Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th September 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 11th September Written Episode

Part 1

RK gets up n leans close to Madhu n asks if she wants to open a new chapter of Enemity? Madhu says whatever ..! RK says.. he has never seen injured Lioness but it has madness .. like u… but wonder when u got injured? Sasurji scene? RK asks her to get coffee for him n Madhu says..she is his adhi adhuri biwi .. so will do half service..! She is gonna b his part time wife at home.. he had desire to make her BIWI …now she will teach him the meaning of Biwi .. n he will see what Patni dharam is.. n bajao his band… Adarniya Patidev!

RK says.. Madhu is in pain so trying to return it to him.. trying to be RK! He says.. it will be fun to hunt down a LIONESS! Madhu walks off the set and RK keeps calling out! RK calls out for security ..! Madhu overhears n returns! RK fires the security chap n is about to slap him when Madhu calls out n says it was her fault! RK asks her what is the small thing on left side.. which does crap talk .. DIL aka HEART ..n till she has it.. she cant be RK!

Kuku-Sikky are drinking with Nair and he asks for RK .. n RK n Madhu arrive! Kuku ji offers drink n RK accepts! Sikky offers drink to RK! Kuku introes Nair to RK n talks of script by him! He requests RK to listen! Nair starts narration! Radha comes happily to Madhu n rejoices on Kuku-Sikky-RK bonding! Madhu is passing by and RK calls out to her and asks her to greet Nair! Madhu does n goes off n RK follows! Nair panics and Kuku asks him to chill!

Madhu is in RKs room! RK asks what Madhu is doing n Madhu says.. PATIDEV ..setting the room! RK pulls Madhu and asks her not to touch his things without permission! RK pulls Madhu along to her room! Madhu says.. much better.. I LIKE IT n Madhu says.. pleasures all mine!

Part 2

RK returns n says .. script is good . but its perfect to relaunch Sikky ..!! Kuku asks RK to do! Nair continues to narrate .. but mentions father n RK fumes! RK recollects seeing his father hanging!

Part 3

Nair narrates the story… n its about a guy committing soosaet and his son watching n RK loses his cool ..n throws the drinks glass on the floor!

Precap – RK says.. that.. why to fulfill hubby-wife relation partial?? Either full or nothing! RK starts to remove his jacket n Madhu turns away!..

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  1. drishti
    October 21, 03:38 Reply

    R.k is not a human,because he is a Vampire 😉

  2. drishti
    October 21, 03:26 Reply

    Bittuji becomes FOOTBALL between R.K & Madhu .

  3. drishti
    October 21, 02:54 Reply

    Wow ! Madhu’s dialogues r rocking today 😛

    • drishti
      October 21, 03:30

      It’s effect of R.k’s company 😉

  4. drishti
    October 20, 13:37 Reply

    Madhu-R.K both r fighting like – Tom & Jerry 😛 😛

  5. aarya
    October 20, 13:36 Reply

    rk…. dont b so mean 🙄
    stop (I know u would not cross ur limits 🙂 )

  6. drishti
    October 20, 13:16 Reply

    each episode getting interesting day-by-day 🙂

  7. drishti
    October 20, 13:11 Reply

    where r u all guys ?? only 14 comments……

  8. aksa
    October 20, 12:00 Reply

    When RK says much better I like it.

  9. aksa
    October 20, 11:58 Reply

    I love u RK your style, attitude everything about u RK is so damn awesome.

  10. aksa
    October 20, 11:57 Reply

    Akhir ye sherni kab gyal hogyi haan woh sasurji wala scene.

  11. aksa
    October 20, 11:56 Reply

    Absolutely loved it when RK throws the glass of milk on the floor and it cracks.

    • aksa
      October 20, 12:00

      Sorry that is not in this episode got mistaken again.

  12. aksa
    October 20, 11:55 Reply

    Jab tak tumhare seene mein dil hai tum RK nahi ban sakti haan agar tumhe itna shock hai RK bane ka toh tumhe apne dil ko marna hoga.

  13. aksa
    October 20, 11:54 Reply


    October 20, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Jab tak tumhare seene mein dil hai tum RK nahi ban sakti haan agar tumhe itna shock hai RK bane ka toh tumhe apne dil ko marina hoga.

    • drishti
      October 20, 13:25

      thank u 🙂

  14. vasuraj
    October 20, 10:46 Reply

    gd egoistic epi……….
    both r not less tha each other….

  15. Anonymous
    September 11, 12:03 Reply

    so nice and it so interesting better plz add some pictures

  16. Arya fan
    September 11, 11:30 Reply

    Wow! Nyc epi. Madhu is back. Its gonna be more rishbala……..8-)

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