Qubool Hai 06th September 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 06th September 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 06th September 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is shocked to see rajvir. She asks whats he doing here. He says that he was concerned for her as she didnt pick his calls. Zoya asks him not to take care of her, as there are already enough people for that. she asks him to leave as they are in the mid of a function. But he forcibly takes her inside the room and locks it. Zoya is shocked and tensed. Zoya asks whats the problem. He says not to be scared, as he cant talk in front of the guests who have come. Zoya begins to go, saying that she doesnt want to talk to him. But he stops her, and reminds how he had helped her. Zoya says so what. He says that she told that they are friends. She says that he’s mistaken, and they are not friends. She says that he’s crossing his limits and that he should maintain his distance. He starts progressing towards her, asking if she’s trying to avoid him. She is tensed. As she tries to flee, he doesnt let her, and says that she’s not returning the favour, for helping her that day. She says that she isnt that type of girl

He says that he knows such type of girls like her, who go alone on stranded roads, and smile and talk to boys, for an ulterior motive. He says that they both want the same, and thats casual intimacy, and says that she might be denying but she also wants it. He progresses towards her lustily. She is tensed thinking of a way out. He says that there’s nothing to be scared of. She uses her brain, and stealthily her hand rests on the table, and she manages to say that anyone can see them here. Rajvir is happy that they are on the same page. He says that they should leave then. She says that they should go alone, individually so as not to be seen. He says that he would go after her, but she says that she has to plan a safe way to get him in, and hence she would go out, and make arrangements. She begins to go. He stops her and says that its good that she stopped shying, as its better to keep things simple between them. she agrees, and asks that they shall meet outside.

Outside, asad is tensed when he cant see zoya. Nazma asks if he’s looking for zoya. when he nods, she says that zoya has gone to keep the gifts, and soon would come. Asad is still tensed. When rajvir comes down, he finds the entire guests, standing before him accusingly looking at him, and then asad confronts him, with zoya, coming from behind him, and facing rajvir finally. Rajvir is confused and asks whats all this. Zoyta asks him to address her as Dear Zoya again, and asks why is he shut now. Zoya reprimands Rajvir for considereing girls as a public property, and every frank girl is considered loose. She says that they have shamed the name of India outside, and the girls of India arent safe anyweher. She says that for guys like him, the girsl are kept inside, on the name of safety. Asad sees this. She says that for guys like him, people keep their girls confined and not allowed to have a normal life. She says that they, instead of girls, should be chained, as they are the culprits and if a girl says no, then that means no only. Rajvir says that she teases him alone, and in public shys away from doing so. asad comes and warns him that he hasnt done anything, and there’s still a way out for him, to leave safe and sound. But she stops asad. She says that day, he had helped her and given her a lift and today she wants to repay back. She slaps him tight on the face, as a thanks. Then slaps her again, for all the girls who are eve teased by creeps like him. she asks him to get out, before other girls too do the same to him. He leaves, while all the guests clap for her, and asad looks at her admiringly, pleasing zoya.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi asks nuzrat whats wrong, when she finds her stealthily looking inside. She informs someone on the phone, that he has come. ayan enters the room to find badi bi writhing in pain. She says that she’s in pain. She asks him to get a balm. She tells that the balm is in the store, and to get it from there. ayan is surprised, but badi bi sends him to the store room. After he goes, badi bi is amused.

Ayan goes to the store nroom and finds it compeltely lit with candles, and romantically set. He isd perplexed and all the more shocked, when he finds humaira walking upto him. He says that he was coming for the balm and hastily tries to leave, and begins to go. But finds that the door is locked, when she tells him that nuzrat has locked it from outside. He asks why did she do that. He is confused when she comes to him and holds his hands, and says that she had told her to do so. He is all the more confused. She quietens him by placing her hand on his mouth. She hugs him, shocking the wits out of him. She breaks into poetry:

Jab hoti hai mistake, tab lagta hai bahot bad…
sorry keh rahe hai dil se, please dont get mad,
chod ke jaoge yun, hum kaise jee payenge,
without u sanam, hum bemaut mar jaenge.!!!

He is tensed. She says that she knows how much he has loved and cared for her, so much so, that even she didnt do it for him. she says that she’s foolish, and has hurt him badly. Humaira apologises to ayan for being so foolish and asks if he wont forgive her. Ayan is ovcerwhlemed and hugs her tightly. she too embraces him. He wipes the tears, being overwhelmed.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya comes in asad’s room and he asks her if she’s okay. she nods. asad compliments her on her bravery. Zoya says that asad was right in thinking that rajvir isnt a nice guy. Asad says that she too was right and can take her own descisions. As zoya gets very happy, he silences her saying that this doesnt mean she can act irresponsible and do whatever she wants, but finally says that she can do what she wants. He warns her that he wont ever talk to her if she goes without informing him. Zoya asks if he wont ever mend. Asad says never. They hug each other. Ayn and humaira too realise their love. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Asad and zoya, Ayan and Humaira enter a romantic dance number.


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  1. Jasmine
    September 09, 10:58 Reply

    Allahmiya wt’s wrong wit u nd all k byeeee gng to watch mb..

    • BARBIE
      September 09, 11:08

      K then bye 🙁

  2. Jasmine
    September 09, 10:51 Reply

    Arre yaar baar baar kaha chale jaati ho mai ruk gayeeeee tum kaha ho ab

    • BARBIE
      September 09, 11:05

      Oye main tv dekhrahi hun add aaye waqt reply kartiyun thodi der wait karo na yahan wahan chakkar lagake aa jab tak.

  3. Jasmine
    September 09, 10:45 Reply

    Mai iss site ke chakkar laga rahi thi..hehe

    • Jasmine
      September 09, 10:50

      Gud nd lazy

    • BARBIE
      September 09, 10:45

      oye ruk jaa

    September 09, 10:40 Reply

    Helloz kahan ghayab hogai thi tum?

    • BARBIE
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  5. zahra
    September 09, 10:20 Reply

    because zoya was raised by zeenat,then zeenat just named her zoya farooqui coz zeenats surname is farooqui, but the 2 lived as sisters..and then she came here to asds house, and the 2 fell in love..oh i am zahra farooq , im 18 and my younger siser zia is 13..we muslim and we from mauritiaus

    • Zoyaa
      September 09, 11:55

      Thank u zahra……

  6. Jasmine
    September 09, 09:59 Reply

    No idea guess she kept her mom’s surname

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