Pavitra Rishta 2nd August 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd August 2012 Written Update by *Shruti*

At Karanjkar House, Archana is lying on bed holding a picture of her and Purvi close to her crying when she hears a sound pretends to sleep. Manav comes removes picture from her hand leaves. Archana starts crying again. Inspector informs his senior Inspector Raina about the updates. Raina updates him as to what has to be done.

Next day, Bishu’s gang is having tea and Bishnu asks to give one cup to Purvi as well. Bishnu calls Manav who is ready in his car and informs him where to bring money. Manav assures Archana that he will get back Purvi and leaves. Manav is going in his car unaware of the fact that police and Arjun are following him. Bishnu with his gang and Purvi are in car. Varsha is calling Bishnu who doesn’t receive her call shares about it with his men.

Manav reaches the said place. Arjun is hiding behind in bush watching him. Bishnu comes there. Manav tells Bishnu he wants to see his daughter and he shows him Purvi’s picture that he took sometime back in car with her hands tied mouth taped. Bishnu tells he will count money first then he will get his daughter. Manav is walking towards his car and Bishnu is talking to his men. Police reaches there and Bishnu hears car sound gets alert.

Arjun manages to reach the van free Purvi. Bisnhu has kept gun on Manav’s head. Manav tells an angry Bishnu he will talk with Arjun but he asks him to shut up and shoots Arjun on his leg who falls on ground and Purvi is in tears. The men drags Purvi back to where Bishnu-Manav are. Inspector Raina with his team comes there warns Bishnu who has held Purvi at gun point but in vain. Manav is bringing money when he sees Arjun who signals him to keep quite. Manav manages to his Bishnu and guns get out of his hand. Arjun is running with Purvi when Bishnu pushes Manav fires at them. We see Arjun-Purvi jumping and Manav shocked.

Detailed update by bhallarox.

Karanjkar House in the bedroom

Archana is in her bedroom crying. She is looking at a photo of her and Purvi together. Manav comes in the room. Archana pretends to go to sleep when he comes in. Manav takes the photo away from Archana and looks at it and puts it back on the table. He puts a blanket on Archana and leaves.

At the police station

There are 2 police inspectors at the police station. Inspector Raina is the boss of the inspector and he is telling what he has to do about the kidnapping situation. Inspector Raina says they are making a mistake by hiding this matter from us they may not want Purvi to get hurt but Mr. Manav Deshmukh does not know that we will save his daughter and reach her home and we are about to catch the kidnappers soon.

At the gang place hideout

Vishnu and his gang are having tea. Vishnu offers a cup of tea to Purvi as well. He tells her to take a cup and if she doesn’t then Manav Deshmukh will think that we don’t take good care of you. Vishnu drinks the tea and praises the person who made the tea. Vishnu says it’s time to get to work now.

Outside the Karanjkar House

Manav is getting in the car. The family is outside the home. Archana tells Manav to go carefully. Manav gets a phone call from Vishnu.
Manav: Hello. Vishnu says something to Manav which annoys him and Manav tells Vishnu to get to the point.
Vishnu: Come by yourself and with 3 crore rupees.
Manav: You will get your money and I won’t do anything bad but nothing should happen to my daughter. Manav hangs up.
Manav: Archana you have faith in me right? Don’t worry I will bring Purvi home safely. Manav leaves in the car. Archana thinks to herself Manav it is only you who can bring Purvi back please I hope Bappa makes everything good and Purvi comes back.

Manav’s car

Manav is in his car. He is driving. Manav thinks to himself Archana I can’t see you in this state. Whatever happens I will bring Purvi back. I just hope they don’t create any problems. There is a police car following Manav’s car. Manav can’t see them. The police say Manav should not be able to know that we are behind him. Arjun’s car comes out of nowhere and he is behind Manav’s car but ahead of the police. The police say who just came in between. Arjun is in his car. Arjun thinks to himself I’m really sorry uncle though you told me to stay out of this matter I got involved in it but if I am here you can’t do this alone. And this is about Purvi until I don’t see her and save her I won’t be quiet.


