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Richa in her car crying,she gets illusions of Siddhi sitting in her car n laughing at Richa.She gets flashes of Kunal warning her not to speak to his wife like that when Richa blames Siddhi for Rohit’s death @ Chopras house and flashes of Kunal saying that the person who cares n understands him is always by his side.As long as she is with him he doesn’t need help of anybody else.Richa thinks that if this is the right way to save Kunal from this case n take revenge for Rohit’s death then she’ll do it n says Sorry Siddhi.

Siddhi reaches home getting flashes of Vikram’s words that he doesn’t want to interfere btw SiNal.Siddhi worried about how to save Kunal from the case as Vikram is the only one who could have helped her.She sees Veena crying n asks the reason.Siddhi tells Veena that they won’t let anything happen to Kunal n will find out a way to save him.

Veena holds Siddhi’s hands n requests her to save Kunal as only she can do something n save Kunal.She must be thinking that her MIL is selfish coz she’s only thinking about Kunal,What else she can do,there used to be one time when she used to think she is the luckiest woman who has the wealth of the whole world as she has 3 sons,but seems she herself has jinxed it -God has taken Anand from her,Gaurav left for some other woman,and if anything happens to Kunal she can’t live,she came out of Anand’s loss with gr8 difficulty,she can’t afford to loose Kunal n only Siddhi can save him.She requests Siddhi to tell truth in court n save Kunal.Not only her but entire family needs Kunal,if he’s not there everything will come to an end.She doesn’t know how far Siddhi understood what she’s going through.

Siddhi tells Veena that she can now understand her pain n how important is a child to the mother.She won’t let anything happen to Kunal n promises Veena that she won’t let Kunal go away from Veena,she isn’t selfish n her love for her son is her right n she’ll definitely get that right.

Raveena shocked to see Kunal @ her house.Kunal asks why she’s like that,if he can’t come to her house?It has been awhile since he met Vikram so he thought of meeting him.Raveena welcomes him n introduces Kunal n Vicky’s bua to each other.Bua asks if Chopras have some tradition of meeting their relatives alone as Siddhi n Kunal came to visit Gharewals separately n asks if SiNal had any fight.Kunal says nothing like that.Bua goes inside.

Kunal asks Raveena if Siddhi came there n any special reason for her visit n if Vicky was home at that time.Raveena says that Siddhi’s visit was just casual one n gives confused reply about Vikram’s presence at that time.Kunal senses that Raveena is hiding something.He makes a fake call to Vikram n acts as if Vikram told him everything n asks Raveena why she said Siddhi visited them casually,Raveena out of fear blurts out everything that Siddhi asked her not to tell him,She came to request Vikam to give his statement in court that Kunal was with Vikram at the time of accident n not driving the car but Vikram denied to give false witness against Kunal.First she got angry on Vikram for not helping Siddhi but later Vikram explained to her that if he gives witness against Kunal in the court how bad he’ll feel,She tells Kunal that Siddhi wants to do good for Kunal but they felt her approach is wrong so they denied to help her.Kunal

Shilpa calls Kapil n speaks to him happily,she senses Kapil is upset n asks the reason,he tells Shilpa about Siddhi’s case.Shilpa gets angry on him for not telling her n says that they are going to come to his house immediately

Richa in her room crying,Thakral asks what did Kunal say,she lies that she went to meet her friend n doesn’t know about Kunal.Thakral angry at Richa ,asks her to stop lying as its clear from her face that she has met Kunal n what all she talked to him,he’s her dad n knows her better than herself,the way she behaves,her voice everything changes whenever she meets Kunal.Daddy T says he knows that she went to request Kunal to take his statement back so that there won’t be any case against him.He warns Richa that whatever happens he won’t leave Kunal n will get him punished.It’s b’coz of SiNal his son died.

Richa says that Rohit died only b’coz of Siddhi n not b’coz of Kunal.Daddy T says that she must have forgotten to take revenge or her brother’s death but he hasn’t forgotten about taking revenge for his son’s death and along with it he’ll finish off Kunal also so that her craziness will come to an end.

Richa says that though her craziness for Kunal will be there or not but Kunal will be alive.Daddy T is blinded by his anger n hatred towards Kunal that he’s trying to settle past scores with Kunal in the name of revenge for Rohit’s death.She hasn’t forgotten to take revenge for her brother’s death n only Siddhi will get punishment for that.Both Daddy T n Her fight is same but their intentions are different-while her intention is revenge her brothers death,his is selfishness.Daddy T too blames Richa that she’s doing all this for her ownself n warns her that however she may try he’ll make sure that Kunal is punished.If his daughter can go against him to save Kunal he too can go against his daughter.Richa too challenges him to see who’ll save whom who’ll get whom punished n goes from there.

Ishaani-Anokhi sad,Siddhi asks them the reason,they complain that Seema didn’t give them pastries.Siddhi gives them pastries n tells them to ask her whatever they want n she’ll give them.Kids thank her n praise her for being so sweet n not like their mom who always scolds them.

Seema tells Siddhi the reason for so much love n care towards kids is b’coz she herself is going to become mom n as her term nears her love n care increases even more n also her love for her hubbv also increases.Siddhi becomes shy.She asks Seema what new she’ll feel in 3-4months.Kunal comes in.

Kunal asks Siddhi to come in as he has to speak to her,She asks him to tell it there.Kunal asks her to come inside n goes in.Seema tells Siddhi to go as Daddy too wants to spend time with his baby.Siddhi goes in.

Siddhi asks what happened.Kunal says what else can happen,some one went n told Vikram to give witness that Kunal was with him on the night of the accident n prove that his evidence is false n asks her if she knows who it can be.Siddhi becomes silent, Kunal asks her not to think so deeply n he knows that she went to Vikram’s house n asks her whats the necessity to do so.Siddhi says is necessary to do it n just like how Kunal does whatever he think is right,she too did what she thought is right.She ask him whats the necessity to take blame on himself.Kunal

Kunal makes her sit n explains her that if the case is against her then with all evidences n witnesses Thakral will manipulate the accident case into a murder case n prove that She intentionally did run over her car on Rohit but if the case is against him Thakral can’t prove anything as he wasn’t driving the car.

Kunal tells her they are lawyers n not kids,instead of fighting among themselves,they should use both their brains together n fight against Thakral,find evidences n witnesses so that they don’t give any chance to Thakral to win.Siddhi says he’s right n she hasn’t thought like this.Kunal phewww n asks her to use her brain n think wisely.He tells her tat he won’t mind if she wants to make him her Guru.She says who’ll be whose guru will be decided later.She tells him that they shall both investigate separately n see who has more effective proofs by next day evening.Kunal tells her to try whatever she want but she can’t go ahead of him.Siddhi says she too will see who’ll go ahead of whom.Kunal says “Attitude” she says no,”Confidence”. n leaves from there.Kunal looks t her.

Precap: Siddhi calls Kunal n tells him that she’s @ accident site.On Kunal’s instruction she searches for someone n tells him that there is no one present there.Richa in her car saying to herself that everything started at that place n will end at the same place n heads her car towards Siddhi

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