Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 16th August 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 16th August 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

RK pushes MB into the bedroom n locks it from inside..! RK asks Madhu to look at him n seeing her expression says..She has to look at him for life..!


RK says.. lacs want to see his face.. but now that face will sit in front of MB …! He says.. RK is hero .. not Villu to torture her..!


RK switches on light n shows her bed of cactus and chilly! Madhu is shocked..! RK taunts her n says …her life is full of THORNS now n taste .. CHILLY-filled…!


RK asks Madhu about her life … of ‘Seene mein jalan and har kadam pe kante’ n asks her to remember the mark she gave while slapping him! He gives her a gift .. n its the BANGLES .. she had sent thru the inspector n forcibly makes her wear them!

RK asks what next? Says.. CELEBRATION ..time and asks Madhu to make a drink! Madhu stands still n RK makes the drink .. n sings ‘Geele hont tere’ n forces her to drink saying .. if she has to stay with the SHER .. she has to make habit..of this! Madhu throws glass away.. n RK reminds her that she is a NAUKRANI!


She tells that its her misunderstanding that he will do SR with her.. n congratulates her about her unique SR nite n walks away!

Part 2

Paddo stands helpless inside Shammos ward..! Roma recollects their happiness…n now all gone..! Paddo rues.. Madhus situation.. n right then Shammo speaks out Madhu!

Paddo goes outside n Roma fakes that she will get Madhu rightaway!

Part 3

Madhu slides down to the floor n recollects her happy moments with family n all events with RK! BG- Kaisi hai ye udasi!


Madhu self thot … ‘Jaise mar chuki hun main fir bhi zinda hun. jaise duniya chod chuki hun fir bhi duniya mein hun’!

Precap: Paddo says.. never knew my daughter will marry a devil like her.. n tells her that her Madhu will fly away with her.. n never accept such defeat! Paddo tries to pull Madhu with her but Madhu stays put!

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  1. lola
    October 08, 14:19 Reply

    Best epi rishbala roks

  2. drishti
    October 07, 06:32 Reply

    Cactus & Red chilly , hm,only R.k can think this kind of unbelievable thing..

  3. aarya
    October 07, 00:39 Reply

    rk ka samman & madhu ka apman

  4. drishti
    October 06, 13:06 Reply

    beautiful bg song ” kaisi hai ye….

  5. drishti
    October 06, 12:53 Reply

    poor madhu,she is in so much pain.

  6. aarya
    October 06, 12:27 Reply

    ooooo 🙂 000…..
    pics r here amazing…
    but in wu…. confusion between his & her… words 🙄

    • drishti
      October 07, 00:27

      hmm,i also noticed .

  7. Mythi
    October 06, 11:55 Reply

    RK is Hero… not a Villu 😛
    I like it 😉

  8. Sim
    October 06, 11:33 Reply

    Mindblowing performance Vivian.

    • drishti
      October 07, 01:54

      hm,all pics r awesome.

  9. Sim
    October 06, 11:32 Reply

    RK rocksss…..!!!

    • drishti
      October 06, 23:52

      Rk rocksss with madhu,right ???

  10. Mythi
    October 06, 10:47 Reply

    OMG! RK is sooo gentle 😛
    I thought he try to misbehave 👿 but not 😉
    Love you RK…….

    • Mythi
      October 06, 12:12

      Yeah he is too different 😛

    • drishti
      October 06, 23:49

      hmm,very different

  11. urfi
    August 17, 12:35 Reply

    i like this epi. vivin gives rocking performance.and one he fall in love madhubala.

  12. Anonymous
    August 17, 11:22 Reply

    Vivian rocks… he fills the screen with his presence… watching it only for him.

  13. ishika
    August 17, 10:40 Reply

    the day is not far wen rk will fall for madhubala…
    bt till den we ll enjoy watchng madhubala dng d wrk she doesnt lyk dat is enterng d glamour wrld.
    luv u rk aka vivian n madhu aka drashti

  14. AMLP
    August 17, 09:10 Reply

    wow…this is so interestin n xcitin serial….luv it a lot ….waitin 4 the day wen RK will reallise that MADHU is his real LAILA…..

  15. Bridgette
    August 17, 02:16 Reply

    this serial has some different script…want to see the further episode…
    lots of twist and turns….drasti and vivian..u both rock….

  16. pia
    August 17, 02:02 Reply

    i love this story..rk one day u gona fall in love….

  17. Arnav Khushi fan
    August 16, 18:43 Reply

    thanxxx a lot 4 pics… roz pics bhi dala karen… beautiful episode… thoda sad hoi thi 4 madhubala but then jab rk ……. i don’t have words to express my feelings,,, rk rocks!!!!!!!

  18. Arnav Khushi fan
    August 16, 11:34 Reply

    wowwwwww …. what an episode…. love u vivian…. rk rockss… rk go i m with u … drama is becoming intresting day by day.

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