Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Update by tenny

Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Episode

Epi starts in Mitals House

Mital: I will marry you, when u sign these papers.(Punni looks at the papers)
Punni:No, Iwont sign these papers.
Mital:ok then go home and tell ur parents that i wont marry you.
punni:i will go to yhe media.
Mital:You can do it if you want. Sign thees papers and enjoy ur marriage.
(punni signs the papers)
Mital: shadhi mubarrak!!

(Archu gifts Purvi a beautiful expensive necklace)
Purvi: It’s so expensive na..
Archu: Take it as godhbahri’s gift.
(Purvi looks confused)
Archu:Manav and I want to do ur godhbahri.
Purvi:Its so expensive na!
Archu:Its the same as the 1 got 4 Ovi.
(Purvi agrees and takes the necklace)

(Purvi takes 1 baby’s cloth and goes near the mirror)
Purvi:How is it? Its good na!
(Her phone rings she picks up)
Bm(black mailer):I know the truth.
Purvi:What truth!(Purvi is stunned)
Bm: Iknow Arjun is the father to ur child and its not Onir. I want 3 lakhs.
Purvi: Who are u???
(Bm does not reveal his identity)
Bm:Iwill come to punni’s sagai and then u will give me the money .Ok….(He disconnects the call)
(Purvi is stunned and confused)

The Mehndhi ceremony starts. Ruchi applies mehndh on Ovi’s hands.
Ovi: Ruchi thaiu r amazing!
Sulo:Wow…its beautiful…
Manju:Girls make sure aplly u apply the best designs on punni’s hands.
(Manju gets a call from Dubai, it’s Rasika)
Manju:When will u come for Punni’s wedding?
Rasika:Where is Punni?
Manju:Punni’S mehndhi ceremony is taking place she will call u later.(She disconnects the call)
(Vandita enters the house)
Manju: Come in Vanduu. The wedding will happen according to t the court marriage but we will be a big reception here. Enjoy!!!!
Sulo:Manju u r the brides mother and u ve not applied mehndhi yet?
Manju: Mehndhi…Aai there is a lot of work pending.
(Manju and Sulo goes to the kitchen)

(Aniket is in the ceremony)
Aniket:Where is ur mehndhi?
Teju:I dont like mehndhi. By the way what are u doing here! Its a ladies functions! (Aniket leaves)

(Purvi is lost in the bm thoughts…Punni comes)
Punni: What happened is everything okay … U r thinking about me right…I wil not create ant problems now. What I want. What about ur mehndhi wil it ve lettr A.
Purvi:Soory its letter O for ONIR.

Teju comes near Ovi, Ovi show her Mehndhi to Teju.
Teju: It’s so beautiful!
Ovi:What about u?
Teju:I dont like it.
Ovi: You will have to apply it on ur wedding day. I hope everything turns well in ur rishta with Sunny!

(Purvi’s Bedroom!Onir comes)
Onir:Are u busy?
Onir: Come here.(Onir gives Purvi a gift)
Purvi:What is it?
Onir: open it.
(Purvi opens an sees a necklace)
Onir: You will wear this necklace in godhbahri ceremony
(Purvi looks confused. Onir looks at her)
Onir:What happened?
Purvi:Onir, Aai also gave me same neklace.
Onir:Ok, but u know Purvi, I have received many calls from the hospital…But u know what?..Iwant 2 help poor i dont ve enough money.
Purvi: I know.
(Purvi places the necklace in the cupboard. Her phone rings Onir picks)

Onir:Hello(bm does not reply and he disconnects.He calls again,Onir picks up again)
Onir:Hello!(bm disconnects again)WEho is this calling you know?
(Purvi is thinking about the black mailer)
Onir:You go to sleep.(Both of them sleeps)

(Purvi cant sleep,Bm calls again)
Bm:I called twice but some1 picked the call. I want 3 lakh s u get it ready.I will come 2morrow. If I wont get the money. I will tell ur family and Arjun the whole truth.(He cutts the call,Purvi is boggled )
Purvi:How wil I arrange 3 lakh now.(She wakes up goes to the cupboard takes a gold neclace she looks at it)

Episode ends..

Precap: ovi says to arjun that purvi is so lucky.. she is orphan & now she got everything best likes a girl wants to in her life..

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