as he loves her! Madhu watches spell bound! The actress hugs RK! Bittu looks at Madhu! Director cuts the shot! Madhu leaves from there! RK notices and comes find her! Madhu stands in front of a Lord Ganesh idol and prays to him! She turns and finds Sultan standing! He asks her to come with him! Madhu says she will call cops! Sultan tells her that he does not like debate and knows only one way to end it! Madhu says..she too does not like stubborness and knows only one way to react! Sultan points gun at Madhus waist n her dupatta covers his arm!

Madhu asks him what he wants.. He says..not to force him. .n asks her to come along! RK comes n watches Sultan standing in front of Madhu with his arm around Madhu! Sultan asks her what she wants that an innocent dies coz of her? Madhu says no and agrees to go with him! RK watches Sultan escorting Madhu to the car! Once in the car, Sultan covers Madhus eyes! RK goes inside the studio screaming Bittu ji! Madhu asks Sultan if he is planning to kidnap her and if he thinks RK will give him something.. that too wont happen! Sultan pulls the break of his car! Sultan asks if she does not understand..will she understand by blabbering? Madhu says no..! Sultan says then shut up! The actress cribs that wonder where Madhu is? Director says shot is ready! Actress says..shoot is ready! RK says what is he doing? He fires the actress and says that coz of her personal life issues.. entire unit has to suffer.. ! He says..heroine is not ready. .n not at all for romantic scenes! He screams pack up..!

Sultan brings Madhu to his home and asks her to take off her blindfold! She does! Madhu is surprised to find herself in his house and tells him that while she does not know what he wants.. if he dare try n hurt her then..! Sultan grabs her hand .. takes out his gun and puts in her hand! He makes her point the gun at his forehead! He tells her that if she thinks she is in danger from him, he is handing his death in her hand fire! Madhus hand shivers..! She jerks off her hand! Sultan says that he has given her gun.. not freedom to leave..! He tells her to do what he wants her to do..or else..! He asks her if she has any questions? Madhu is quiet! Madhu hears Aryan coufing! She rushes towards him and Sultan asks her if she followed what he asked her to? Madhu walks off! Aryan refuses to take meds ! Madhu comes in his room and asks if Aryan has fever? The elderly says yes! Sultan comes and asks Aryan to open his eyes.. but he refuses! Madhu says..she will look into it! Aryan opens his eyes and is happy to see Madhu! Sultan asks Aryan to get up and sit..! He says he isn’t that weak to keep lying down! Madhu says..Aryan is strong boy and can fight a small thing like fever.. lying down..too! She offers him milk saying it will cure him! Sultan goes off! Aryan says she is fooling him! Madhu says no! Madhu asks him to do the chant and drink milk n he does! The elderly tells Madhu that Aryan kept asking for her after she left..! Madhu says.. so Sultan got her there! Aryan holds on to Madhu and asks her not to go and she says she isn’t going anywhere!

Part 2

Paddo chides Madhu for taking time receiving her call! Madhu says..coz of extra work at set she couldn’t take the call! She tells Paddo that there is night shift n she will come next day morning! Paddo asks her to have her food n Madhu says..she will manage! Sultan comes n takes her phone from her! Madhu asks what is this? Sultan says till she is there she wont need it! Madhu tells Sultan that he came unannounced on her set.. forcibly got her there for his son.. so its understandable but now he cut her moms call..!

Part 3

Madhu asks for her phone back from Sultan! Sultan says she wont get it.. n she wont be needing it either.. understood?! Madhu says.. she did n she also could understand the fear in the kids [Arayns] eyes.. the dying hope of living freely…! Madhu goes n sits next to Aryan! Sultan stays mum!

Precap – Madhu is in the chawl…at her home! She tells RK that its called a door.. meant to welcome some people n to say get out to others! RK says she cant hide HIM from RK for long! Madhu tells RK to lower his voice! Paddo overhears and asks the matter n as to who is this HIM? Trish asks Paddo to get inside! Madhu closes the door after Paddo-Trish enters!

