Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2012 Written Episode

The judge gives his verdict .Soham is found guilty and is sentenced to one year hard labour in jail and 25000 ruppees fine .Archna is crying as Soham looks at her very angry .Varsha starts screaming that she has pampered Soham a lot and he will not be able to survive in jail .The judge says that Soham should have thought about this before committing his crimes .
The judhe also orders varsha and balan to be taken in custody .Soham now starts screaming that Varsha is his real mother and saved him from these aweful people ( Manav and Archana ) who never loved him and never took care of him . He blames Archana for Varsha’s arrest and promises Archana that he will take revenge for this . He is taken away to by the police .After he leaves , mana vtells Archana to now learn to live without Soham but Archana starts crying and says that now she cannot live without him .

Manjusha tells Punni to remind Purvi that she has to post some letters for her .After some reluctance ,as she is feeling lazy , Punni calls at Purvi’s work ( where she used to work before ) . The office informs Punni that Purvi no longer works there .Punni tells manju that Purvi had lied to them about her job. Manju is very angry now because all the house expenses are now their responsibity .
Manju tells Punni to tell Ovi to keep Purvi back in their company but Punni says that Ovi will never let Purvi come near Arjun .Punni tells her mother to calm down and to wait for Purvi to come home so they can find out about how she lost her job .
A crying Manju begs Punni to find a job for Purvi or else her family will face financial problems .

Soham is taken to jail in police van . His family is outside watching this .After he leaves , Archana blames herself for not taking good care of Soham when he was a child and because of this Soham going to jail today .Savita tells Archana that she took good care of Soham and she saw herself how much love she gave him .Savita says that after he comes from jail , he will be a good person and will come back to his family . Manav gets angry when he hears this and says that Soham is never going to come back to their house and he is now only a part of their past so better that the whole family should forget about him .
Savita tells Archana that manav is in a bad mood so he is saying this but later she will talk to him about Soham .She tells Archana to get ready for the new challenge in life and that is to win Soham back .

In the Karanjkar house , Sulochna , Punni and manju asks Purvi about her job. Purvi tells them that she is looking for another one .Manju says to her sweetly that she should not hide things from her own relatives . Sulochna tells Purvi not to worry and spend some time at home and no need to rush for another job .Manju gets worried to hear this .
She tells Sulochna that Purvi should work or else she will get bored at home then she lovingly tells Purvi that she will make her favourite kheer for her today .

Archana goes to visit Soham in jail . Visiting hours are over but the inspector is still kind enough to let her go but she had to wait for 3 hours .She site for 3 hours , thinking about Soham all this time .

Soham is very angry to see her .He tells her that she should be happy now that he and his parents are in jail and maybe now she has come to make fun of him .She says that she is in much more pain than him because her son in in jail and what is happening to her is because of varsha kidnapping him .Soham says that varsha kidnapped him only because his real parenst used to neglect her .Archana says that they did not neglect him and Varsha is responsible for what is happening to him today .
Soham gets angry and telsl her not to say anything against his mother Varsha and only she has rights on him .Archana tells him that even if God comes and tells her that she has no rights on Soham then she will not accept it because she gave him birth and loves him a lot and one day he will realize this .

She tells Soham that he does not know how strong a mother can be for her child and one day she bring him back to his family .Soham starts making fun of her and says that she is going to lose this challenge .

Archana is visiting her mother in her home . She tells Sulochna that she went to see Soham in jail Sulochna says that Manav will now be angry with her if he finds out .Archana says that she just had to go .Sulochna remembers how she did Varsha’s shraadh and starts crying .She feels bad about doing this but she feels helpless as varsha ahs made so many mistakes , living with a Gunda for 18 years and also brain washing Soham and spoiling his life .Archana tells her to forget about all this now .
Vinod , Manju and Punni come to see her .Manj utells Sulochna to stop crying or else her BP will go up .
Vinod gives his salary of the month in Sulochna’s hand , Manju looks shocked like anything and Punni also looks worried …

Precap : Snehlata is in her home and Teju is also there along with Sunny and Jignish.
Snehlata asks Teju where she lives ? Teju says she lives in the chawl ..Jignish and Sunny are looking worried now .
Snehlata says that trouble making woman who also lives in the chawl ( talking about Savita ) …

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  1. anne an ARVI lover
    November 18, 01:33 Reply


  2. ArVi Lover
    November 16, 08:19 Reply

    Soham is an idiot and so is Varsha! Soon he’ll realise what an idiot he’s being and he’ll run back to Archana.

