Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 14th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Sultan says – Zindagi dubara mauka deti hai.. Sultan nahi..! (Life gives you another chance, Sultan doesn’t!)

Dips comes to her room n sees Sikky sulking n not eating! Dips asks him to eat.. but he says..why she cares? coz she does not..! He fires Dips n says he saw it all..! Dips says..RK was not feeling well .. n Sikky says.. so he will give jhappi to Sikkys wife?

Sikky tells Dips that.. biwi RK ki .. jhappi RK ki … why is Dips getting worried ?? Dips says she had relation with RK ..but she is Sikkys wife now..! Sikky tells her to look at the mirror.. n remind herself that..! Dips says..she knows n Sikky walks off n Dips hell! Radha overhears!

Madhu is leaving the chawl n sees Paddo-Trish on the way..! Paddo asks her if she should cook for her or she wont return at night? Trish tries to calm her.. but Paddo fumes n walks off..!

A guy clicks Madhus pics from far. n thereafter another informs his accomplice to follow Madhu..!

Radha asks Dips about food . and comments about Sikky-Dips relation weakening! Dips laufs it off..! Radha says. dun believe so! Sikky comes as well..! Sikky asks Dips if he can tell Radha the truth.. but lies thereafter..saying it was about breakfast…! Dips asks Sikky if she should thank him? Sikky says.. not yet..!

Madhu notices the guy tailing her..!

The heroine is rehearsing her lines.. ‘Zara der hai aneme ..hatkadi pehna dun, tumhe kya kaid karun.. (Madhu helps to complete the line) main to khud hi giraftar hun tere ishq me’! She is drooling on RK Madhu says.. he is superb.. no one knows.when he is living n when acting a part..!

RK about to walk to Madhu but called for shot..! Madhus cell rings n its Aryan..! RK fumes seeing Madhu smile..!

Aryan talks of eating methi .. n then doing weight lifting..! He asks when they will meet she can beat him..! RK walks up to Madhu ..snatches her cell n says.. dare to call between RKs shot.. else he wont let him speak a bit..! RK breaks Madhus cell..!

Sultan walks into Aryans room n Aryan is panting n crying n says guy on phone said..he wont let Aryan walk ever! Sultan asks Aryan he weak? He says no.! Sultan asks who was on phone.. Aryan says RK!

Part 2

RK says. dare anyone talk on phone between shot.. ! Madhu was rehearsal .. RK says..dun care..! He tells her ..he will buy a new one for her!

RK says..PACK UP! Madhu fumes n walks off..! She notices the cyclist guy following her again..!


Part 3

She realises there are more ppl following her ..! She ducks n hides n watches the men talk with each other..! She sprays pepper spray on the guys n asks who they are?

They say …they are keeping an eye on her..on behalf of RK!


Precap —- RK-Madhu are at the mansion.. ! RK tells Madhu that there is nothing between them. .other than poison.. else it would become a Zanjeer.. to stop her from going to strangers.. n spending HER NIGHTS with them! Radha slaps RK!


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  1. Jerry961
    March 14, 12:48 Reply

    hehe…mb bt meine ek b episode miss ni kiya 6th sept se…bs yahi to dekhti hu..nd ab sc b dekhne lagi hu,nd ryt free me hi apan rk ko dekh k happy ho jate h nd nw sultan b… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. deiva
    March 14, 12:45 Reply

    @ madhurk ::

    i think ur right when madhu comes in bwt of d dons dangerous circle rk would realize his love 4 madhu. but the thing is sultan is there to interfere n save madhu. dont know what cvs r planning to give surprise or shock???????