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  1. aarya
    February 25, 13:58 Reply

    oho aryan needs madhu
    rk needs madhu
    very soon may b
    sultan will need madhu

    • drishti
      February 25, 21:49

      hmm may be …

  2. Xia
    March 12, 11:33 Reply

    Hi sruti kaisi ho

    • shruti961
      March 12, 11:33

      kaha chale gye the m fyn di

  3. pal961
    March 12, 11:22 Reply

    @Aine: kuch dino ki baat hai yaar….uske bad hum yahan par apna member profile banan sakhyege toh in jaise logon ko face nahi karna padega yaar…. so plz don’t leave this page ryt now…. 😛

    moreover till then if u want to stay away frm this page its okay dear….we won’t force you to stay here……:)

    but to whom u don’t know how can u react to his/her words… knew us better n we know u …then whats a problem…and its a rule of life we should not bother abt those to whom we don’t know at all…so think once again…and make sabeen understand this thing too dear 😛

    meet u on today’s page… 😛

    • Aine
      March 12, 11:27

      Pal:yar eashel bei too mari bat pa yaqeen nhe kar rhe.main kya karun phr,

    • eashel961
      March 12, 11:29

      Ok aine…. I beleive u dear….
      Meet u in tonights page

    • pal961
      March 12, 11:31

      @aine: its not like that….dear….she only feels that u should not bother abt other’s word and she also wants you should not leave ur friends becoz of stranger to whom u don’t know … 😛

  4. Aine
    March 12, 11:18 Reply

    Eashel:han han main hei buri houn tm nai mari bat pa yaqeen keeya???

    • Eashel961
      March 12, 11:09

      Hello shruti… U there???

    • shruti961
      March 12, 11:11

      yaa dear m dere plz tok to aine di oderwiz she ll leave d site plz eashel

    • shruti961
      March 12, 11:17

      eashel woh keh rhi h k agr tum unse bat nhi karogi den she will leave

    • shruti961
      March 12, 11:25

      nt fyn dear u r toh knwin d prblm

  5. Aine
    March 12, 11:07 Reply

    Shruti:am sory yar main tmhari yah bat nhe maan skte,

    • shruti961
      March 12, 11:10

      di plz yr aise mat kro aapko koi ryt nhi h mujse meri ek di ko dur krne ka plzzzzzzzz dnt go apni chotie ki baat nhi manoge

    • Eashel961
      March 12, 11:12

      Shruti.. Leave her….let her go….

      She wont listen….woh sirf strangers ki baat per amal karti hai
      Like fed up——-…;(

  6. Xia
    March 12, 10:52 Reply

    Hi sruti kaisi ho n wat u doing other than chatting

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:55

      ntihn di project wrk nd u
      @aine di: abi jaa rhe ho bt kal aana aur agr yeh site chori na den ……

  7. shruti961
    March 12, 10:49 Reply

    upasana aadha ghanta ho gya ab toh aaja
    eashel, xia di where r u bth???????

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:51

      @aine di: i think wo chli gai h isliye rply nhi kia

    • Aine
      March 12, 10:52

      Ok shruti am mari tarf sa eashel ko sory bol 2 gei na???

  8. Aine
    March 12, 10:41 Reply

    Eashel:ab tm mujy aasy ignore nhe kar skte.plz yar am sory.

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:42

      di fst tel me dat u r nt goin

    • Aine
      March 12, 10:44

      Shruti:agr eashel muj say bat nhe kary gei to main such main chali jaon ge.

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:45

      eashel eashel plz baat kr lo yr plzzzzzzzzz

    • Aine
      March 12, 10:48

      Ok fine eashel tm muj sai bat nhe karo ge???

  9. Xia
    March 12, 10:28 Reply

    Hi sruti i said i want to pull ur cheeks y no reply to me am i so bad

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:30

      di ididnt read ur cmnt sry yr so didnt replyed well yes u cn

  10. Eashel961
    March 12, 10:23 Reply

    Jo log sirf bolna jaante hain… Aur unko doosre ki feelings hurt karme mein maza aue unki baaton per react nahi kiya jata… Balay aapko chahiye tha k aap ignore karti ….do u know jab meine aur kriya ne usko kaha tou woh ghayab hogaya tha…and then ap bhi chaleen gayeen…

    Plz , agar aap ko sirf pal di ki baat samajh mein ati hai, accordin to sabeen, then i will tell pal to explain it to u …

    • Aine
      March 12, 10:27

      Eashel:yar plz ab tm muj sy aasy bat to na karo yar.mujy shame feel ho rhe ha.main kya karun tm btao agr koe apki wja sa 2srn kei insult kary to kaisa lgy gah tma??

  11. Aine
    March 12, 10:22 Reply

    Eashel:tm mera rply nhe kar rhe.ehs ka mtlb tma mujy paa trust nhe!!!

