Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th December 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th December 2012 Written Update

Part 1
RK tells Madhu that she cant go with Rishabh! Madhu tries to speak but RK interrupts and says that she is like others. .she loves RK not Rishabh! Madhu is hurt! RK says..he was stupid to think that she loves him …it was his mistake that he trusted her! RK says..he wanted love.. he was stupid… he got so many betrayals.. n still wanted love.. ! Madhu says no ..its not that! RK continues.. that ..why he din understand that love is not in his destiny! Madhu says what nonsense he is saying.. she loves him. .her love is true! Madhu tries to touch RK n RK chides her and says this is not love.. its nonsense! RK calls up the driver and asks to fix Madhus car rightaway but driver says it will be done only next morning! RK pulls Madhus arm and says.. come! Madhu says..that if he does not believe her.. does not like her touch.. n hates her so much then he can go ..she wont come! RK says..enouf..! He pulls Madhu out of the farmhouse and they are in the car..! BG-Hamari adhuri kahani..! RK recollects Dips words…! RK notices Madhus dupatta on his hand and he jerks it off!

RK-Madhu arrive at mansion! Dips wakes up with noise of honking! Madhu tries to talk to RK but RK says.. dun wanna listen.. so she better get out of the car! Madhu refuses to budge..and she is struggling to open the door.. ..! Dips notices.. from her room! She fumes..that this cannot be happening..! RK gets out of the car and opens the door of Madhus side ..and asks her to get out! Madhu wipes her tears and steps out! As she is about to walk..she trips and RK holds her..! BG-Tere dewane instrumental! Rishbala eyelock! Madhu tries to touch RK .. n he jerks her off! He calls Bittu and says..he is coming on set and will shoot whole day! He drops Madhu at the gate and goes off! Madhu self thought.. RK has to listen to her.. as she cant lose him..and he cant lose her!

As Madhu enters, Radha notices and asks.. back so early? She asks about RK..! Madhu says…RK has 7am shift so went to shoot! She asks about previous nite..! She asks if RK said why he din come to her place? Madhu says.. all is well..! Radha suspects Rishbala have had a fight..! Madhu says.. something opposite happened..! She shares that RK told her that he loves her..! Radha is delighted..! Dips fumes..overhearing the duo! Radha expresses her happiness and says..her prayers are finally being answered! She says that finally something good is happening in RKs life..! She says that RK is really lucky to have Madhu in his life..! She says that the day is not far off when her son will come in front of her..n call her mom! Dips grinds her teeth..! Radha asks if all this is possible? She says things are getting better in their life.. ! Madhu agrees and promises to make her wish come true..! Radha hugs Madhu!

At the shoot.. RK is drinking..! Bittu asks what is going on? RK says.. to get another drink.. !Bittu says he had quit..! RK says..its whisky .. less risky than love.. so better he get another one as love kills all the time.. n whisky once for all..! RK says.. Bittus brain cells are working a bit too much so he better get his drink ..or he will retire hurt him! Bittu hesitates but goes to get! Director introes Avantika [a new actress] who will dlebtu with RK! RK says..she is debuting with the most unlucky person in the world..! The girl says.. she is very excited n lucky to work with RK..! RK says.. drinks support.. dun change..destiny or take to happiness! The girls goes and RK says.. lucky.. her.. unlucky RK ..was n shall be!


Madhu setting the bed n blankets and recollects RKs profession of love and his bitter words thereafter..! She recollects Trish’s bad-duas to her..! She is all anxious and scared..! She picks the moby and calls Paddo..! Madhu in tears..! She says if whatever Trish said.. will it.. n Paddo says..long back she gave her Ganpati idol n told her to manage her home [with RK] n leave them..! Madhu says..that is also her home..! Paddo says…they can manage .. but she should not ruin her beautiful moments there..! Paddo asks what RK told her..? Madhu shares that.. before she could say.. RK confessed that he loves her.. ! Paddo is very excited..hearing that..! She tells Madhu that now she has to handle and manage this love..! She blessed Madhu and to take care of Rishbala..! Madhu asks about Shammo n her n Paddo says..they will manage!


Part 2

At the shoot..RK pulls the actress’s arm and says. its too late for all this.. she has lost his trust..! The director says.. his lines are.. dun leave me and go Kiran..! RK asks for makeup break..! Again scene reshot..! RK says.. how dare she… she too is leaving him and going.! If she had to break his trust .then why this confession of love? Again same betrayal. .why she did this to him? Why Madhu??! The girl says..her name is Kiran..! RK says.. to change the name..n says..from today her name is Madhu .. n the girl script its Kiran..! RK asks director if he will change heroine or name??

A casting agent tells Trish that she has lost the role..! Trish says but she came on time..! RK overhears.. n asks the matter? Trish says..its their personal matter..why he wants to know?

Part 3

Trish tells RK not to act like a great person.. after ruining her home.. her career her life..! RK asks what he did? Trish asks if Madhu din tell him that coz of him .. Paddo left Shammo .. coz of him .. her father is alone..coz of him .. a father-daughter are distant from each other..! She doesnt tell RK anything coz it does not hurt him..! RK tries to interrupt.! Trish asks RK to stop his acting.. n says..that he better tell his wife to stay away from her..! She curses RK that may he n Madhu never stay a happilly married couple!

Precap — RK asks Madhu if she will come with him after all is well at her home? Madhu says..yes.. wherever .. he wants .whichever place.. mountains, jungles … at any place.. ! RK tells Madhu that he wants to correct his mistake.. his sin.. he wants to marry her.. with full 7 pheres..! Madhu hugs RK!


