Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 19th July 2012 Written Update

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Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 19th July 2012 Written Update by lovely786

Aashiq asks babusa whether he has been to Delhi, he says yes, and she says then you’re definitely my father. Everyone gets shocked.

She says her mother told her that she met papa in Delhi.

Everyone says they have also been Delhi.

Girl now asks again who is my father and starts crying again.

Babusa says to sibbo that he didnt expect this from him. Sibbo says everyone went to delhi, this girl is not his.

Babusa says he didn’t mean that and says you’re in police and couldn’t find this girl’s address in whole night.

Sibbo says he will find out right now. He tells girl, he will tell his team to find her mum but says she will have to eat breakfast first like a good girl.

Aashiq agrees and everyone is amazed. She finally eats.

Babusa says she won’t stay quiet for long and says they should tell masa and all bahus. Uttkarsh says what will they think.

Karthik says someone must be joking with them and sent this girl here.

Babusa, in his room, thinking how to solve this problem. He sees an album beside him and he checks it out. He wonders who put all this old photographs there.

Masa comes and says she put them there because she wanted to refresh old memories. Babusa says he remembers everything. They think about their old moments in which Masa is singing a song (Kyun aage piche dolte ho….) for Babusa.

Masa is talking with Babusa but he is lost in that girl’s thoughts and worries how she must be bothering Karthik.

Masa asks him where he is lost. He lies and says he also lost in that song. But masa sees his worried face and says in her mind, there is something wrong for sure that he is hiding from her.

Uttakarsh enters his room and he sees heart-shaped balloons all over and candles. Gehna is hiding behind ‘parda’. She comes out in a nighty as Amaasa told all bahus to attract their husbands to them.

She asks him how she looks. he says very good.

He holds her hands and say her to listen him. He then says it’s hard to handle girls right and they have two already.. what if they have to take care of one more.

Gehna thinks he wants a new born baby so she shy and says what are you saying. and says two are enough for her.

Uttakarsh says nooo you thinking wrong.. are you crazy or what.

Gehna tells him our girls are not spoiled and from where you got spoiled girls thoughts in your mind.

Uttakarsh is thinking about Aashiq and says what if one of our two girls suddenly get spoiled. Gehna says she is not getting him.

He says he is tired may be that’s why all this random stuff coming in his mind and he leaves.

Nimmi is running behind Bitto and says him, I am not beautiful anymore kya? are you bored of me? tell everything today that you have in your heart.

Bitto says what kind of things are you doing.. like Aashiq (that girl).. Nimmi asks who aashiq.. Bitto says his friend daughter who is very spoiled.

Bitto then leaves saying he has an important work.

Karantiya is exercising in her room. Sibbo asks is this time to do exercies? Karantiya says through this she will get strength and she says when she is this healthy then their child will come healthy too.

On other side, Riya is also talking about a child. But Adi says don’t talk about child.

Sibbo says he can’t handle 1 kid how he can think about another. Karantia hugs him and asks don’t you want my and your kid. Sibbo says I didn’t mean that. and says he wants child but not now.

Riya says to Adi, he still hasn’t apologized her for last mistake. Adi says he has forgotten that already and says you’re not fully healthy yet. First get healthy and then they will think about kid.

Girl is saying to cute papa (Karthik), not to let anyone enter in bathroom. she closes door and Lovely enters..

Lovely goes to Karthik, who is holding the door, and hugs him from back. Karthik gets shocked.

Lovely asks him why do you shout like girls these days like yesterday in bathroom.

She takes him and they sit on the bed. She says now a days you stay far from me, if you stay closer to me then everything will be fine.

That girl is trying to open door from inside, but she can’t open it.

Karthik runs to the door. Lovely asks why are you running away from me, I am your wife.

Karthik says he’s just exercising.

Girl is trying to open door.

Karthik says he has a weird problem, he’s having issues with his stomach and that’s why he is holding bathroom’s door as he might need to go anytime.

He then asks her to get milk, soda and other stuff mixed.

Lovely is leaving and bitto comes there and says her they will have to practice in her room again and asks her if she could sleep in other room tonight as well. Lovely says ok and leaves.

Karthik opens door and girl shouts at him and asks why you took so long.

Karthik says ‘sorry maa’. Girl says again you said ‘maa’. Karthik says no maa.. just sorry. Girl says good boy.

All bahus are gathered with Ammasa and are complaining that their husband are not paying attention to them.

Masa says something is wrong as everyone is ignoring them at a same time. All bahus agree and they think what could be the issue.

Precap – All gentlemen are gathered and Karthik says until how long he will keep Lovely away from their room. They will have to find some solution. In mean time, girl runs away from there and they start searching for her.

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