  12. Aine
    March 12, 10:20 Reply

    Shruti:tm sirf aus ka comment read karo.phr mujy btao kya main galt houn???

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:25

      di woh toh pagal h jo ji mein aaya bol diya usne (fed up) bt di uske liye apne frndz ko chor k jana itz nt fair di muje toh sabeen se b baat krni h wo b aise pg chor k chli gyi
      @mr fed up of chat: if u dnt like such discussions den dear u leave b coz yaha se koi nhi jaega nd hw dare u say dat all dis iz done to seek attention nd one more thin jst mind ur own business no need to inter fere in others lyf

  13. Aine
    March 12, 10:15 Reply

    Eashel:main hurt nhe hue kya??woh mari wja sy tma itna kuch bol rha tha.ehs liya main decide kiya ka main yah page chor 2hun gei.
    All mb friendz agr muj sy koe mistake hue ho too plz mujy maaf kr dena.ok bye friendz,!!!

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:17

      aine di aise logn k liye aap apne frndz ko chod dogi apni choti sis ko chod dogi plz di aisa mat kro ye fed up… toh pagal h di plz apni chotie ki requst man lo mat jao plzzzzz di plz mat jao na plzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Eashel961
    March 12, 10:01 Reply

    Aine… Dekho i m ur frnd and i take stand for u but he insulted me… An then u was gone…
    I was extremely hurt…. It is like as i am nothing for u…!!
    U r my frnd thats y i cant hear anything wrong regarding u .. But u decide to leave…;(

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:05

      eashel wat happnd dear?
      @upasana :aadhe ghante bad aayegi muje abi jana h

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:09

      oye rukja rukja rukja mat jaa mei aagayi

    • Aine
      March 12, 10:14

      Eashel:main hurt nhe hue kya??woh mari wja sy tma itna kuch bol rha tha.ehs liya main decide kiya ka main yah page chor 2hun gei.
      All mb friendz agr muj sy koe mistake hue ho too plz mujy maaf kr dena.ok bye friendz,

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:14

      @upasana chali gai kya?

    • shruti961
      March 12, 10:17

      aine di aise logn k liye aap apne frndz ko chod dogi apni choti sis ko chod dogi plz di aisa mat kro ye fed up… toh pagal h di plz apni chotie ki requst man lo mat jao plzzzzz

  15. Eca
    March 12, 09:44 Reply

    I am actually ok with madhu developing some relationship with Sultan as that will show RK that he is not the only game or rather man in town, for madhu.

    But feel sad for madhu as she will again be badly hurt as i m sure sultan who will fall jn love with her, will eventually be killed while trying to protect or save madhu. Another heartache for madhu.

  16. Aine
    March 12, 09:36 Reply

    Kriya sory 4r late rply.kriya aus nay bola main ap lgn kei attention ka leeya self made story bnai.kriya trust me yah sb jhoot ha main ny aasa kuch nhe kiya phr be pta nhe woh aasa kyun bol rha ha.
    Pal:am sory ny bola tha ignore karo.lkn ehs sa zyada nhe,

    • Rudz
      March 12, 09:43

      Hi aine di kaisi ho ap kyu us fed up ki bat ka bura man rahe ho!hume trust hai ap par!apki sick ho or upar se ye sab soch rahe ho!just let it go.hume pata hai tum kaise ho?kisiko prove karne ki jarurat nehi hai!ap bas apka care karo!

    • Aine
      March 12, 09:48

      Rudz:yar mujy kriya sy bat krne ha.woh kya souch rho ho gei.???

    • Rudz
      March 12, 09:34

      Sb kaha gayab ho gaye rishu sanju di r u there

  17. Rudz
    March 12, 09:23 Reply

    Sanju di meri april 10se 1st trm xm start hone wali hai dis year bohot imp.hai i hv 2 seat in board xm.board xm start hogi sabki bohot xpectation hai mujhse plz ap meri liye pray karna..apne rudz ke liye plz

  18. sanju91677
    March 12, 09:18 Reply

    yaaron meri sari comm moderation phey hai
    U r new here right

  19. bindu
    March 12, 09:18 Reply

    neevey na sthairyam
    nnevey na balam
    neevey na balaheenatha
    neevey na gatham
    neevey na santhosham
    neevey na dhukam

    chivaraku neevey na pranam

    idi chalada nenu brathakadaniki

    o na nesthama!!!!!!

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