Qubool Hai 24th January 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 24th January 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 24th January 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is startled at zoya’s mention of a second news to be given, but is relieved when zoya says that mariam didnt get married. Asad says that she wont know if her relatives dont tell her and therefore they shouldnt also. Zoya offers to serve but he refuses and gets up from the table. Dilshad and nazma enter, saying that they had gotten worried since they werent able to get through their phones. Dilshad asks about the marriage, asad replies lifelessly that everything was okay. Sensing his mood, she asks if everything is okay and they dont respond.

Dilshad points out the irony of fate that zoya and asad again ended up together, after swearing that they wouldnt see each other for 3 days. Asad says that he didnt be with her, due to fate but due to zoya’s foolishness. Asad tells dilshad that if zoya hadnt been in mangalpur, life would have been easier for him. When dilshad demands to know what happened, as she’s noticing a difference in zoya and him too since they returned from mangalpur. While zoya is listening to all this from behind the door, asad says that nothing unusual happened as just like zoya is a trouble here, she proved to be trouble for him there too.

Dilshad tells that ayn had come thinking that asad was in trouble in mangalpur. asad thinks to himself that he cant meet ayan, but he would still find a place for ayan in his prayers. Dilshad notices asad’s hand thats wounded and asks how it happened. Asad remembers how he had hurt himself in the woods.

Zoya is making a paste for asad’s wounds while nazma comes to watch her. As nazma asks why is she showing so much concern for asad all of a sudden. She makes up a story that she was with him while he got hurt, Therefore, she doesnt want that he might get an infection due to this dupatta. Zoya asks nazma why is she sounding so chirpy today. She tells zoya about the grnd finale of SA RE GA MA PA that she is awaiting for this sunday, as she wants jasraj, her fav contestant to win. she then leaves, as bubbly, while zoya watches her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
A dressed up ayan, asks nikhat about imran’s arrival and is told that he would soon come. She trips and a box falls out of razia’s hand revealingan engagement ring. She asks about it but razia refuses to say anything. Humaira has a terrible premonition that she’s planning humaira’s engagewment after all and tells razia that she would soon come from her room after taking her meds, and excuses herself from there.

Ayan is asked by the priest if he’s ready for the speacial day and advises him to take his responsibility that he would take today, with great caution and care. As the priest is taken aside by someone else, ayan is wondering as to what the priest was talking about.

As shirin comes to take rashid for the ceremony, rashid questions if their descision is right. Shirin says that what razis has decided is okay and for the benefit of their child. Rasahid has a doubt, what if the children refuse. shirin says that there would be no refusal, since razia has already decided and they would definitely want it. As they leave, humaira is stunned aftre hearing the whole conversation from the side window.

Ayan asks rashid as to what the priest is doing in today’s feast and is told by razia, who comes in saying that they have decided for ayan’s engagement with humaira today. Ayan is shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, in her room, humaira is in a dilemma that what she had forver wanted has finally happened, but should she go with it, if ayan is not ready for it with his heart. she thinks that she shouldnt, but then is in a dilemma again as to how to bring this truth in front of people, as if she tells everybody, then razia would never forgive her. she then thinks of an idea, that she would send the video in her laptop to nikhat’s phone. read full updates with pictures only at Ayan says that they cant force him for this. Razia says that before saying anything, he should look at imran’s family who has just arrived. She tells him, that if he created a drama today in front of them, then they would definitely break off their relation with nikhat. Therefore, she asks him to make his descision with great thinking, as if he refuses, then not only would they lose their reputation, but nikhat would be rendered incapable of ever landing a groom ever again and his parents wouldnt ever be able to show face in the society. Ayan is speechless to hear this.

Ayan approaches mamu but stops seeing his parents. He is standing disturbed. haseena asks for humaira to be brought down. She says that she was surprised to hear about sudden arrangements for their engagement, and was wondering if there was some problem. razia clarifies saying that the kids told the family that they liked each other, and hence wanted to get engaged fast. Razia says that she thought that a double wedding fo nikhat and imran, and ayan and humaiar would be fantastic. saying so, she leaves to get humaira.

