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Episode starts with everyone doing aarti of Ganpati God. Yash’s father tells Aarti, in our difficult time Ganpati has came here and in his presence nothing bad can happen. Aarti is on a side and Gayatri goes to her. She tells Aarti that Ganpati saved you today. If you really trust in God then tell me what happened in mumbai. Why Yash is this angry now a days? She takes Aarti somewhere and Buaji follows them. But a servant stops Buaji and gives her something and says it came from Mumbai.

Gayatri and Aarti are in a room now. Vidhi also comes there. Gayatri asks Aarti tell her what happened in Mumbai. Gayatri says she wants to know everything that happened in Mumbai, from day they reached until day when Yash said he wants to go back. Buaji also comes there now. Gayatri says, from that I can tell why Yash is upset. Buaji then throws an album on a table which came from Mumbai and says to Aarti, may be you will remember seeing these photos. Aarti now tells everything that happened in Mumbai. How Yash was a bit saddened when they reached Mumbai but slowly slowly he started getting happier. Gayatri sees a dahi-handi photo and asks Aarti what happened during dahi-handi.

*Flashback scene starts*
Everyone is trying break matki. Yash is standing on a side and watching. Aarti comes there. No one is able to break matki. Aarti then says to kids, I wonder who will be that superman that will break this handi. She then tells Yash, you are so strong, why don’t you become that superman? Yash says, no matter how strong you are, you need practice and skills. Aarti says, I know you got scared.. you can’t do it. Ansh says to Aarti, why are you saying like this? My dad is also a superman. He will break handi like that.

Aarti says, your dad can’t do it. Yash says, no. Ansh is right. This time I will break this handi. Yash gets ready and goes to break handi. Aarti is now worried as handi is very high. All kids cheer for him as he goes higher and higher. He’s about to break matki and Aarti says, you also became our superman. And suddenly Yash falls down. Aarti runs to him and say she was just kidding. There is no need to break matki. Yash says, no. What if I fell down once, only this superman will break this handi. Some random guy comes there, and says I am breaking this matki since 5 years. You can’t do this. I will do this time as well. He climbs. Everyone is cheering ‘karan’ karan’. Aarti then says to Yash, seems like his name is Karan and he is so popular na. She says, I can see this guy has lots of confidence and he will only break this handi.

Break 1..

Aarti also starts cheering for him. Karan breaks matki with an ease. Aarti says to Yash, I told you right. But Yash doesn’t say anything. Karan comes to Yash and says, ‘you tried well uncle but am the hero of this area. If you come next time then come with some practice, uncle’. Karan leaves from there.

Yash says to Aarti, uncle and me? Aarti is laughing and tells him, if he thinks like that then what can I do. Aarti once again starts cheering for Karan. Yash seems like angry and leaves from there.
*Flashback scene ends*

Gayatri asks Aarti, that guy said Yash uncle and you were laughing? He must be mad because of this.

Break 2..

Aarti says, no. He got little mad but I went to him right away. She then says look at these pictures..

*Flashback scene starts*
Aarti comes running to Yash and asks why you got upset in that? Yash asks, he called me uncle, from which angle do I look like an uncle? Aarti says, one minute. And she checks him closely. She says the truth is… Yash says, I don’t look like an uncle. Aarti says, no.. you look a bit like uncle from the right side. Aarti then laughs. Yash is staring at her. Aarti says, sorry sorry……uncle. She laughs again and tries to run away from there. But Yash holds her hand and pulls back to him. He again asks, do I look like an uncle? Aarti says, no I was just kidding. She says but from this, I found out that you have a little space for me in your life. Yash is staring at her. Aarti says, may be little less than that….uncle. Yash laughs now. He gives her his hand and both are laughing and seem very happy.
*Flashback scene ends*

Gayatri asks Aarti, what did you do after coming this close to Yash that he got this much angry at you? Gayatri says, anyways tell me what happened after that. Aarti says, after that we all went for Mumbai darshan. Buaji interferes and says, don’t make us feel jealous now by telling all these Mumbai stories. Buaji tells Gayatri that Aarti is very smart and won’t tell the truth that easily….Suddenly they heard glass breaking voice. Buaji says it came from yash’s room.

Episode ends..

Precap: Gayatri, Buaji, Vidhi, and Aarti come to Yash room and see all the stuff messed up. Arpita’s photos on floor, photo frames broken. Aarti says, I remember now.. isn’t all this because of that day? and everyone looking at Aarti.


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  1. shaawa
    September 23, 13:27 Reply

    I really love punar vivah.earger 2 see yash and aarti in love wit each other!

  2. akansha
    August 23, 08:10 Reply

    if yash accept arti,they’ll look so nice together.i cant wait for next episode.

  3. Romantic @ heart
    August 23, 05:33 Reply

    I love ya Arya!!! Gonna keep reading n gonna keep watching! Who is wt me

    • Raina
      August 23, 14:42

      all the real pv fans.

  4. Arya fan
    August 23, 03:23 Reply

    Cant wait 4 2morros epi.i think yash is in lv wit aarti

  5. priya
    August 23, 01:16 Reply

    Can’t wait for the clock to be 10.30pm…
    I think yash started loving arti but he is not ready to accept that he is forgeting arpita and loving arti that’s why he hating arti..

    • Anonymous
      August 23, 02:22

      I swear the whole day i hav tO wait now punarh vivah is to late

  6. Harj
    August 22, 21:51 Reply

    The following reason could be revealed!

    1. Yash read aarti’s diary
    2. Yash is in love but showing that he doesn’t
    3. Yash does nothing!
    4. Director ji will stretch the story for couple of weeks more!
    5. Bua-Ji is invovled!

    Tomorrow looks like a pretty good episode of why Yash broke the Pics, Jewellery of Arpita! but don’t forget if Yash doesn’t say anything… Aarti has her story about “That Incident!”

    To Be Continued!

  7. Elena
    August 22, 21:20 Reply

    Wed’s was good; we witness aarti’s father-inlaw’s fairness n support for aarti- finally a sane n reasonable behaviour! We also saw gayathri’s empathically looking at aarti n maybe understanding aarti’s sadness, but as a mither she is concerned abt her “deranged” son. All in it was a good show as we saw the playfulness between aarti n yash.

    But, please writers n director if you need to show yash’s disturbed emotions do not go overboard with physical violence n verbal abuse. Suffice for yash to shout n “push” aarti away through his words n behaviour but do not physically push her please. Tq

  8. Seema
    August 22, 19:27 Reply

    I reaaaaaally hope they tell us why he is actually angry tomorrow otherwise i will stop watching this show. i can’t take it anymore, they are ruining such a good show!

  9. Zoha
    August 22, 17:05 Reply

    How aarti looking very fair in flashback scenes

  10. Sharon
    August 22, 16:39 Reply

    I thought that Aarti told he whole story to Vidhi . Who wants to bet that tomorrow ,there are even more flashbacks , without any further advancement of the plot . I am still waiting for Buaji to be punished in some way . I wonder how long we will all have to wait for this ridiculous storyline to end . Seriously , I only watch these days to see Yash’s handsome face ;).

  11. riva
    August 22, 16:02 Reply

    the bangle are nice but i do not know what yashji see in arpita, aarti is so much pretty than her

    • zalimajumah
      August 22, 18:06

      aarti is much much beautiful’ than arpita
      and yash still in love with arpita ,yash is acting mad with aarti ‘he is so so lucky that he has a pretty girl like aarti and does threat him so happy…….

    • Anonymous
      August 22, 20:13

      I know right I arti is really really pretty! I wish I was as pretty as her! Arti is beautiful!

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