Vishnu and Purvi are next to each other. Vishnu tells Purvi not to be upset as Manav is coming with money and once he does you will be released. Manav has reached a quiet area. He gets out of his car. Arjun comes out of his car too and he ducks to make sure Manav can’t see him. Manav says they should have come by now. Vishnu is coming in his car with purvi inside. Vishnu is standing up on top of the car and is taunting Manav.
Manav: What is this?! I have come to take my daughter where is she?
Vishnu: You want your daughter right? Arjun is watching this from behind. Manav tells Vishnu that he did what he told him to do and he now wants his daughter. Manav and Vishnu are walking toward each other coming face to face.
Manav: Where is my daughter?
Vishnu: Let’s talk sitting down. Vishnu calls his gang. They come over. Vishnu wants MAnav to sit down but then says ok I will just stand up then.
Vishnu: Where is the money?
Manav: In the car. Where is my daughter?
Vishnu: She is in the car too.
Manav: I want to see her.
Vishnu: Then go and see her. Vishnu shows Manav a photo of Purvi kidnapped on his phone.
Vishnu: Eyes down Deshmuhs Sahab I am not used to seeing so much anger. Once you give me the money you will get your daughter back. Arjun is walking very sneakily to Vishnu’s car where Purvi is in. Purvi is tied. while Manav, Vishnu and the gang are a little away from them. Arjun sees Purvi and he tells her softly but impatiently to open the door quickly. Arjun is glancing worriedly at Manav and the gang hoping they can’t see him. Purvi manages to get the door open after some struggle. Purvi is crying and Arjun assures her that everything will be ok and I am with you. (Back to Manav, Vishnu and the gang)
Vishnu: Mr. Deshmukh do you not understand? I need my money. Arjun is slowly untying Purvi. A police car is coming. Vishnu and the gang see it and get worried and mad. The gang member says what do we do now Lala? Vishnu has his gun out and says to Manav was this your trick? Manav says I came alone and I don’t know who these people are. Arjun has untied Purvi and he runs away with her. Manav sees this and he yells Arjun! 1 of the gang members is running after Arjun with a gun. Manav says to Vishnu I will talk to him and Vishnu tells Manav to keep quiet. Vishnu aims the gun at Arjun and shoots at him. Arjun and Purvi fall to the ground. Manav is watching this all shocked. Vishnu is very mad at MAnav and says we told you if something went wrong then you would be responsible. Arjun and Purvi are trying to run away but a member from the gang makes Arjun fall down grabs Purvi away from Arjun.


Police inspectors are coming with guns. They are warning Vishnu to not do anything to Purvi but Vishnu doesn’t listen. Vishnu yells at the police. Vishnu tells Manav to get his money. Manav is about to go when he sees Arjun signaling to keep quiet. Arjun is trying to sneak up on Vishnu and the gang. Arjun and Purvi manage to escape from the area. They are running away. Manav is left at the area.

Precap: Inspector Raina and one of the gang members are at the police station. The inspector is very firm with the gang member and is telling him that he will get his friend who escaped whether he is dead or alive. Another man comes in the station.(We can’t see who it is)

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  1. Anonymous
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    hey thanx 4 da update n jus wntd 2 tel u dat itz vishnu nt bishnu n da arrogantz name is chenu. Sowi anywayz totaly agr3 dat dis drama wil b carid on 4 a w3k

  2. unknown 23
    August 02, 14:07 Reply

    today’s episode ws such a waste!!lyk seruslyy nw drag on the kidnap thing for another week!

  3. Anonymous
    August 02, 12:54 Reply

    want dil kyun a mera song back for purvi arjun. enough of shirt da button.

    • Anonymous
      August 02, 22:56

      yup ds song is so irritating…….dil kyu yeh mera is sooo romantic

  4. Kiran
    August 02, 12:47 Reply

    Where is balikavadhu update yar? Don’t think anything because instead of giving comment abt this show, asking abt another show.plz do it fast yar

  5. unknown 23
    August 02, 12:16 Reply

    full on filmyy!!!the cops dint evn plan it out well!

  6. Anonymous
    August 02, 12:14 Reply

    Balika badhu written update ???? Where is it ?? Fast’s already more than an hour

  7. Anonymous
    August 02, 12:07 Reply

    super filmy episode. arjun the wounded warrior.

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