P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th December 2016 Written Update

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th December 2016 Written Update by Amena

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke 28th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Imaan saying I will do. Lala asks him to open international bank account on his name. Sartaj gets angry. Imaan says I have to do this for my brother. Nazneen asks where are you going, Salim’s operation is there. Imaan makes excuses and goes. Sartaj says we will leave now. Harleen hugs Nazneen and goes. Nazneen thinks of Vikram’s words. Harleen asks Imaan to come, we will drop you. Imaan says no, I will manage. Abhi offers lift. Imaan says Abhi will drop me. Harleen and Sartaj go out. Sartaj sees Kirti/Indira there.

Indira says I was waiting since long. Sartaj says I got busy. Indira asks will you come along. Vikram hears them. Sartaj says my family needs me, I will call you. He goes. She ends call. Vikram gets irked. Indira leaves. Imaan is on the way with
Abhi and asks him to stop the car. He sees if anyone is following him. Abhi asks all good? Imaan says yes. Abhi says I can understand why you are tensed, I want to tell something, I know I met you for financial dealing, there is equation between client and manager, you can trust me. I m not friend and family, even then you can share anything or take my help, it will be an honor. Imaan thanks Abhi. He gets down at the bank. Vikram follows him.

Imaan fills form and opens an account. The manager says your wife is our client, her account is in this branch, you would have opened account from home. Imaan says no, I wanted to see process. Manager asks him to sit. Imaan gets Lala’s call. Lala asks him why are you waiting there, you can go and buy phone charger. Imaan looks around.

Sartaj comes home and shuts door. He asks Satpal where is Veera. Satpal says she is at home. Sartaj asks where is Arjun. Veera says he went for tuition. Sartaj asks him to get Arjun home. He recalls tortures. Bau ji asks Sartaj what happened. Harleen says he is worried. Sartaj says no one will go out alone. Satpal asks whats the matter. Veera says there is no danger in pind. Sartaj shouts there is danger, listen to me. Harleen asks Satpal to get Arjun. She asks Veera to tell Kishori to get accounts home.

Imaan charges his phone. Manager gives him cheque book and debit card. Imaan says thanks for charger. He leaves. Lala asks Imaan to tell account details now. Vikram looks on. Imaan tells details. Lala ends call. Vikram meets Indira and says I think Imaan and Sartaj planning something big. Indira says Sartaj can’t do anything against nation, he worries for family, he is caring, he can’t cheat nation, impossible. He says Sartaj thinks good about you also, he does not know… She says he does not know I m using him, cheating him, you are right, I will get working. She goes. Kaka tells Vikram to have his food on that table. Vikram sees Rohan and smiles.

Rohan asks about Indira. Vikram says boss. Rohan asks him to have food. Rohan plays. Vikram smiles. Imaan comes to hospital and talks to doctor. Doctor says family has to arrange blood units for patient. Nazneen comes and asks you okay. He says yes, I have to give blood. She asks are you hiding anything. She gets a call. She asks Imaan’s account, today? She looks at Imaan and says 20000 euro deposit, fine I will ask him and tell you, thanks.

Lala asks Imaan to wait for next call. Imaan says I did your work. Lala says it did not complete yet. Indira keeps an eye on Imaan. Vikram asks her to get all details.

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