    • pal961
      March 14, 12:48

      I think both…. surprise with big shock πŸ˜‰

  3. Mb
    March 14, 12:45 Reply

    Yaar aps nd jerry kal raat wale episode mein do chiz maine repeat mein notice ki pehle to ki don ka dinner conference ke menu mein kya tha?khicdi ..bechare log khichdi pakane ke sath khichdi khane ke din aa gye hain lekin sultan ka beta fried rice hai..yaar bhujang ne bola kyun nhi apne bete ko fried rice aur hume khichdi woh bhi without papad .i am damn sure woh iska badla lekar rahega kitni bhukhi nazaro se woh aryan ka plate dekha hoga aur wait kr rha hoga ki kab mujhe khana mile aur khicdi dekh kar to use angina pectoris ho gya hoga(aps tumhare liye clear kar de rhe hai iska matlab hai acute chest pain.) and woh dusra baat tha jab ramu kaka bolte hai ki poloce walon ko tumhara naam rataya jaata hai he..he…vardi pehene se pehle. Dat was too much matlab har din kya woh log vardi pehne se pehle bhagwan ki jagah 108 tymes sultan sultan karte honge nd phir un becharo ko vardi milti hogi..he.he….

    • pal961
      March 14, 13:01

      hahaha… πŸ˜›

      108 times sultan sultan …. mast imagination hai… πŸ˜†

  4. madhurk
    March 14, 12:45 Reply

    jerry dil ko hamesha samjati hu ki its just a serial so dont be emotional for current track par kya karu.!*dil hai ki manta nahi*! Gn all mb fans bye sweet d, pal kriya jerry anie rutz maghla mb

    • Aine
      March 14, 12:52

      Anie nhe aine yar.and good nite,

  5. pal961
    March 14, 12:43 Reply

    today episode was nice one….drashti rocks as usual with her expressions & dialogues…

    WOW!!!!! Madhu used awesome taunting dialogue for rk….”bikul sahi kaha superb actor hai pata hi nahi chalta…zindagi kab je rahey hai aur role kab nibha rahey hai”…hahahaha… πŸ˜†

    oye today its proved…rk really got jealous to see madhu with other guy…ahaan…..its clearly shown frm that broken phone…hahaha :P… bechara rk…in jealously even he forgets to judge….to whom she was actually talking t A GUY or A KID and without knowing anything just started delivering his threatening dialogues …

    but rk miya today you got a golden chance to know abt the person….for whom you were getting crazy these days… but but….pata toh tab chalta jab dusre ko bolney ka chance deta…. πŸ˜† ….

    moreover today he also made our little solider (Aryan) scared….whats this rk miya…i was just wondering if Aryan a little kid made u crazy this much…..then how much sultan could ????? πŸ˜‰

    today sikky miya also behaved like A “MACHO MAN”….and for the first time …I realized even he has a brain….i liked the way when sikky told dips “din mein char bar ..shishey ke samane khare hokar bolna takki yaad rahe ki tum meri biwi ho meri”…on that time her face was quite worth watching πŸ˜† …but sikky miya…if she could able to remember such a small thing…then why every time rk has to waste his energy in shouting “OOUUTTTT”???? πŸ˜‰

    thank god at least now radhaji came to know abt what this dips actual was ????…and thank You!!!! so much radhaji…. at least now you have started reacting & teaching Rk for every wrong word….and rk miya there is still time start realizing yours limits…otherwise god knows …”kis kis se thappad khaney padege” πŸ˜‰

  6. Vishti
    March 14, 12:43 Reply

    2mro vivah going to their honeymun ryt?

    • pal961
      March 14, 12:45

      yes…u r ryt πŸ˜₯

  7. aku
    March 14, 12:40 Reply

    I too felt bad for sikky.
    How much he love dips but she don’t deserve to be love. she had betrayed everyone who had loved her.

  8. Vishti
    March 14, 12:38 Reply

    Rk… Pehle decide karo ki u lov her or nt. M confusd..

    • Aine
      March 14, 12:40

      Vishti:r.k ko khud nhe yah hate????

  9. Aine
    March 14, 12:37 Reply

    Sb log gayab??any1 present???