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  1. aarya
    December 23, 12:30 Reply

    fab dialogues in episode
    its whisky .. less risky than love.. ;-D
    & ;-P
    change heroine or name.. 😉

  2. drishti
    December 23, 00:01 Reply

    o,o,o,,,,,, so many pics 😛 😛

  3. Ritz
    December 18, 09:57 Reply

    Madhubala is abt to start..
    vry excited

  4. Ritz
    December 18, 09:41 Reply

    Bye pal…
    will meet u on todays comment page

  5. Kriya
    December 18, 09:19 Reply

    Yipieeee….finally this assignmnt completd….now m goin for some pet puja…pal c u in 2days comment page….at 10.30..

    • Ritz
      December 18, 09:40

      Bye kriya

  6. Kriya
    December 18, 09:15 Reply

    Yeah pal m here..
    U must hv read dat comment abt dat assignmnt..m doin dat so m late in replying…

  7. pal
    December 18, 09:09 Reply

    r u there…kriya….or shall we meet on today’s comment page?????…:)

  8. pal
    December 18, 09:06 Reply

    @kriya: many gud news are coming frm all ways….:)…nice to hear that all

  9. Kriya
    December 18, 09:00 Reply

    Hey pal…..
    M online…finally on d same tym…hehe

    • pal
      December 18, 09:04

      thank god….:)

      by the way…i saw you are online…so i came…:)

  10. pal
    December 18, 08:55 Reply


    Is anyone online…ryt now???????

  11. Kriya
    December 18, 08:54 Reply

    Ok den meet u in 2days comment page…

  12. Kriya
    December 18, 08:23 Reply

    Hey ritz sorry yar…
    I was late in replying…
    Actually 2day m busy in my accountancy assignment..
    If i didn’t submit dat 2moro..i m gone….now its abt 2 get ovr but still 4-5 pages left…
    2day i got a last warning frm my ma’am…hehe…dats y…i had 2 do it….

  13. Kriya
    December 18, 08:07 Reply

    Ryt….i agree ranju…
    Previous shaadi..wid 4 phere…rk style..
    Upcoming shaadi…wid full rituals n 7 vows…rishabh’s style…

  14. Ranju
    December 18, 07:56 Reply

    1st time shaadi woh to rk ka style ta.
    2nd time pirse shaadi eh tho different bcz it includs 7pheres nd this’s fully rishab ka style tha.
    rk nd mb ka cømplete shaadi dekne keliye me bahut exite hu.

    • Ritz
      December 18, 08:13


  15. fathi
    December 18, 07:09 Reply

    thanx kriya .its nice update

  16. Kriya
    December 18, 06:44 Reply

    @fathi….again thanx…
    Now shammo n paddo wl marry…waah waah…waah waah!!!
    N balraj wl b a kabab mein haddi…unwanted creature….

  17. fathi
    December 18, 06:29 Reply

    Madhu decides to get Padmini and Shamsher
    married in Madhubala:

    Just when RK (Vivian Dsena) and Madhu (Drashti
    Dhami) have kissed, made up and ready to settle in
    life, comes the space of yet another love story in
    Colors’ Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. As per a reliable source, Madhu will realise that her
    mother Padmini (Pallavi Purohit) and Shamsher
    (Bhupinder Singh) have a liking towards each
    other but they never took the relationship ahead in
    spite of staying in the same house. Hence, she will
    decide to get them married. In fact RK will stand by Madhu’s decision of getting
    them married. On the other hand, Balraj (Raj Zutshi)
    will try creating issues for Padmini. When we contacted Pallavi, she observed, “Yes, I
    have heard about such a track but nothing is
    confirmed yet.”

  18. fathi
    December 18, 06:25 Reply

    rk-madhubala ki prem kahani
    they show that madhu was sewing the button on rks shirt……

    madhu rk ke liye tea lekar aati hai nd that time rk apni shirt ke button laga hota hai but ek button tut jaata hai…then mb aati hai pin leke button lagane ke liye …unki conversation maine theek se suni nahi but i think madhu was asking about a girl from rk …i m not sure about it but in bg reporter was saying tabhi to dekhiye rk apne kisi or ladki ki baat ki or madhu gussa ho gayee…

    then they show madhu was sewing button nd asked about girl ye…kon hai..

    nd rk vo madhu ko ched raha tha maine uska dialogue dhyaan se suna nahi sorry for that

    then madhu says(rk ko pin dikhate huey):-khabardaar mere paas khatarnak hatiyaar hai samjhey…

    thats it they showed ther cute nok jhok nd romance…rk madhu ko kitne pyaar se pakadta hai..

    after that they show vd’s interview jo maine nahi dekha…but segment was so cute

    • fathi
      December 18, 06:25

      pls give me the translation..

    • Ritz
      December 18, 06:28

      really nyc yr
      thnks fathi

    • Kriya
      December 18, 06:29

      Hey…No probs fathi…jitna dekha n wat u wrote seems dat watching dis epi will b fun….
      N thanx yar fr d news…
      Wow…waiting fr khatanak hatiyar ka vaar…hehe…

    • Kriya
      December 18, 06:38

      Madhu brings d sewing pin 2 fix rk’s button…
      Rk starts telling abt some grl…
      Madhu ask him abt d grl..
      Bg:rk u jst startd 2 talk abt a grl..n madhu feels jealous…
      Rk start teasng her coz she seems 2 b jealous as her hubby is talking abt another grl…
      As rk teases her she says..beware i hv got a dngerous weapon(by showing dat sewing pin)
      rk holds her very lovingly…
      Only hindi sentences i hv translated..

    • shalini
      December 18, 09:49

      thanks fathi

    • Anonymous
      December 18, 10:54

      fathi plz give that link which madu ready tea 4 rk scene

    • Ritz
      December 18, 06:25


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