Pratigya 13th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 13th August 2012 Written Update by Sheena

Sajjan Singh Niwas

SS tells P that she wont fight for Arushi’s case as he does not want the society to know that SS could not protect his own DIL from getting molested..P tries to speak up by telling that there wont be any self respect if Arushi did not hit the goon and save P life…P continues to say that it is her duty to save Arushi..SS is livid and orders P not to take the case and that he will find a good lawyer to fight for Arushi..He warns K that if P takes the case then P wont return to the Haveli…He reminds K that SS swears by his word..SS ends the discussion and all retreat to their rooms

Later at night GD blames GM curse for bringing trouble to the family..Kesar agrees by saying that those women who work cause more problems to the family and ever since P has started to work, only trouble has followed and P tongue has grown longer..KN tells Kesar that Arushi will be reunited with her husband in Jail…Kesar taunts KN about his relationship with Arushi but KN tells that Arushi and him never got close…GD scolds both for their talk in front of her..

KriYa Room

P tells K that she will fight for Arushi and that no one will stop her..She continues to say that she does not care what society has to say and her only concern is for Arushi..She tells K that SS does not know what he is talking about that SS wont have any self respect left had the gundas were allowed to molest her..She tells K that they would have raped her had it not been for Arushi saving P..K tells P that no one is stopping P from fighting the case but she can aid in other ways too..P is adamant to fight the case for Arushi…K then tells P that she should only fight on the condition that P wont admit in court about the molesting incident..P reasons with K saying that as she is the only witness to the case and without her telling the truth, Arushi wont be saved..She starts to talk about GM..K is confused as to what GM has to do with all this..P explains to K that SS told her to fight for GM but is refusing to allow her to fight for Arushi who is a family member when she was saving the self respect of the DIL of SS..P leaves to the bathroom as usual after saying her bit..K is left to pick up the pieces of the consequences of what will happen…

Arushi in Jail

Arushi is moved to custody as per law..Prof protest but to no avail as law wins over plea..Arushi pleads with Prof to call P to help..Prof is helpless to see Arushi being sent to custody

Green House

Prof tells Komal and dadi that both KP are not picking their mobiles..Komal suggest Prof to call the landline..Prof calls and KN picks up the phone..He informs Prof that P will not be fighting for Arushi’s case as he has forbidden her..He tells Prof that he does not want the full world to know the sordid details of what happened that night..he tells Prof to arrange for a lawyer…

Komal is disgusted with SS behaviour and is shocked that SS will go to any lengths to save his self respect..Kartik comes to offer his help by saying that he will do anything possible..Prof is grateful of his help and tells him that his own relationships have refused to help but a total stranger is supporting him..Kartik assures him that not only him but the full student union are with Prof…Prof seems happy..

Sajjan Niwas

KP leave their room with P going to court..SS stops P and asks where she is going…P rudely replies that SS knows..SS reminds P that P is able to do what she wants is because of K and had K not supported her then P too wouldn’t have the courage to speak rudely in front of him…K tries to defuse to he situation by saying that let P fight for Arushi as everyone knows that P is best lawyer for Arushi..He tries to reassure that P wont speak about the molest incident…

SS taunts K by saying that despite raising him, he only speaks in favour of P…SS warns P that if she leaves TN, then she wont be able to return back to TN..P does a small PBJ that she will stand for truth and currently her sister needs her help and support and if that is the condition then she wont return..K shocked at P words as P does not look at K when stating to SS…P leaves and K follows..SS realises that he will lose his son forever…He is saddened…


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