  10. Harsh
    March 14, 12:36 Reply

    Plz change track
    Reunite rishbala

  11. aku
    March 14, 12:33 Reply

    i don’t understand y they bring sultan in every episode the useless creature. and y his mom slapped him he wasn’t wrong in wanted to know where his ex wife is spending nights and with whom. And he cant be even slapped by madhu and he wasn’t wrong in taking revenge frm madhu as she had done wrong by going against rk and file a case after all he is a superstar and for a superstar there image means a lot u can take example of salman khan

  12. madhurk
    March 14, 12:33 Reply

    pata nahi rk ka ego kab jayega ? What do you think aage ki storyline kya hogi in your imagenation

  13. aps
    March 14, 12:31 Reply

    N aryan is really supercute..hw was he crying..aww so swt

  14. Mb
    March 14, 12:31 Reply

    Jerry: thanx yaar meri fan ban ne ki baat kr rhi hai tu yaar fan ke baare me mat pucho main khud hi confuse hoon mera kuch nhi ho sakta pata hai pehle main mb kabhi miss nhi karti thi ..jab tak rk madhu ko bol nhi diya tha ki woh log ek dusre ko lyk karte hai. Phir uske baad mein beech beech mein miss ho gya…matlab lagne laga tha ki ab to pyaar vyaar ho hi gya hai to koi ghis pita track aayega shaddi phir bacche nd al lekin vd aur dd ke wajah se dekh leti thi lekin sach bole yeh track mere mein dobara wahi junoon la diya hai matlb k epi chod nhi rahe hai. Mera bhai puch kis ke wajah se vd dd ya sultan nd i was lyk pata nhi. Itne paise mein itna NSP(nayan sukh prapti) mil rhi hai to kya jaata hai ek hi serial mein do do super awesum nd attractive heroes(superdon nd superstar) dikhenge to kya hoga mera:p obvious sa baat hai dil to fisle ga hi .ye sab maine man mein socha bhai ko bolti to mummy ko batata and mummy wuld b lyk meri laadli bigad gyi.

    • pal961
      March 14, 13:14

      sachi mein ab toh aapki laadli bigad gyi…. kabhi rk aur kabhi sulatn…huh???? πŸ˜‰

  15. aps
    March 14, 12:28 Reply

    Wao aj pehli baar rk mansion mein rk n uski maa k alawa kisi ne dialogue mare aur aise mare k dil over forest forest ho gaya..come on sikky..u cn do it…bt felt pity 4 him too..kya dal badlo wife mili hai usko..:-(

  16. Aine
    March 14, 12:26 Reply

    Jerry:ab mujy lgta hai ka sikky main husband wali cheez paida ho rhe ha.ab aus ko dips pai control krna chaiya????

  17. bindu
    March 14, 12:24 Reply

    aaj ka episode dekh kar mujhey laga ki
    RK : hero ya villian tiwari ji hi janthey hai
    Madhu: strong girl,kuch strong hi ho raha hai rk aur uski beech meih
    padmini: uski bp ko check karni hai(kiding) sha really a good mother
    Trish: 360 degree turn in attitude ,but she is helping madhu in ryt time
    Sikky: 720 degree,,,no no even more,a comedian sey charecter artist ,ek hi raat meih
    radha ji:itni der laga di aapney thappad marney meih,shayad radha ji ko itni tym lag gayi ,tappad marna seekh ney ki Imadhu say aur padmini ji sey)

    Dips : the only justified character with no change ,same ditchy,snoopy,selfish etc and deeepalishhhhhhhhhhhh

    hey dont tak it otherwise ,its just for fun

    • bindu
      March 14, 12:28

      maih sulthan ko kaisey miss kar sakthi

      usey dekh kar mujhey na meri maths teacher ki shakal yaad atha hai with full of sums and no smileeeeee…..

      do sulthan knows how to smile??

  18. kr
    March 14, 12:20 Reply

    hi admin can you please give me the brief update plz

  19. Rudz
    March 14, 12:19 Reply

    Guyz u noticed lyf me 1st tym sikkine kuch sahi bola.dips ko bs khechke 2 thappad mare..shanti milegi

  20. madhurk
    March 14, 12:17 Reply

    madhu ko rk se pyar ka realize tab hone laga jab rk ko goli lagi thi. So ab jab madhu is gang war mai ghayal hogi tabhi rk ka sara ego chala jayega rk ko realize hoga ki he loves madhu a lot.