As razia approaches humaira’s room, she is busy uploading th video to nikhat’s cellphone. when razia enters the room, she is surprised to find humaira working on the laptop. Humaira too is scared to see her like this. Humaira reprimands her for lying to her and says that she knows that she was behind all this. Razia says that she’s doing it for her benefit and takes her forcibly. She leaves, while her laptop is still busy with uploading.

Much to ayan and humaira’s disgust, the engagement starts but rashid looks around for his mother. Shirin offers to go look for her, but a tensed razia says that she must have gone for resting in her room. when rashid goes to find out, razia repirmands him thta they should finish the ritual first, as the priest is in a hurry. rashid is left speechless. Ayan thinks that if he could talk to asad, then he would definitely be saved from this forced marriage. razia gives them the rings and asks humaira to put the ring on ayan’s finger. Ayan apologizes to humaira for this. As she approaches to put the ring on his finger, nikhat sees the video that she just received from humaira’s laptop and is shocked. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Asad and zoya again get into one of their petty fights, wherein asad asks her to leave his house as soon as possible and not think about making this her own. Zoay retorts back saying that she only puts her name on things that are actually hers, and not like him, who goes around engraving her name on his hand, pointing out to the cut in his hand, that looks like a Z, the initial letter of Zoya.


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  1. elena.
    January 25, 09:45 Reply

    m missing bromance… asad and ayan should start talking…

  2. Humira
    January 25, 09:38 Reply


  3. priyanka
    January 25, 08:36 Reply

    luv dis serial. much better than the other saas-bahu, pooja-paat ones.

    • Asadzoya
      January 25, 08:33

      Hi hasham no online

    • Hasham
      January 25, 08:31

      Any one online?

    • Hasham
      January 25, 08:35

      I am enjoying qh

    • Asadzoya
      January 25, 09:00

      I am missing zoya poetry

  4. Dimpy
    January 25, 06:37 Reply

    no one is here. huh…by

  5. Dimpy
    January 25, 06:29 Reply

    Good evening friends.anybody online??

    • Hasham
      January 25, 06:44

      I am online

  6. Lovely
    January 25, 05:37 Reply

    ASAD AND AYAN What a relationship

    • nahid fatema
      September 20, 15:02

      Scene 3:
      Location: Ayan’s residence
      Razia hears about Dilshad’s accident on the TV. But as she sees shirin, she thinks that if she knows, then she would tell Rashid, who would be restless to go to Dilshad. As shirin tries to tell razia to put on the TV, she makes up an excuse of a headache and tells her to go and get medicine for her. As she goes, razia cuts off the TV’s cable and thinks that the TV atleast wont give the family any information about Dilshad’s accident.

      Ayan is holding their secret meeting with his sisters, telling them of the upcoming birthday party celebrations. As th girls’ chide him for his lack of flirting these days, he again starts flirting with humaira, who takes her seriously but Ayan soon bursts her buuble, telling that he was just joking.

      Rashid thinks of Dilshad’s call to him and decides that he should go soon. Shirin asks where is he going. He says that he’s leaving for some important work and asks if his suitcase is ready for him to leave for Delhi. Before he leaves, Shirin says that she wants to tahnk him for staying in this house even if he doesnt like and hasnt still forgiven Razia. She says that whenever he talks abotu leaving, she thinks that he would go to Dilshad leaving her and the kids. She says she knows that this wont happen but she lives in constant fear that she would be defeated by Dilshad in winning over her husband. As Rashid tries to talk to her, he is interrupted by Razia who informs him that he has to leave, when she hears that he has to go out somewhere, as its very important. She asks shirin to pack his bags, for his flight that leaves in 2 hours. As they get busy, Rashid thinks to himself that now he wont be able to meet Dilshad.

      As Rashid is ready to leave, after bidding goodbye to everyone and asking them to take care o themselves. Razia tells him not to worry as this isnt the first time that he’s going out of the house alone. As they move out, they are shocked to see Asad at their house, who tells them that Dilshad is in the hospital fighting for her life. Asad says that he wouldnt have stepped in this hosue, but he knew that she would want to meet him one last time. He leaves the descision on Rashid. Everyone else is surprised to hear this. Shirin looks up at him expectantly. Asad exits.

