Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 2nd February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu looks at the AC and starts to clean..! RK coufs with the dust..! The AC doesnt work.. even when he switches on! Madhu cleans the filters of the AC .. RK helps..! He even fans himself in the meantime!

The houselady inquires if its working n RK taunts… yeah..! She tries to switch it on..n then says.. that the compressor.. is not working! RK is

Lady gives the duo some clothes… Madhu saree n all ..RK dhoti kurta! RK is n she says. they look dirty as if not taken bath since last Diwali! Madhu teases saying… the AC is not his fan..

The kid gives water in earthen pot.. to drink n RK says..he doesn wanna die..with diarrhea! Madhu says… while in Rome do as Romans.. its village so do it better the village way! RK says.. once a star..always a star.. he wont change..! Madhu challenges RK to go impress the house-guy aka the village leader! RK slams the dhoti! Madhu is in Maharashtrian saree n RK drools! But teases saying.. looking like Mrs. GHODPADE.. n Madhu asks him to deck up like Mr. Ghodpade!

RK comes out of bathroom saying..there were cockraoch n lizard in there..! He has only wrapped Dhoti around n Madhu offers to help n he is embarassed n she says.. not REMOVING just putting it on! Madhu tells RK he is looking cute in the dhoti n he says… HOT n DASHING!

The house guy comes calling RK ..ritambar.. and sees Madhu n praises her..! He tells them that the mechanic will come next day..! He calls RK .. raghunandan! Madhu teases RK and they are playing .. catch me if u can ..around the bed..! The kid knocks on their door n close windows n that bed is weak n it breaks.. coz of RK jumping on Madhu…!

The houseguy comes n finds that they have broken the bed.. ! He fumes but Madhu begs forgiveness and is let off! The bullock cart driver.. comes n sasy.. pco nearby!

RK is struggling with the dhoti! He comes to the PCO but no one is there.. ! The bullock cart driver goes to get change ..! Madhu comes to the house-lady and helps for kitchen! The village kids come n lauf on RK seeing him struggle with dhoti..! The kids offer him change for call but ask him to first say a dialogue n then dance ..!

Part 2

RK hesitates but finally starts to dance on Dabang.. n asks one of the kids to hold his moby! The kids love it n follow him! Kids give him coin n says its to keep him silent..!


Part 3

RK calls up Bittu ..about his location .. n reads village name as PEND– .. n asks him to find the whole thing..!

Precap — Madhu dancing on Bindiya chamkegi


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  1. aarya
    January 26, 13:38 Reply

    wow so nice episode… dhoti dabang dance 😀
    1000+… 😯

  2. drishti
    January 26, 08:41 Reply

    mr & mrs. ghodapre look so cute ! 😛 😛

  3. crazy
    September 22, 05:10 Reply

    rk and madhu were looking so hot oh god!!! especially when rk was holding madhu waist so sexy scene sexy rk and mmadhu most sexist couple m going crazy

  4. Sadhana
    February 04, 10:30 Reply

    @alu,enthada karyam,paranjolu,.. Nale eniku hindi,so don’t have tension.

  5. aleena
    February 04, 10:25 Reply

    @twin missd u alot da ennikyu sukamma endeyum exms ayirnu at last kazhinyu enikyu thanode kure karyangal pariuvan ondu @shl v r are twins bt nt real twins our names r sam our lyks n dislikes r sam same religion v both r of da sam age n v both r bio science

  6. Sadhana
    February 04, 10:22 Reply

    @shl. Nice poetry. Biologicaly me aur aleena r not twins. But manasukondu we r twins..,.. She is almost a copywright of me,nd she call me twin,and i cal her alu.,
    @shl ,alu,cme to today’s cmt page. Avide chat cheyyam.

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