  3. cutie
    November 16, 05:50 Reply

    i think that soham should drop his attitude because it stinks

  4. cutie
    November 16, 05:50 Reply

    archana really loves her son and i hope he realises it soon

  5. Kriya
    November 15, 15:20 Reply

    Ab soham sudhrega…goddd!!!!
    R these guys goin 2 stretch d show for 1 yr fr TRANSFORMATION of soham lyk they stretched dat divorce fr six mnths….no plz no..dis soham matter has already dragged so much…v all knw archu wl get success here too..bas do this fast..n focus ur plot on teju sunny nd arvi….bahut hua yr..ab kuch romantic bhi dikha do..poorvi ko job dilwa do..ovi ko maardo..assylum bhijwado coz she is crazy dumbo..arjun arjun krti rhti h..rattu tota ekdm..balan n varsha ko kuch bhi kar k gayab kr do..bahut irritate krte h ye dono yr..or punni ko bald kar do…thode din chup chaap baithi rahegi..witch..actually her face looks lyk dat of a witch..isn’t it?

    • cutie
      November 16, 05:51

      kriya i toatally agree with u

  6. Pavitra Rishta fan
    November 15, 14:26 Reply

    Hope Soham realises Archana’s love n sacrifice 4 him really soon and stop being a mommy’s boy to varsha. Varsha hope u die of guilt 4 wat u did 2 archu n soham’s lyf

    • Anonymous
      November 15, 16:06

      Hope varsha realizes that no one likes her except her brain washed nephew and soon he will hate her so much she will die!

    • Pooja khanna
      November 15, 21:01

      I hope that Varsha tells him tells him the truth that his parents never neglected him because that is the only way that GUNDA will get into his senses!!!!

  7. archnan fan
    November 15, 14:19 Reply

    Go for it archana…hope u succeed in winning soham’s heart soon!!

  8. Arjun fan
    November 15, 13:50 Reply

    Wat da hell is wrong wid ovi is the she a mad person who ran away from a mental hospital? I think so..she’s just writing nonsense to get attention buh she’s wrong..everyone to dislike what she says..then only will she shut her disgusting,full of shit mouth..

  9. girl from south america
    November 15, 13:09 Reply

    omg “ovi is the best ” has gone crazy.. .. who is with a wrng person now … be with the right one like our ARJUN AND PURVI .. i think purvi should join it arjun his office.. who agrees with me ..

    i am sorry for typing wrong .. because i am used to write in dutch

  10. arvi fan
    November 15, 11:20 Reply

    ‘ovi is the best’ you are right. hope they both live together (for some days) and die (only ovi) very soon.

  11. ovi is the best
    November 15, 11:18 Reply

    ovi arjun the best couple. hope they both live and die together.

    • ArVi Lover
      November 16, 08:13

      Hi! How are you?

      Your daily dose of attention. Sleep well! ;D

    • archana fan
      November 15, 16:43

      u shut up archu is the best person in pavitra rishta

  12. ovi is the best
    November 15, 11:16 Reply

    ‘arvi fan’ is a loser. thumbs up if all you other losers agree with me.

    • Ovi Best The Shit eater
      November 15, 12:25

      Ovi best do you ever heard of Cyber bullying shit eater

      You are one of them, eat other peoples shit
      and I think you are loving it.

      You seems to be a supporter for losers who always wanted to eat some creamy shit

      Yeah,,,.. LOL…
      I think you are having some mental issues..
      but seriously, you are sick
      who needs to eat more shit
      and more juicy creamy shit…. LOL

  13. apoorva
    November 15, 11:15 Reply

    dude tanyaz update it fast,pls…

  14. ovi is the best
    November 15, 11:11 Reply

    punni is right. ovi will and even should never take purvi in her arjun’s office. go to hell purvi.

    • arvi fan
      November 15, 11:13

      yes purvi. go join arjun’s office. let ‘ovi is the best’ and her sister punni go to hell.

  15. anamika
    November 15, 11:08 Reply

    common tanyaz update fast n do update as early as possible for pyar ka dard hai

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