      As Ayan keeps trying to tell Rashid that he should go, Razia tries to contradict saying that they dont have a relation with her. Razia tells him that Rashid wont go, since its asad and his family’s usual drama, of someone or the other being in the hospital, to lure Rashid back into their life. rashid is listening to all this in silence. rashid’s mother too supports Ayan. Razia keeps trying to talk rashid out of it, while rashid’s mother tells them that dilshad’s been shot and that cant be a lie. Seeing Rashid quiet, ayan is frustrated and leaves the house with shirin calling out to him.

      Scene 4:
      Location: In the hospital
      Asad is distraught to see dilshad taking her last breaths. the screen freezes on Asad’s grief stricken face and Rashid’s tensed face.

      Precap: Rashid finally reaches the hospital. Asad and Rashid both look through the glass panels in the door, as the doctors try to revive dilshad.

    • Lovely
      January 25, 05:59

      Yep so sweet

  7. Hasham
    January 25, 05:35 Reply

    Qubool hai fantastic serial

  8. deep
    January 25, 05:26 Reply

    pls u all stop this argument,let us all enjoy qubool and other series too;KSG and barun are both awesome actors,please let not compare but instead admire their work of art,because it takes alot of courage and hard work do act such roles.thanks and one love…….

    • Hasham
      January 25, 05:32

      That,s right

  9. barun-sanaya jodi fan
    January 25, 04:01 Reply

    guys please stop fighting..! im sure if either barun or ksg see these posts, they won’t like it. Actors are actors..and who knows! barun and ksg might be good friends too! so please stop fighting! just ignore anyone who tries to create a rift!

    • Asad
      January 25, 05:29

      You are right

  10. niru
    January 25, 03:21 Reply

    bye for now see u in d next comments section of qh

  11. Dimpy
    January 25, 03:11 Reply

    friends sanay is just like stinky shoes.she stinks

    • niru
      January 25, 03:13

      o yeah but leave it guys ignore her

    • Hasham
      January 25, 06:49

      Yes it is

    • niru
      January 25, 03:05

      do u know were to get the song?

    • Dimpy
      January 25, 03:13

      just check all the coments below,mp3 link of mitava song s provided by some fan.

  12. niru
    January 25, 03:01 Reply

    was sanaya always like tis guys

    • Asad
      January 25, 03:10

      Go to the older comments of qubool hai 24th january there is a link in that link you can get the background song of qubool hai

  13. niru
    January 25, 02:58 Reply

    i hope ayan wont interfere in d luv dios.loved d precap.hope zee tv would break teir tradition once and for all.eager to see tumoros episodefaster..

    • Asadzoya
      January 25, 03:04

      Yes is zaror zee tv ko apni rawayat thodni hogi asad zoya perfect match and ayan and humera

  14. Rashid
    January 25, 02:49 Reply

    Agar sanaya ko apni respect hai tho woh dobara hamare page pe na aahein

  15. Hasham
    January 25, 02:39 Reply

    Chodo sanaya ko just leave it guys

    • Veer
      January 25, 02:52

      Yup,u r r8 let her bark.

  16. Hasham
    January 25, 02:34 Reply

    Veer and maghla what to do with sanaya ?

    • Veer
      January 25, 02:49

      Dont worry about tht pest.
      Let her/him bark.we knw BARKING DOGS NEVER BITES.

  17. Veer
    January 25, 02:16 Reply

    listen sanaya ek hi bat bar bar dohrana muze acha nahin lagta.
    U like barun more than ksg its ur own view.be happy with ur barun.ksg ne konsa tumhara GHAR toda he jo use bhala bura bol rahi ho.
    Ye sab pyar se bola hein.
    I hope aayanda batane ki jarurat nahin padegi.

  18. Maghla
    January 25, 02:13 Reply

    Yeah veer and ayan . Sanaya always come into our page and use abuse words in her comments. How can she do this. If she doesn’t like this show then we even don’t force her to watch our show or post comments. So please SANAYA if u have some self respect then never come here.

    • zarkesh
      January 25, 02:28

      u r right magla

    • Hasham
      January 25, 02:31

      Sanaya bout bakhwas kar raha hai agar woh ksg ko pasand nein karti tho hum use zabardasti nein kar rahe i hope she will be carefull next time

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