  21. Jerry961
    March 14, 12:14 Reply

    Hahaha..kya yar kriya teri sulbala nd aine ki thapadbala..hehe

    • Aine
      March 14, 12:21

      Han or kya jerry 1 week main 1k thappad to parta ab woh jis ko par madhubala ka sath thappadbala likh 2. main yah nhe kahti ka big sa likho.chota hei likh 2.but plz likhoo zror,

  22. Jerry961
    March 14, 12:13 Reply

    @sanju gud nyt dearo πŸ™‚
    @bindu heyyo re..aaj to sikki form me tha na πŸ˜‰

    • bindu
      March 14, 12:15

      s,i am expecting thappad to dips frm sikky soon


      but one thng is true,he really respects ,loves tht dips

      but she deserves no once love

    • Jerry961
      March 14, 12:18

      Ya,dekh na sikki pyar toh krta koi b husband ye ni tolerate kr skta ki uski biwi kisi aur pe jaye 😐

    • Jerry961
      March 14, 12:24

      @aine hehe..nd abi toh shamsher,roma sb ka thapad remaining h

    • Jerry961
      March 14, 12:26

      Actuly guys ye thapad tiwarji ko lgao…kya cΓΆndition kar diya h rk nd madhu ka 😈

    • Jerry961
      March 14, 12:28

      Dinner tym mei aati hu

  23. Jerry961
    March 14, 12:12 Reply

    @mb yar tu super mast h..maja aa jata h tere cmmnt padh ke,fan ho gai mei teri..dard-e-garibi…u r too gud.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  24. Kriya
    March 14, 12:12 Reply

    Okay frnds..c ya..bye bye..gudnyt…
    Purana rk dreams..
    Sultan dreams..
    Rishbala dreams..
    Koi bhi dekhlo..

    • Vishti
      March 14, 12:14

      Ok ok.. C ya. Bye kriya.

    • Jerry961
      March 14, 12:16

      Gud bye CEO ji..fb pe mere msg ka repl ni kiya πŸ˜₯

  25. Rudz
    March 14, 12:11 Reply

    Hi guyz kya precap ye to din ba din intrstin hote jaraha hai..rk deserves dat 5 frm madhu+1 frm radhaji=6…not bad..sixer ha!

  26. Mb
    March 14, 12:07 Reply

    Kabhi kabhi i m in doubt is rk a hero ??dat too superstar!matlab ki he never changes his clothes to d character requirement.ghar se jo pehen ke aaya vahi pehen kar sirf ek dialogue bola wo bhi madhu ko dekhte hue aur chalta bana. Wah director to lagta hai kahin se pakad ke le aaya hai aur zabardati direction ke kaam pe laga diya gya hai. Aur jab na tab pack up.jis rate pe shooting chalti hai na 5 saal lag jaaye ek film.banane mein .imagine itna loss director ka ki dard-e-ishq film ke baad dard-e-garibi ka gaana gungunata rahega. Aur rk itna bada superstar ki pack up bola kuch extras aas paas khade huye faces banate hai aur chalte bante hai..wah koi kuch bolta hi nhi..yaar i guess directors ke profit ke liye bhi kuch rules hote hain which does not allow a superstar to say pack up on his own will wenever he wants. Aur kya per day one dialogue ka shooting hota hai…no wonder madhubala khatam ho jaaye dard-e -ishq ki shooting nhi khatam hogi.

    • pal961
      March 14, 12:53

      mast comment tha…bikul sachii bola…… πŸ˜†

  27. Ritz961
    March 14, 12:07 Reply

    bye @sanju di… gd 9t and thanks,
    @aine : use toh sirf thappad hi khani padti hai, chahe acha karo ya bura..
    main yeh nhi keh rhi hun k rk ne jo kaha woh sahi tha,
    but jab woh madhu ki help karna chahta hai tab kyun use thappad khani padhti hai?

    • Aine
      March 14, 12:10

      Han ritz yah to tm nai theak bola.ab to r.k ko sb sai zyada thappad khany ka award bei milna chaiya????

  28. bindu
    March 14, 12:04 Reply

    when will dips get fine thappad ???????????? ❓ ❓ ❓

  29. Jerry961
    March 14, 12:03 Reply

    @mb ryt ryt aaj toh sultan mast ni supermast lag rha tha..even madhu b in black nd rk saheb toh mashallah lag rhe the πŸ˜‰

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